• Published 2nd Apr 2021
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Python - butters

Every student in Ponyville's League of Developers has one dream- to finally make it to the Python Plane and display their entire program for the entire world to see. Smolder and her friends, due to cultural differences, have a few issues with this.

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Booting Up

Smolder’s breath was bated as she made her way through the temple. The pitter patter of her feet echoed through the darkness farther than she could ever imagine- you could hear a pin drop when you were way out here. And this place? Well, she’d been dreaming of entering the Python Plane since her first year at the Academy.

And now that she had finally reached it...to establish even a few lines of her greatest programs within the Plane would be her greatest dream, finally fulfilled. Hope shone like the sun’s rays in her fiery heart, sending an electrifying sensation through her body that made her tail curl against itself in temptation.

The darkness peeled away, and Smolder felt her entire body being swallowed by heat. Her beak curled into a large grin as she reached her hand forward, blocking the light from shining into her eyes as she crept closer.

Right there, in her grasp…

She was one keyboard away from salvation.


Upon hearing the confused, and frankly, nasally voice of her roommate, Smolder’s eyes fluttered open while she let out a dejected groan. “I was this close, Ocellus! This close! I-”

The dragon stared blankly at her changeling friend, seeing her index finger wedged loosely in Ocellus’ right nostril. Her face scrunched up in disgust, and out came a prompt “Ugh!” as she snatched her hand back.

‘Pop!’ And out came her finger. She swished it violently back and forth, shaking it clear of any changeling mucus that may have stuck onto her scales. Ocellus blushed as she held her snout. Plopping back onto her haunches, she snorted, “What were you so close to?” she pondered aloud, giving her friend a quizzical look. “...besides piercing my septum…”

Smolder’s face scrunched up even more, swiping her finger over the covers. “I… just meant that I had some kinda dream. That I was finally qualified enough to try the Python Plane…”

“Listen, I know you’re really bitter that Headmare Twilight thought my program was better-”

“Don’t lie to yourself, Ocellus. You didn’t reach it either.”

The changeling sighed, averting her gaze as her ears flattened against the sides of her head. “I can’t believe we’ll be the last creatures in the school to reach the Plane…”

Smolder replied with the eccentric rolling of her eyes. “Let’s be real. We’re only the last ones because we’re different.”

“B-But…but the Headmare-”

“-is a liar, Ocellus.” Smolder flopped out of bed chin first, not even bothering to stand. “She lies and says she cares about the wellbeing of other creatures, but she lied.”

“What about Sandbar?” Ocellus offered. She felt it was the right thing to do in the Headmare’s defense- it wouldn’t be fair to accuse her of such ignorance when she isn’t as ignorant as Smolder said.

However, the dragon still huffed. “Letting him of all ponies reach the plane? When he hangs with us? As overcultured as Headmare Twilight may seem, she isn’t that overcultured. Come on, Cel, she’s obviously some kind of species-ist…”

“That isn’t true, Smolder...I know it. She wouldn’t go through everything she did to build a school for all creatures to attend equally if she didn’t plan to implement equality.”


Ocellus sighed, pulling her draconic friend off the floor. “Let’s go, Smolder...we’ll be late for class…”

The dragon scraped herself from the carpet and reached over to the coat rack with a sharp reluctance in her demeanor. Ocellus could just see Smolder’s fire filled aura poking holes in the ozone layer from here. And when she snatched her hoodie from one of the wooden chestnut knobs, the bug’s concern began to peak.

“Still thinking about that dream…?”

“Of course I am…” she worked the hoodie over her head, letting it slip onto her body with ease. It was her absolute favorite- beige with brown accents at her shoulders which oddly gave her the taste for coffee whenever she wore it. It was the first thing she bought when Dragon Lord Ember enrolled her in this Academy in the first place.

She slid her square frame glasses on, sighing and exhaling the excess morning anguish from her body. The morning breath she had marinating in her dry throat only made things worse, but she always got dressed before brushing her teeth anyways.

