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Unhinged - Just_a_guy

Twilight looses it and joins Day Breaker thinking it will bring back Spike. It's up to Zecora and the resistance to stop Day Breaker and get Twilight Back

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2: Fall

Author's Note:

Little blood warning for this chapter

It has been a thousand years since Day Breaker has been banished. Things play out as normal but of course, since it is an alternate universe, some things has changed. The important changes is that Luna became Twilights teacher, Shining armor and Cadence are a bit older and had Flurry Heart early. She's around 10 at this point. Zecora was welcomed and not suspected as an enchantress in Ponyville but she still lives near the Everfree Forest. Starlight Glimmer and Sunburst took their cutie marks together, went to the same school, and moved to the same village canon Starlight used to Live. There are more changes but we'll get to that when it's needed.

"Now girls! This is our chance to defeat her!"

Twilight shouted. Right now, the mane 6 are at the castle of the 2 sisters and have discovered the elements of Harmony. They fought Day Breaker and it looks like the end of Day Breaker. Luna us present but is unconscious. Day breaker knew that there is nothing else to do. She still wanted to get every ponies respect and praise. SHe then said.

"No! this is not the end of it!"

Day Breaker started to fly out as soon as possible creating a hole on the roof. This battle is over and the Mane 6 has won for now. Rainbow Dash shouts in joy

"aw yeah! My first epic battle, and she just runs away like a coward"

Pinkie pie added.

"This is way better than baking. Hey I shall make a cake to celebrate."

Rarity stepped forward and said

"These necklaces are so beautiful. They represent out cutie marks!"

Apple Jack and Fluttershy noticed and they said

"Yeah! This is amazing!"

Luna started to become conscious and tried to stand up

"Princess Luna! Are you ok?"

Twilight asked her mentor. Luna got up and had a smile on her mouth

"I'm fine. But it's still not over. My sister has escaped and there is no idea of what she could be thinking as her next move. For now, let's get out of here and continue the moonlight celebration."

Twilight was both happy to hear that the moonlight celebration would continue, and is also worried about Day Breaker. Twilight asked Luna

"But what if she strikes someday? I'm worried that she might come after my family or even my new friends."

Luna responded

"Don't worry. Just be prepared and as long as you still have your friends at your side, you'll be unstoppable."

"Yeah, we are here for you Twi."

Apple Jack stepped forward along with Rarity.

"We'll fight with you, and help you through your struggles."

Rarity said. Pinkie then added

"And when you're down, we'll be here to throw you a party woo hoo!"

After the battle, Twilight and everypony returned to celebrate the moonlight celebration. Everypony cheered for Luna adn had a great time. Twilight was happy that everything was going well. She kept her mind off from Day Breaker after days to enjoy life in Pony Ville. She still lives at the library with her baby dragon Spike. A year has passed and things are still pretty normal. One day, Twilight was reading a new Daring do book that she hasn't read yet.

"This book is interesting Spike! It's about how Daring Do took down the leader of an evil tribe to retrieve an artifact that isn't theirs and returned it to the proper tribe instead of taking it to a museum."

Spike said to her

"Yo! Spoilers!.... Hahahah just kidding. I've read this."

Suddenly, spike felt something in his stomach. He burped out a letter from Princess Cadance and Shining Armor. Spike took the letter and said

"Twilight! A letter from Cadance and Shining!"

Twilight stopped reading the book and excitedly took the letter using her magic. She wondered what Cadance would want to tell her. She opens the letter and this is what it says.

"Dear Twilight Sparkle

We have good news about our daughter Flurry Heart, she is having a moving up ceremony and
will receive many awards for perfect grade, leadership skills, and advanced magic. We were wondering
if you and Spike want to watch the graduation ceremony for your niece! We'll even have a family photo along
with mom and dad.


Twilight was happy to read that Flurry Heart is doing well in school. She said to spike

"I'm so proud of her! My niece becoming as intelligent as me"

"Yeah I bet you aren't as intelligent as Doctor Hooves"

Spike said. Spike continued to say

"I don't think I can come. I'm kind of tired after trying to re-organize all these books after our party here with Pinkie Pie heheeh"

Twilight was a little sad that Spike couldn't come. She still loves spike and understands he was tired from last night. So she allows Spike to stay at home. It was the day Twilight was about to leave. Before she left to the crystal empire, she said to Spike

"I'm gonna leave now Spike. Remember all the chores that I left for you and take care of Owlowiscious. And if you need help, just send me a letter or talk to my other friends"

"Don't worry Twilight, I got this. Me and Owlowiscious can gaurd this home like a castle."

