• Published 4th Apr 2021
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How Spirits were made - Monotonality

A multi-chapter backstory of how the spirits of the known world came to be

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There once was a blacksmith shop in the town of Innbruck. It was ran by two mares, Flare Trail and Fire Sparks. These two mares were also in deep love and were very caring to their recently adopted foal. The two mares had decided to name this foal Flame Shine. Flame Shine was never really interested in anything else but the metal working.

They never gave him proper education, either. Flare Trail and Fire Sparks were both marked by their intense tempers, and would often argue with each other but would never insult one another. These two mares, despite their shortcomings had proven to be great parents to the young Flame Shine. The town was rather quaint and rather unimpressive all things considered.

Flame Shine was never a particularly intelligent sort, marked only by his knowledge of crafting tools from fire at a very young age. He was a young pegasus, and his parents were also pegasi. They would fly amongst the clouds as a family, and laugh together. Mostly arguing though, but they grew to have a fondness for arguing and were seen as strange by everyone else. Flame Shine's favourite thing to do would be to set clouds on fire in an attempt to create flaming clouds. While most attempts, this would hilariously fail but regardless his parents pushed him to the best of their capacity.

The town was an independent town, as in this era of time most towns and areas were highly autonomous and independent of others. There were no established nations, but some of the towns were starting to ally against other towns. Sometimes, this would include acts of war to expand one's power. Innbruck, was never a part of this but little did they know, they would be soon.

Flame Shine had grew up a bit, he was honing into his craft to the point where he would become violent when distracted from forging metal into intricate shapes. It almost became an obsession. While he was normally just forging for fun, it would become a necessity. Word would come from a messenger pony, that the town nearby to Innbruck had declared war and had been taken over by a dictator. This dictator was known as Corigula. Corigula was an Earth pony stallion who only cared for his own power and control. He and his elite guards, would starve anyone who didn't follow him.

Flame Shine's parents were divided on what to do. Flare Trail wanted to leave, while Fire Sparks wanted to stay. Flame Shine would end up staying with Fire Sparks, while Flare Trail had left suddenly. She didn't take anything with her, and left without a word. She was too worried about her own self that she never said goodbye. Flame Shine ended up staying with Fire Sparks.

Soon enough, the invading army had struck and began fighting. It was rather gruesome, many ponies would end up dying at the hands of Corigula's army. As this happened, Flame Shine would finish crafting a weapon. It was some sort of cannon that fired a fire ball. Upon finishing this weapon, he positioned it in the grass outside an embankment and fired it off at the invading army. Many of Corigula's soldiers were struck by this and were wounded, some were even killed.

Flame Shine knew he was doing the right thing, protecting his town against an invading force. The town was surrounded, as fate would have it. Flame Shine and his mother would hide inside, but Flame Shine's burning hatred for what had happened would cause a spark to ignite in his heart. He was going to fight for his home, even it meant he would die for it.

He would grab an axe and put on make shift armour and run out the door. Outside he would see a sight that even years later he would never forget. The dictator, Corigula had his army surrounding the ponies they had managed to gather up who were all tied up and blind folded.

At that moment, his rage had broke. However, in the distance a spinning star would fly over the scene. Oddly enough, everything seemed to freeze. Time stopped, or so it seemed. Flame Shine caught the star in his eye. Something about it was alluring, little did he know the star was entrancing him.

He ran after it, as if his legs were no longer his own. The star had apparently stopped and was hovering over a clearing in the woods beyond the town. Suddenly, a female alicorn figure with some sort of visor would jump forth. Flame Shine would back up, intimidated by the alicorn's presence. He had never seen an alicorn before, but had heard legends.

"Who are you?" he asked in a rather gruff, abrasive manner.

"I come as a friend, I know so very much about you, Flame Shine." the strange alicorn would say. Her voice carried a strange accent, one of which he has never heard before.

He simply grunted to that and rose an eyebrow. He had nothing to say, he was not a talker in the least.

"Not much of a talker, are we? I thought so. I know your potential, and I know what you can be. You are currently trying to save your town from an invading force, correct?"

He growled. "Of course I am, I am going to teach those bastards a lesson!" he was fuming with rage. "They have a lot of ponies trapped, and are going to do bad things if I can't stop them! Can you help me?" he seethed.

The alicorn grinned knowingly. "You can only do that yourself. But I am here for other reasons. You see, from a young age you have always been one of fire. You have always proved yourself to be worthy, but you have one last thing to do." she would look at him with a pause.

He'd raise an eyebrow and stammered slightly.

"And what would that be?" he asked with a scoff.

"I am going to bestow upon you something very powerful. It will take time to understand. But, your name is no longer Flame Shine. It is Eruption. You will be the Spirit of Flame. While you will have much self discovery to do, but know this, you are ready for this. I know that you are." she would say and command him to turn around. He would silently nod, having no real choice but also feeling a great deal of thrill.

He turned around and the alicorn somewhat harshly would speak. "Do not look at me. I will be very angry if you do." she would say. The star she had stepped out of turned smaller. She brought it up above his back and stabbed a point of the star directly into the young foal's back.

He let out a grunt, and a cry at the pain but no blood was drawn. He felt an otherwordly power flow into him, overloading him and he had passed out.

Later on he would awaken...as a full grown stallion. He knew his place, he knew what he was meant to do. While there was much to learn, he knew what he was. A spirit. The Spirit of Flame. The alicorn would stand over him, with her hoof resting on his head.

He would awaken, shocked to see his new form. He smiled, and for once he was happy. The alicorn watched him silently. Before she spoke, "I have granted you this gift, do good with it. You know what to do. You know who you are." she said with a smile, before jumping into the white star behind her that then flew off.

Not even a chance to thank her, Eruption would look at his wings. He was going to free his town from Corigula's control. He felt something on him. It was armour that looked like the surface of the sun. He sneered, and charged into town.

It is unknown to history what happened next, but Eruption had freed his town from those that wanted to control it. Many years later, he had moved on from those events and found himself living alone in his own landscape of a burning hot orange desert. It was his biome. It was where he was comfortable.

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So what did Eruption do exactly?


He basically had defeated the enemy army that was oppressing his town


You will see more soon enough!

Another interesting chapter. I look forward to seeing what you come up with next!

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