Ocellus, already well and dressed in her developer’s vest plopped down in front of the door. Books floated with ease into her saddle bags, wrapped delicately in her trademark pink aura. “Who do you think’ll be next?”

“Sebastian,” Smolder grumbled, her voice muffled by the foam oozing from her mouth and into the sink. The bristles of the toothbrush scraped against her teeth in an effort to whiten them more aggressively. “That punk...he’s always there. Always stealing every answer, every opportunity with his sneaky little hooves…”

“...I feel like you’re upset because he was the first one to raise his hoof. Next to me, of course.”

Ptoo!” The sound of water rushing in the sink sounded slightly, soothing Ocellus from her morning craze. However, it was short lived, leaving Smolder to exit the bathroom with her fists clenched on command. “Let’s face it, Ocellus; you suck with the command line…”

The changeling let out an offended gasp, scoffing with annoyance and glaring at Smolder offendedly. The dragon just brushed past her with her satchel strapped over her shoulder.

Ocellus scrambled in front of her, pedaling backwards as she looked up at the dragon. Smolder just kept her stare straight, focused on the distant coffee machine at the end of the corridor. “I-I’ll have you know that if it were worth my time, I’d partake in the activities!”

Smolder pushed back her glasses by the thin, white tape on the bridge, “It’s not that you don’t care, you’re just bad at it.”

“B-B-But-!” She stopped walking, stepping to the side to let Smolder pass through. Although she continued walking behind her, she couldn’t help but feel slightly left behind. “I study it! I study it so hard, and I never quit!”

Smolder chuckled dryly, not even bothering to look back as she snagged up a branded cup and strode on over to the coffee maker. “Really? I thought it wasn’t worth your time.”

“Q-Quit doing that!” she hissed, brushing beside Smolder and pressing up against her as if she were trying to shove her out of the way with her feeble body.

“Doing what?”

“M-Making me feel small…”

“That’s just ‘cause you are.”

Ocellus found her face growing hot as her wings buzzed with dismay. “N-No!

“Sup dorks.” Gallus was leaning up against the wall next to the stairwell, watching the rest of the students pass by him. “You studied the syllabus? Headmare’s switching up the schej’ on us. Again.”

“Didn’t notice.” Smolder took a sip of the freshly brewed black coffee, taking relish in the bitter flavor as she felt the liquid flow through her veins. “I never really check. Whatever class I find myself in, I work in.”

“Figures...now I never have to wonder how you completed half the crash course in just the span of a week.”

“Bah. All it takes is a bit of dedication.” she snickered to herself, glancing down at her shorter, insectuous friend. “You should take notes, ‘Cellus.”

With a harrumph, Smolder received a whip to the rear. “Ow!”

Ocellus grinned with the satisfied swish of her tail. “No one likes a smart flank.”

“You little-”

Gallus butted in, shoving past Smolder to collect his cup of coffee. “I’d get to class if I were you. Doesn’t it start in like, five minutes?”

“Doesn’t yours?” Smolder asked, shoving back.

“What was that for?” Gallus snapped, pushing back in front of the coffee machine. His cup began to fill even more, the dark brown liquid rising slowly to the brim. Smolder shoulder checked him back to the side, causing his claw to bounce slightly. Coffee splashed onto the floor, and before the two knew it, they were knee deep in a shoulder clash.

“Why are we pushing each other?!” Smolder growled, knocked back by Gallus’ powerful push.

“I don’t know!

One push too far, and that’s when the two fell on top of the coffee machine. Cups fell onto the floor, rolling around in the spilt coffee as the dragon and griffon themselves were drenched head to toe.

Ocellus sighed, levitating Smolder’s (totally unironically) mocha colored satchel and draped it over her back. “...at least you’ve gotten your fill…” she sighed, looking around at the very clearly upset students grunting and gasping angrily at their favorite piece of technology in the school being destroyed. “...can’t say the same for everyone else…”

“Eheheh...heheh…” the two chuckled nervously.