Spike said. Twilight chuckled and pats Spikes head. She then left the house and boarded the next train to the Crystal Empire.

"Ah yeah! Owlowiscious, we are now alone. But yeah, we got some chores to do."

Spike sighed a bit that Twilight would even give him chores while she was away. Spike, being Twilights best assistant, decides to start doing them. A few hours later, Spike went out to the market area to buy some food as it says in the list. Spike couldn't decide which orange to get (because of so many other brands).

"Should I get this one? or this one?"

Spike asked to himself. The vendor got a little impatient including the line. The vendor angrily told him

"Spike, it doesn't matter at what brand it is. They both taste the same. Just pick one because the line doesn't seem happy."

Spike eventually chose an orange and bought is which took a long time. Just then, Spike heard some ponies screaming and running from afar. He sees the ponies and heard what one of them said. A pony screamed

"Run! The monsters of Tartarus somehow escaped!"

Spike was shocked to hear that the monsters escaped Tartarus. But he was also shocked that Cerberus didn't do his job well in guarding the gates. Scared, Spike ran away from the market place. Then, came a hoard of monsters roaring and slaughtering some innocent ponies. They were oddly chasing down Spike and a few scared ponies.

"What? It looks like they are coming after me? Why are they coming after me? What do they want with me?"

Spike said in confusion. Spike managed to get back to his home and he slammed the door shut which frightened Owlowiscious. Owlowisciouswas worried for Spike so he flew to his shoulder to comfort him.

"Oh hey, I need to send a quick letter to Princess Luna, because the monsters from Tartarus are here!!. But the big question why isn't she taking care of this mess in an instant."

Spike said to Owlowiscious. As soon as he starts to get the scroll and the feather along with the ink to write, the walls of the house burst open with one monster looking at Spike. Spike got so scared that he tried to reason with the monster. He said to it

"Hey pal. please I don't want any trouble. I'm just gonna send a letter and we can all be cool."

But the monster doesn't want to hear it. He roars and starts to charge in. Owlowiscious flew and started to attack the monsters big eyes almost blinding him. He is distracting the monster in order for Spike to send the letter to Luna to deal with this mess. Spike starts to write the following

"Dear Princess Luna




As soon as he is nearly done writing, Owlowiscious still distracted the monster but it wasn't for long. The monster grabbed Owlowiscious to prevent him from becoming completely blind and ate him like a cooked chicken. Spike finished writing the letter and he was ready to send it the quickest way possible. Unfortunately for him, as soon as he is about to blow the letter, the monster shuts his mouth and grabbed him on the neck choking him. There is no way for spike to send the letter since he cant exhale. Spike, knowing that there is no way out of this, closed his eyes and accepted his very end. He sees something before he goes, a white plain of nothingness. He sees someone that he has never seen before. His biological mother and father smiling at him. He also sees the mane 6 and the other princesses since they are the ponies closest to Spike. He says

"Mom? Dad? Twilight? guys? I'm ready."

Spike was brave to accept death.

The monster snaps Spikes neck and crushes it with blood coming out like popping a water balloon. Spikes body stopped moving and his body was dropped to the floor. The monster then left to find other ponies to feast on. This was the end for Spikes adventure. This is one of the saddest deaths in the story and one of the important ones for later on. This will affect the mane 6 but mostly Twilight deeply, since Twilight views Spike not only as a friend or an assistant, but as an actual son to her.

The next day, a train came to Ponyville train station. The doors open and we see Twilight happy after seeing her niece moving up. She starts to walk home peacefully while whistling a familiar theme song. As she enters Ponyville, she sees a lot of Ponies mourning and grieving their loved ones that were slaughtered by the monsters. Twilight got confused on what could have caused all of this. As she gets closer to her home, she sees a hole on the wall. She was worried and scared so she rushes in and sees the horrible news that she couldn't bear. She sees Spike dead on the floor with blood everywhere on his head. Twilights heart shatters and she runs towards Spike's body.

"Spike? Spike!? Oh my gosh, please don't be dead. This cannot be happening!!"

Twilight said in despare. Twilight held Spikes body with tears in her eyes. This truly devastated her. She then said.

"No..... My son."

