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Sugar Games - Nitrox

Celestia and Cadance have fun at Luna's expense

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Chapter 1: Revenge is a Dish Best Served Sticky

“Tia, remind us again why we are forced to take this infernal contraption back to Canterlot,” Luna muttered under her breath, a smile plastered to her face as she stifled yet another yawn.

To her left, with all the regal poise and sophistication that was expected, strode Princess Celestia. Both princesses ethereal manes billowed against unseen winds as their eyes passed over the gathered ponies on either side of the procession.

“Because, dear sister,” Celestia responded, her mouth hardly moving as she maintained her own smile for the masses. “Cadance’s magic isn’t strong enough to teleport all the way to Canterlot, not to mention the protection spell that her fiancée is maintaining.”

“Granted, but why not simply take the royal chariots? Is that not what they are intended for?”

While the crowd was far too boisterous for the average pony to notice, Luna detected a gentle sigh from her left.

“Really, Luna? You would expect our royal guards to be able to fly the three of us all the way from the Crystal Empire to Canterlot? Even our strongest flyers would fall out of the sky after half a day of such a journey.”

It was with great restraint that Luna withheld a derisive snort at this.

“If thou art correct, then our little ponies have gotten soft under your rule, Tia. I remember our guards of old bearing thy royal plot to the gates of Tartarus and back, in full battle regalia no less, with narry a whinny.”

A moment of silence passed between the sisters, the elder considering the claims of her sibling.

“Surely you exaggerate, Luna. Our royal guard’s training regimen produces some of the finest warriors in the land. However, asking such a journey of them, particularly in the midst of a threat against the capitol, is simply too much when there are now alternative modes of transportation.”

Unseen to the elder princess, Luna’s smile had gained a slight smirk as she looked across Princess Cadance’s subjects.

“Perhaps thou art right, Tia. Thy royal guard truly is a force to be reckoned with. Perhaps it is thy own fault our guards can not bear thee. Thy flanks do appear to be a bit more...generous, than before our departure.”

Celestia’s mask of serenity was straining under her sister’s constant verbal jabs. Being the nigh immortal deities that they were, both sisters had learned just what buttons to push to get a rise out of the other, and currently Luna was working her way through every one of Celestia’s

“You know as well as I, Luna, that with age comes a grander stature than that of our youth.”

“Oh yes, and we're sure all twelve of the royal bakers would agree that it is your age that has lead to your ‘stature’. Surely it has nothing to do with the nuts of dough that you insist be served after every meal.”

“Now, Luna...”

“Every. Meal.”

The sisters shared a glance. Azure eyes reflected amethyst and Celestia took note of the mischievous glint that her sister had directed at her. The solar princess simply gave a quiet sigh and focused her gaze on their destination. She couldn’t really hold her sister’s antics against her. First she had found out that another alicorn had been born unto the world in her absence. Follow that up with the fact that said alicorn was preparing to wed herself to a mortal. Sprinkle on a threat to national security, a dash of sleep loss, and a splash of foreign affairs, and you had a recipe for one unhappy princess of the night.

The last week had been filled with more hob nobbing and hoof shaking than most ponies saw in a month. From philanthropists to dignitaries to ambassadors, the princesses felt as if they must have met half of Cadance’s populace by the end of their visit to the Crystal Empire. It didn’t help Luna's disposition that all of this kingdom’s normal business was conducted during the day. As such, she had been forced to turn her sleep schedule on its head, leaving her rather irritable when she was behind closed doors.

As they watched Cadance disappear into the royal train car before them, the cheers of her subjects following her, Celestia knew that their journey was nearing its end. Soon they would be back in their own castle, preparing for the wedding of the decade.

“Perhaps thou could ask dear Cadance for a few tips. She certainly seems to be keeping herself fit for her husband to be...”

“Provided that Luna makes it back to Canterlot” Celestia thought, her teeth clenched tightly, biting back the venomous retort she so wished to unleash upon her impudent sibling.

A few more steps and the royal pony sisters were aboard the train. Turning to give a final wave, Luna couldn’t keep her smirk away any longer as the doors slid silently closed, cutting off nearly all the noise of the crowds beyond.

The moment the doors closed fully, Luna let out a sigh of relief and sat down on the spot, bringing her hooves up to massage her cheeks. “Finally! Our cheeks art killing us from smiling so much!”

“Honestly, Luna, must you always be so melodramatic? I swear, sometimes you can sound so foalish.” Celestia responded with a roll of her eyes as she walked back towards one of the spacious cabins.

