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The Badlands are far to the south, hot and dry. The Crystal Empire is far to the north, frozen and bleak outside the protection of the Crystal Heart. With no food or survival gear, how did a lone changeling end up there?

Starts before the MLP movie and leads into S6E16 - The Times They Are a Changeling. Silly one-shot to dip my toes in.

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...well, on the upside, it's sort of nice to see that even the changelings couldn't take Queen Chrysalis too seriously at times. :rainbowlaugh:

now it's clear why Chrysalis is so nervous. It's hard to stay adequate when a legion of children laugh at you while solving a food problem.

Needs more balls.

I was kind of hoping Chrysalis would Team Rocket him.


Not bad for a first story. Deserves a like :raritywink:

"Enslaved ponies feel no love for anything, all they know is fear and boredom."
Another changeling further back in the swarm rolled his blue, pupilless eyes. "Can't imagine how that feels." A few changelings nearby chuckled under their breath.

I chuckled too!


Reminds me of another story about balls I had read a long time ago:

EChrysalis' Red Ball
Chrysalis plays with a red ball, things ensue.
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Good story!
I enjoyed reading it.

And with that, Chrysalis banned the word "ball" from her hive.

I enjoyed this story and the changelings' "ball" shenanigans!:rainbowlaugh:

Thank you, I'm happy you enjoyed it!

Excellent story keep up the good work

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