Days afterwards, a funeral was made to honor the fallen ponies including Spike. Everypony that were still alive attended with all tears in their eyes. The mane 6 was present to honor Spike. Luna was on a podium giving a speech. She says

"Today is a sad day for everypony. These ponies were slaughtered by the monsters from Tartarus. We still haven't captured all of the monsters but we assure you, there will be justice. These Ponies were innocent. No pony deserved to die."

Hours after the burial, Twilight stayed at the grave of Spike and didn't feel like moving. Princess Luna approached her in pity and told her

"I'm very sorry that Spike died. He and many others didn't deserve this. The truth is, peace cannot be achieved easily. Even if you find a solution, something will always stop that peace for power. If only we were harder on Cerberus and harder on the monsters, they might not have brought the chaos here. All I can say is, to bring better peace, you must do what you think is right in order to bring it. No matter what others think."

These words made Twilight look at Luna and she chuckled a bit but not in a good way. She then said to her

"You're right. I'll be going now. Good day Princess."

Twilight then left and went to a place no one would expect her to go to. She is at the gates of Tartarus and she puts a sleeping spell on Cerberus who was confused at first. She enters the cave and sees all the monsters. She had a smile on her face and her eyes started to twitch. she said.

"Good evening everyone. NOW TIME TO GET WHAT YOU ALL DESERVE."

The monsters woke up and were confused on what she said, as if they never gotten out and done anything. They still had to defend themselves. Twilight unleashed her rage with spells that are bloody brutal. One of them sliced a monsters head in half and blood came out along with its brain. She used a spell to cut off the monsters arms and legs and uses them as weapons. She uses a spell that would gouge out the eyes of a monster. Many other spells were used in this bloody battle. After a few hours of battle, Twilight was the only breathing creature left. She laughed manically and said

"This..... is..... JUSTICE!"

"Yes, I believe it is Twilight."

A mysterious voice said. Twilight heard this voice and tried to find it. Just then, time began to freeze. Twilight noticed this by seeing the blood of a creature stopped dripping. She then sees a pony that she hasn't seen in a long time. It was Day Breaker. Day breaker said to her

"No need to attack, I'm here to tell you something. I heard the echoes about these monsters coming into Ponyville slaughtering hundreds. Even Spike. I attended the funeral in secret and after seeing you sad, I took pity. The I noticed some chaos here, I decided to check it out and surprise surprise, I see you here."

Twilight told her.

"So you came here out of pity? Are you gonna help me or something? What would you do that would make me trust you? I already solved the chaos problem by killing all these monsters that took away my Spikes life!!"

Daybreaker answered back.

"I heard that you want to achieve peace in this world, I can help you. Me and Luna talked about this whole Peace on Equestria thing many years ago but she said that it would be impossible to achieve. I think it is possible but I need your help. Besides, I can help you bring back Spike from the grave."

When Twilight heard the last part, she smiled and said to her.

"Really? Well a resurrection spell is said to have never exist...."

"Oh it's possible. Since I am powerful and have knowledge, a resurrection spell can be made. However, it will take years since it hasn't been done yet in History. So what do you say? Do you want to help achieve world peace by any means necessary? Do you want Spike back?"

Twilight thought this through, but she was blinded by the fact that Day Breaker can somehow bring Spike from the dead. Immediately, Twilight shook Day Breakers hoof and this was the start of her descent into madness. Many Ponies being killed if those don't want to follow her or Day Breaker, leading into a war for what is right. whether peace should be forced upon the people, or have the people choose their own path to create chaos or not.

On cliff, Day Breaker is standing on the edge watching the sunset. Just then, Princess Luna came out and said to her sister.

"How did things go?"

"Things are moving perfectly. The plan worked, and now we can finally take over this place with our Puppet student Twilight"

"Oh yes Day Breaker, all ponies shall bow down before us."

Princess Luna wasn't herself, she transformed to her original form and it turns out she isn't Luna. She was actually Queen Chrysalis pretending to be Luna. The real Luna is held in Captive by the 2 of them. This explains the truth of the incident. It was a setup by the both of them to get Twilight into their side since they know she is a talented, gifted, and powerful pony and to get Luna out of their way. Chrysalis used her changelings to make them transform into the monsters of Tartarus to make that attack on Ponyville and killing Spike. This explains why the monsters before were confused at Twilight.

They both make an evil laugh when the sun was setting. Thus, this is the beginning of the war and Twilights madness.

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