Just as she was about to open the first door, it slid open beneath her hoof, revealing a still quite chipper Princess Cadance. “Princess Celestia! I was just coming to look for you.” Poking her head out into the hallway, she took a quick look around and quickly spotted Princess Luna, who had ceased rubbing her face and was walking towards her sister. Cadance’s smile continued to shine, much to Luna’s annoyance. “Aah, Princess Luna, there you are. Both of you simply must come in here and see this!”

“Please, Cadance, there really is no need for titles...amongst.....family.”

As the pink princess stepped aside to allow the sisters to enter, they were confronted with a glorious sight indeed. Sitting on the table in the center of the room was possibly the most beautiful thing Celestia had seen since the return of her beloved sister. The array was simply breath-taking, so much color, so many varieties. The aroma alone was enough to cause her heart to quicken and her breath to catch in her throat. A familiar desire made itself known within her.

“I don’t think I’ve seen so many doughnuts at one time, besides at a bakery of course.” Cadance stated as she took a seat next to the door. Luna’s smirk only grew as she slipped past her sister, giving her a slight nudge with her hips.

“Should we leave thou alone for a few minutes?” Luna asked suggestively as she took a seat next to the window, a smug grin finding its way to her lips.

Celestia gave her sister a cold glare even as she attempted in vain to quell the slight blush that touched her cheeks at her own reaction. Snagging a fritter with her magic, the solar princess took a seat next to the bride-to-be and made idle chit chat. Soon, the train had pulled away from the station, and by the time the locomotive reached full speed, Luna was fast asleep.


After a few hours of jokes, gossip and doughnuts, the princesses found themselves bored. As the pair tossed ideas back and forth on how to keep entertained in the midst of their sugar binge, a soft snore made itself heard from Celestia’s side. In the second it took to identify the source of the noise, a wonderfully diabolical idea began to sprout within her mind. Thoughts of all Luna’s snide comments and jabs over the past weeks rushed to her mind and only served to fuel her ravenous desire for revenge and entertainment.

Giving Cadance a gentle nudge with her elbow, Celestia tilted her head towards her snoozing sister before igniting the magic within her horn. A golden aura enveloped one of the doughnuts that remained on the platter. Before Cadance could ask what her surrogate aunt was planning, the pastry was flung through the air and landed with a soft splat against Luna’s forehead.

“Shoot, so close!”

Cadance gasped softly at Celestia’s sudden foalish behavior. However, when Luna failed to wake from the sticky projectile, the pink princess couldn’t help but giggle softly at the sight before her.

Without any warning this time, another doughnut was enveloped in Celestia’s magic. The tension was palpable as the solar alicorn lined up her next baked bombardment again’s Luna’s face, the challenge now accepted.

As the frosted treat sailed through the air, it’s arch brought it closer to Luna’s horn. To the princesses’ dismay, the doughnut once again landed short, this time splattering all over Luna’s starry mane.

“Darn it!”

The alicorns waited with bated breath to see if the target of their artillery would wake upon a second volly, though the princess of the night slumbered on. With a sigh of relief, Celestia set her brow in a concentrated grimace and reached out for a third pastry. Before she could seize it however, a hoof came down on her shoulder, followed by a mischievous voice.

“Let me try!”

Giving a slight nod, Celestia’s magic gave way to Cadance’s, watching as the younger princess tilted the doughnut on its side on the platter. Giving it the slightest of flicks with her own magic, the alicorns watched as the pastry was ejected from it’s place on the platter, on a collision course with the sleeping mare’s face. Watching excitedly, time seemed to slow as the frosted ring of revenge arched through the air. Closer and close it came to the indigo horn, increasing the princesses’ anticipation until...


Both princesses’ forehooves shot into the air in celebration as the doughnut landed squarely around Princess Luna’s horn. The cheer however, was enough to rouse the princess of the night from her slumber. She cast her eyes across the compartment at her raucous companions coldly. As she opened her mouth to kindly ask them to shove a hoof in it, she felt a soft something splat against her nose. Using a hoof to wipe it off, she gave the pink splotch a quick sniff and a lick before the horrifying idea of what had occurred during her slumber dawned on her. Luna’s eyes shrank to pinpricks as she reached up and felt the sticky, gooey frosted mess that now laid claim to her beautiful mane.

Seeing Luna’s realization, Celestia put up the biggest, most sickeningly sweet smile, and the voice to match, as she addressed her sister.

“Oh, good evening, Luna. Care for a doughnut?”

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