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The friendship missions are such a bore!

Yes, there are action, objectives, even magic, but I'd like them more like... quests.
You know, like our O&O campaign.
Those quests are really something!
And I bet the Cutie Map here would agree too, what do you say?

Everyone - "Discord NO"

Discord YES

Story written for the "Game Life" contest in the group Quills and Sofas. Thanks a bunch for all the reviews!

Now with a Sequel, Lost in Sidequests: Epic Loot!, from the amazing The Hat Man!

Image by Goattrain.

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I don’t even have interest in D&D-based stuff, but this was epic. :yay:

Oh, this is short, sweet, and great. Absolutely TEEMING with potential. Turning the Cutie Mark Map missions into DNDesque trials is a concept I've not heard of. Done like this? Yea, this was awesome.

Stats cap? What bullshit system is this?

And fashion role playing predates video games.

Wait, what happens if all members aren’t at the station?

Exodd #5 · April 6th · · ·

Thanks a lot, everycreature!

The ones that are not at the station lose their items and do not get rewards.
Then, they can teleport whenever they want just by reaching the station afterwards.

You cannot level up, so maxed up stats are not so much of a problem.
And, in just 1 hour of the speedwrite I had not the time to explain how the stats actually affect the quests, but I imagined them as DnD parameters that help in your rolls.
And fashion may not be important for efficiency, but it is for chadness.


Uh, thanks! I had the fear someone else already thought of this.
And, if I'm correct, it will probably be expanded in another story :ajsmug:


Thanks a lot!
DnD may be a bit hard to digest at first (in fact I am a terrible player) but also very entertaining once you really get into it.

No microtransactions?

The Lord of Chaos himself is more generous and player friendly than the Dev team behind Fate: Grand Order.

He just dislikes any cheater.
Other than himself, of course.

Wow, this is really creative. How the hell do you come up with and execute something like this in an hour?

Once you realize that the Cutie Map is practically a game map with glowing markers indicating the locations of the missions...
Well, the rest just come by naturally.

Actually, I was afraid someone else had already thought of it before (and probably someone already has).

This is actually hilarious and a brilliant concept. Nice.

Interesting stuff, nice worldbuilding and porting over RPG aspects to real life. Good work.

This brings back so many memories of Discord DnD servers that I have a sneaking suspicion as to how you came up with it. :raritywink:

Well, this was quite fun and rather silly. Definitely enjoyable. I'm glad I followed The Hat Man's recommendation.

I'm glad you did, too! This story has such a fun concept! :twilightsmile:

So the girls keep any "in game" items that they get to the check point before the mission timer ends. I assume that only counts for new items, they don't lose things they equiped at the start of the quest, just anything aquifer during it.
Hopefully Discord's modifications will allow more guilds to form, since the map does call other ponies at times. And after all what good is a game with only one Guild?

Whoa wow Nelly, thank you all!
Didn't expect such a revamp of the story, have my hat(man) tip. :heart:

Ooh! Hidden bonus good story revealed by Hat.

I shall now like it thoroughly.

You deserve it! This story was fun as hell and deserved more love. :heart:

Greetings. Your reading has been completed and can be found here. I hope you enjoy.

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