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Benedictus et effectus


Every student in Ponyville's League of Developers has one dream- to finally make it to the Python Plane and display their entire program for the entire world to see. Smolder and her friends, due to cultural differences, have a few issues with this, however.

Follow this dragon and her fellow friends as they struggle to overcome cultural differences in a career path mostly dominated by ponies.

Rated T for Totally awesome...TDeveloping?

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Great start! Shame about the coffee machine though

The dragon stared blankly at her changeling friend, seeing her index finger wedged loosely in Ocellus’ right nostril. Her face scrunched up in disgust, and out came a prompt “Ugh!” as she snatched her hand back.

Okay, that was funny— :rainbowlaugh:

I needed to plug in a snot joke as soon as possible. Smolder better wash her hands before that acidic changeling snot gets between her scales.

Yeh. I felt great emotional chagrin just writing it.

I gotta see where this goes, cos I really hate Python with a passion.

I mean, implicit invisible code structure in an absolutely explicit defined logic structure?

What is this, Yu-Gi-Oh?

That, and there was no apparent difference between the 5 line Python code I typed in to flash the LED on the Pi Pico, and the text I copied from then pasted instead, but the paste worked.:pinkiesad2:

Wonder how Python got going given REXX?

Not dissin the author at all. I can follow all the math bits inside, its getting stuff in an out that gives me strife.

Thing is, why cant you use existing code?:trixieshiftright:

Oh god. I empathize with Ocellus here- because Bash, is what I feel is more complicated. For me and my teenaged brain, it is the absolute suck.


The trouble I have with so called modern code, is that my first home computer used a REPL screen, but had built in BASIC and had assembler mnemonics and the digital equivalents in the manual. Nice bunch of games and SOHO software available. Not bad for 8 bit.

The next was full 32 bit multimedia multitasking with DOS style script, REXX script, and a ton of software, including ones that used WIMP design to enter BASIC style code, but then converted that into C code, which was then run through C compiler in the background. All you had to do was type Print "Hello World" and click on Run. After 30 years, I hoped that modern machines with AI support wouldve made life easier, instead of apparently making it ever harder for mere humans. Even given neuralnet.library for general system use in 1994 for example?:derpyderp1:

Technology is our biggest step and might be our greatest foe. We love to see it though. :twilightsmile:

Hey, what do you know? You actually wrote a story :trollestia:

I know right? Didn’t think I’d ever! I needed a new process and an outlet for creative flow, so...yay! But I’m realizing I should probably edit in drafts.


You're in middle school and came up with something better than 90% of people do on their first try.

I'd say you're doing fine lol.

Just please don't go to the "dark side" of fanfiction


The dark side?


You're dead to me

Heheh, I have a deep regard for you as well.

Wow. I honestly thought that title was just a pun because... well, Ocellus.

And those descriptions of what happened to Smolder... yikes.

Heh, imagine getting punched in the head by an evil robot. Owie.


Wait, did that actually happen...? Or was it a dream...?

Oh no, it was most definitely real.

Very intresting, Apparently the so called best programmers couldnt use the fastest kernel or best algorithms being crippled by the requirements of a low strength to weight electric metal base platform.

Then again, MITs Optical lattice is in other terms, a Structural Integrity Field, or even a Wall Shield. Thats not even including the possibility of using the technology of the analog phase array microwave/satelite antenna from the 1980s, the Squariel. Great for Multibeam radar in low power, and energy systems in high pulses etc.

The Ubergeeks can chat in machine code, but they need the platform before they can code it, and some platforms, just aint for public use.:pinkiecrazy:

I want to know whose doing a Sunset with those Driods.:trixieshiftright:

Oh, you’ll find out. In due time.


I mean, implicit invisible code structure in an absolutely explicit defined logic structure?

What's implicit about Python whitespace? You have to indent correctly or your code doesn't work. Seems pretty explicitly structured to me.

Someone's targeting the non pony creatures. My proof: changelings are sometimes called bug horses, the way schools run is called a school system, and someone messed with the robot to"debug" the school system.

it's about 6 feet isn't it?

Wasn’t expecting Sebastian to be in the story.

Well, he already was. The blogs just came out before I released the chapter.

Mhm...you have to admit though, it’s a good little dramatic twist.

Well, yeah, but what happened to her?!

It’s fine. Although I thought I mentioned him in the story before

Boom. Kapow. Splodey-splode.

Mhm. I mean, dragons are fireproof, just not...errr...splodey proof.

But...but...there's no death tag...

Heheh, exactly.

I should probably add that just in case though.

Self dissasembling andriods for a self dissembling creator?

Ocellus!!!! Smolder!!!! Where did you go?!!!

Holy hell, that was intense—

I can definitely say I feel for the two of them. Ocellus for obvious reasons, and Smolder for having to watch her cry over her.

What's gonna happen?!

Ah. Can’t say that.

Oh yeah lol. I tried my best to master the emotion in this chapter.

Well, you certainly did well.

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