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When Trixie discovers that bits can be duplicated using unicorn magic, her purchases become increasingly extravagant, threatening Equestria's economy.

Featured 4/15/2021-4/17/2021!

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How has nobody thought of this... :rainbowhuh:

Good question. it's not like Trixie is that good of a mage, so someone hed to try this sooner.

RDT #3 · 4 weeks ago · · ·

If anypony at the School of Friendship ever needed a pencil, Trixie had pencils to go around.

The are never enough pencils to go around. Or bits.

I thought that Equestrian bits were already enchanted to be duplicate-proof.:facehoof:

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Oh, Trixie can't have been the first. The story's end does imply Flim and Flam were already engaged in the practice themselves, after all. Trixie was just the first to be dumb enough to not know the obvious economic ramifications in advance, and thusly waaaaay overdid it. :trixieshiftleft:

Honestly, the better question is why did nobody figure out she was the one responsible for it enough to press charges much sooner? I mean, it's not like Trixie was exactly being that secretive about it... :rainbowlaugh:

Though I suppose if Trixie really wasn't the first to get the idea, and was simply the first to abuse it beyond all reason, then this might still have additional ramifications in the long run, because now nobody can magically "boost" their finances in a pinch this way, meaning there might be an economic slump forthcoming anyway, because now nobody who was doing it (all of some degree of wealth I'd imagine, because why wouldn't they be?) will want to spend as much as they were before. Also, if any of Equestria's nobility or wealthy big business owners were engaged in such a practice, this could spell financial troubles for them in the future too, which in turn could pass on to the rest of the economy in turn...

...honestly, there's an even bigger can of worms to all of this than even the story realizes, if we want to get really technical about it. :rainbowhuh:

...I meant the story concept. I haven't even finished reading! lmao

Someone had to have thought of something similar before but I've never read anything like this until now. It's great to see bit duplication realized :twilightsheepish:

Oh. Well...I think I do recall seeing a fic hit the front page once some years ago that used a loosely similar premise, but I didn't read it, and I certainly can't recall the title anymore... :twilightsheepish:

While there's some good humor at the start, the story's tone shifts a lot at the end, and I think it's mostly because Trixie seems to be absent halfway through. She isn't oblivious of the situation, but rather she barely even reacts to anything that's happening, which accompanied with the collapse of the economy and Starlight's disappointment/betrayal the story stops being funny and Trixie comes off as more of a sociopath without regrets. It's also very dubious as to how everything got fixed in the end unless Twilight's spell covers a lot of stuff.

Thanks for the feedback! Looking back, I think there's definitely a bit more room to expand on the dynamic between Trixie and Starlight in this story, as well as Trixie's reactions to the situation at hand. Your comment about the end of the story also points to one of my weaknesses as a writer. I struggle with writing satisfying endings sometimes because I find myself navigating complex holes. I'm hoping to improve upon that as I continue to write and publish stories on this site.

I appreciate the read. :)

You have a pretty solid first half, it did need a bit more interaction on the second half with Starlgiht, and also the little interrogation could've been used for some good jokes.

As for the ending, the bit with Flim Flam having their scheme ruined by Trixie was a good end point. Maybe the problem with how everything got solved was because the previous section lacked enough humor to maintain it.

You'll surely improve with practice, and I wish you good luck!

You’d think they’d have figured out how to ensure money couldn’t be duplicated

Deep #13 · 4 weeks ago · · ·

Equestrian money printer goes B-RRRRRRR the fanfic lol

Equestria has a very small economy. No wonder it took so little time for Trixie to destroy it.

no twilight you did it wrong, you needed to use the power of friendship to setup an international gold based exchange system whereby everybody fixes their exchange rate to a specific value of bits while separately promising to peg the value of the bit to a specific value of gold, and force all other international currencies to exchange bits to prevent currency fluctuations, THEN you can make money printer go BBBBBRRRR

Nice going Trixie. you pulled a Mansa Musa.

So did the school eventually reopen?

With Equestria's economy restored, yes. Pay is still not great though. :pinkiesad2:

“Unicorn Magic”

ZECORA! Mind if I... use your cauldron for... something.

This is canon. You cannot convince me otherwise.

"You're also wearing a coat embossed with too many diamonds to count."

"Two hundred and fifty-six."


