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A collection of my short stories I've made for Quills and Sofas Speed Writing. I'm making these for fun, not to win. And I'm pretty sure that's what the competition is about as well. I've said all my stories here connect to my mini MLP universe but I'm keeping everything vague with any story here. It's an anthology, meaning; they have little to no connection with each other. And if you're also a part of the group- say hi or something... no- not you AuroraDawn (obvious sarcasm I'm sorry) Go support him- me asking YOU to support them means something! I was jealous and acted bitter towards them but I'm over that now..

I'm going to keep these stories between 600 - 1500 words, and according to the rules they can't be Mature unless stated otherwise so... it's rated Teen. However, the tags may change but who knows.

Every “chapter” has the title of the story and the date the contest started.

Anyway, enjoy.

edit: I'm no longer doing this. I am starting to quit Fimfic. Ignore how hopeful I was. Also it's true, I made the cover image in 15 minutes. Are you at least proud of my speed drawing?

I deleted my cover.

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If you found any errors, cool. These stories were written in an hour.

The first story was from a contest- the other one was written in an hour but WASN'T from any contest... I got inspired by the SunFlower shipping thing going on. Does that make any sense?

I actually quite liked these stories. I hope that even if you quit Fimfic, you don't give up on writing. I think you could go a long way if you keep it up.

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