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Pinkie Pie is auditioning for a Reality baking TV show called the Royal Jelly Juggernaut, which is hosted by Princess Celestia! Twilight and her friends are unsure about how she’ll succeed, so they give her some advice. But on one of her recipes, her friends are caught in the batter and she had to go to the tryouts on her own.

She tries to wow the judges, but she humiliates herself in front of them instead. However, when she makes her cake and presents it to Celestia, her recipe earns so much praise, that she is given a spot on the show!

But, what if something else happened?

What if instead of going to the Juggernaut tryouts, Pinkie decides to sacrifice her chance to break her friends out of the flan? How different would it turn out? Would Pinkie still make it on the show?

It might turn out well for the rest of the Mane Six, but for Pinkie...you’ll have to read to find out!

An alternate ending to the Pony Life series premiere, Princess Probz, my first alt ending Pony Life Fic, and the seventh in my alternate ending series.

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