The Federal Reserve: heavy breathing


Give her a few years, Twilight will eventually appreciate the many facets of STONKS and moneyprinting.

the Bretton-Woods system is several dimensions more broken than stonks, it would have (and for a short time did) put the entire world economy essentially pegged to the gold backed usd, so whatever exchange rate we set on gold, everybody else in the world would have had to follow, of course it had benefits like preventing currency manipulation that bankrupts 3rd world countries by things like hedge funds but also severely limited the amount of money allowed in circulation

Solution is way too easy but I loved this enough to forgive it

Actual Cash Money

This was hilarious and well written.

To the best of my knowledge (historical study and personal experience), a company (or number of companies) experiencing financial difficulty is virtually no detriment to an economy as other companies will fill the void left if they collapse, usually quickly absorbing the employees in the process. The only ones who see any significant fallout are the few people at the top. In the long run this actually helps the economy as it recycles hoarded wealth/assets back into the population. Collapse stemming from financial mismanagement or outright fraud is especially good as it sends a very strong 'do not do this thing' message to all other companies.

Well, admittedly, economics isn't my strongest point, so I can't exactly debate that. I have noticed economics does from time to time work in a...somewhat counterintuitive way. :rainbowlaugh:

Forget about bits. If unicorn magic can duplicate items and in a permanent way, HOW there is even an economy? take one of anything and you can turn it in a virtual infinite amount of that thing. Add creation or transformation magic and you can do infinite amount of almost anything you want. why Twilight even buy, i.e. quills if keeping one as a reserve she could make as many she want?

Or... They could not before. And this means Trixie discovered how to magically duplicate items, apparently any items. Pencils, bits, bottles of wine who know what else. They should give her the noble prize equivalent, that could lead Equestria to a post scarcity economy (and/or to its total economical and social collapse, too but you know how it is, omelettes ,eggs.<shrug>)

Now i want to see a second chapter where Twilight, after some time and she got the time to rethink to the situation with a calm mind see the potential benefits of what Trixie found out, except that she seems unable to reproduce the effect it and Trixie refuse to tell her how she did it (mostly out of spite).

Thanks for the kind words! :)

"Well Flim, looks like we're down to our last bit. Again," said Flam. "It appears that we've weathered this crisis only to find ourselves in another one." They both laughed.

"Never gets old. Ready Flam?" said Flim. The two unicorns stood over a bit, lightly dusted with dirt, and directed their horns at it.

"I think you did it wrong," said Flim.

"Me? You're the one who is magically challenged!" replied Flam.

And so the two stallions stood arguing, hovering over what would never be more than a single bit.

Why am I not surprised that they were already counterfeiting?

We've been duped!



We've been smeckledorfed!

That's not even a word and I agree with ya!

This story is groovy.

Don't be ridiculous. You can just print all the money you want, forever and ever, and there will never be any consequences. If you decide it got too messy, just cancel everything and RESET. It will be fine. The rulers will be fine. You don't matter. You are tiny and inferior. Not like them, the wise and powerful and elite. You will own nothing, and be happy about it. Or perhaps you won't exist anymore. Who can say when so many disappear all the time?


10774067 But the big banks are TOO BIG TO FAIL!

But all those people they foreclosed on? Ehhh, no one even knows their names. They're not useful for THE GREAT RESET PLAN (which was a 'conspiracy theory'.... until DAVOS and the WEF made a friggin' video presentation about how they were going to do it... and told the world they WILL LIKE IT, or else.) :unsuresweetie:

I have decided all money shall be based on how much furry art is present on e621. :fluttershbad: (Worst... monetary... system... EVER... for many reasons which cannot be mentioned here are they would break all the ratings.) :twilightoops:

The hoofwriting on this page was very crude and shaky, but Trixie did her best to decipher it. "Uh huh," muttered Trixie. "Yes." She finished reading. "So what do I get for helping you?"

"What do you get for helping me? Are you kidding me?"

"Listen, Trixie has got deep pockets. That's why they call me Trixie 'Pockets' Lulamoon."

Forget about the damn money, now all currency is furry art

All money is now valued on the amount of saliva present in mark zuckerbergs mouth at a given time

10786696 I DO NOT KNOW HOW I FEEL ABOUT THIS!! :applejackconfused:

Trixie certainly learned her lesson.......
She will never do something like that again....





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