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This story is a sequel to Aftermath Of The Formal

Sunset Shimmer returns home after a bad fight with Luna, and they have some words to exchange. Then, it turns out Chrysalis hadn't been entirely truthful, and Sunset hits the streets. She comes across Trixie and has a not too great time with her, but their circumstances allow them to not be at each other's throats. She reflects on what she's done and how things are going before she confronts Luna once more. Luna presents her with renewed adoption papers but....

Sequel to Aftermath of the Fall Formal starting at Chapter 22. So it's more like a branch when that story is done.

Edit 20210403: This used to have a human tag for EqG but I realized that's not what it's for. Pardon!

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Just wanted to remark here: this was probably about 6 to 8 hours of writing based on a ton of ideas provided by the readers. Coming up with some "life lessons" for the sleepovers was the biggest challenge, as I was fairly unfamiliar with the families involved. Therefore, I'm expecting "Out of character" complaints to get the highest tally. Then again it was a bit of a rushed one shot.

Hope you all enjoy. Please leave a comment detailing any praise or critique, since it's in part a sandbox for the other story. Your feedback will help shape the other story.

Okay, just going to say, wow! :pinkiehappy:
I really liked the Parenting like a garden. But they were all good - way to put thought and hope into all of them. :twilightsmile:
And finally - codependent Sunset / Chrysalis / Luna, cycle broken. I was getting whiplash for Sunset reacting to Luna reacting to Chrysalis reacting... So glad they got to step back and work it out. For real. :yay:

A nice story, good sidebar, thanks! And 6 to 8 hours of writing... Dang!! Color me impressed! :twilightsmile:

Thanks for the feedback, I really appreciate it. We'll take it into consideration regarding the actual story. We'll be sure to put some further thoughts into it. This was all just off the cuff and first-thoughts so, it wasn't exactly a deep thought :derpytongue2: Or maybe not as deep as it could be.

If there's anything that stands out, please do tell! One of my permanent concerns is whether I portray characters accurately enough. "Is this really something they would say/do?" etc. If anything comes to mind, please let me know. The only bad feedback is non-constructive feedback. Negative feedback is excellent for improving!

Thanks for the read, and be on the lookout for new content on the main story.

“You hear that, Sunset?” Luna said, “You’re getting a cousin! You’ll be an aunt!”

“An aunt?” Sunset said to herself. “I’m going to be an aunt.”

No Sunset, you'd just be a cousin. A 1st cousin once removed.

Jesus christ, why does everyone call cousins aunts or uncles?, meaning they'd be either your parent's brother or sister.

Thank you!

I'm glad the conversation comes across as being natural through the inclusion of a common mistake. I wasn't sure whether Sunset and Celestia would make this common mistake, but I'm glad I put it in and that it got noticed. It's unfortunate it's a common mistake of course, but hey, it's fun to let characters be more natural.

Now I sorta wished I'd have some other character point out this mistake so at least readers would remember the correction. I may add that later.

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