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When giant stone tablets of monsters appear in Equestria, Princess Celestia summons Twilight and her friends to her castle and she explains that the stone tablets come from another dimension, one where contests called duels are conducted using these monsters, but with the monsters being on cards instead of stone slabs. And so, using the dimensional scissor, the heroic ponies reach the other dimension and learn about the monsters and the duels conducted with them.

It's time to duel!

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Great start. Can't wait for the gang to see how the game is played.

Comment posted by Justin Blystone deleted April 3rd

And it only gets better from here.

Yugi-1, Kaiba-0.

Started reading this.

Really glad Spike actually gets to be human instead of being stuck as a dog.
Would he get to duel too?

I liked that Spike was actually included with the other girls with the whole marker thing and being there when Yugi drew that last piece of Exodia there.
Usually Spike sadly gets excluded from the Mane 6 and from their bond, so glad it looks like he's being truly included with them.

"Yeah. And everything's grown dark and cold and Spike and the others aren't moving!" Twilight said in shock as she looked at their friends.

Why the hell was Spike frozen but the Mane 6 weren't? Since he was from Equestria too like the girls, shouldn't he drawn into that weird realm like the girls were with what Pegasus did with Yugi there?
Really it bothers me Spike got excluded like that from this important thing where Pegasus gave off some lore and Yugi finding out the girls and Spike were from Equestria.

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My guess is, other than his ability to send messages to Celestia back home, he has no magic like the girls have.

He clearly does have magic though.
Such as that dragon greed growth.
And the fact he was literally hatched due to Twilight's burst of magic, which was caused by the sonic rainboom which caused the Mane 6 to get their Cutie Marks. There's no way he wouldn't have any magic from that.

Also, in the EQG Rainbow Rocks movie, he wasn't effected by the sirens' mind control song.
Most likely it means he has some sort of magic in him that protected him.
Its not that he was a dog there since it worked on ponies, meaning the mind-control affects truly sapient beings. But Spike was immune to that, meaning he must have some sort of magic like the others that protected him from the mind control.

I see your point, I'll go ahead and fix that..


I am reading the new chapter you posted btw.

Curious on if Spike and the other girls will duel at some point?
So its not just basically the anime with the MLP characters spectating. Like what stuff would happen due to the MLP gang's presence is there now.

Well, seeing as they're just spectators since they weren't given duel gauntlets or star chips by Pegasus, that's all they can do. Maybe they'll get the chance to show off their dueling skills in the future, but firstly, I need to know what kind of decks they'd have.

You don't know what decks they might use yet?

Even though they aren't actual competitors of the tournament, maybe Pegasus sends out Player Killers/Eliminators(or someone unknown) against the MLP gang throughout the island and within the castle to see what Spike and the Mane 7 can do(since he knows they are from Equestria iirc).

Maybe they should have their decks in or after battle city, think about it, DM was the first series, so most of the cards the Mane 6 and Spike could use doesnt exist yet, so they couldnt use a deck that fits their personality

They probably might use those very old-school generic monsters(along with some kind of spell/traps) who type matches them closest till proper cards come out so they can make a more define deck for them each(that is suited for the new rules that we all know and love and such)

Another reader, Magic135, had me covered as they gave me this list

Twilight-Dark Magican
Spike-Luster Dragon #2
Rainbow-Swift Birdman Joe
Pinkie-Sauropod Brachion
Applejack-Amazoness Paladin
Fluttershy-Dunames Dark Witch
Rarity-Thunder Dragon

Can see Spike's arsenal of dragons growing pretty much.

Here's the deck list I have for Twilight thanks to Magic135

Monsters: Dark Magician, Mystical Elf, Witch of the Black Forest, Magician of Black Chaos, Dark Magician Girl, Sangan, Water Omotics, Rogue Doll, Ancient Elf, Des Volstgalph, Gil Garth, Kuriboh, Maha Vailo, Breaker the Magical Warrior, Fire Princess, Gemini Elf, Horn Imp, Queen's Knight, King's Knight, Jack's Knight, Obnoxious Celtic Guardian, Magician of Faith

Spells: Book of Secret Arts, Change of Heart, Dark Magic Ritual, De-Spell, Horn of the Unicorn, Magical Hats, Monster Reborn, Magic Pendent, Swords of Revealing Light, Magic Formula

Traps: Mirror Force, Negate Attack, Waboku, Trap Hole, Lightforce Sword, Dust Tornado, Magicians Circle, Spellbinding Circle


How many "volumes" the fic will have?

Subtracting the separate stories I'll be making for the movies, this will have five volumes. Seeing as it goes through the first three seasons of the anime, the first movie, the last two seasons of the anime, including the Capsule Monsters arc, and the latest movie.

Latest movie?
Like Dark Side Of Dimensions?

I see.
You might want to tweak the movie a bit given how it was following the manga timeline rather than the anime's.
Same for the first movie and Capsule Monsters, like add in details or make tweaks so they fit into the anime timeline better(given how Pyramid Of Light and Capsule Monsters was actually made by 4Kids than made by the actual company, so the two's continuality might not match up with the show's).

Wonder if the other YGO series will get touched on too?

Sure, all the anime that got an English dub, I'll make a story out of.

I should warn you that GX and 5Ds didn't have their last respective seasons dubbed for some reason.
So you might want to look up their subbed versions for that.

"Besides, do any of us look like squirrels, you big doofus?" Joey asks in furry. Suddenly, his nose catches a scent.

Was this misspell intentional?

Comment posted by Justin Blystone deleted April 7th
Comment posted by Justin Blystone deleted April 7th

Now that I got a good look at what you meant, I was wrong. That was unintentional. Don't worry, I fixed it.


Also.. why is someone putting a dislike on most of the comments on here? I just noticed that on nearly all of my comments there.

do you even know why I was asking if it was intentional or not?
I was hoping you'd realize what you accidentally referenced when you mispelled that line.

Yes, I know. And it was an honest slip of the mind.

And what do you mean by accidentally referenced?

Iirc, Stop Defense that was used here is actually named Defense Paralysis(since its a different card in total, for some reason they re-used the artwork for Stop Defense for it. Defense Paralysis is actually a continuous trap card)

But on the Yu-Gi-Oh Wiki, the card Stop Defense basically works the same as "Defense Paralysis", only Stop Defense works on one monster. I mostly go by the actual cards that way the game can make more sense, seeing as this was the era before the rules were actually used and enforced.

Defense Paralysis was basically the TCG/OCG version of Final Attack Orders I think.

Also, who keeps disliking my comments? All I did for this one was pointing something out about Defense Paralysis, why did someone get pissed off about that?

Well, now that you told me, I can make the necessary changes.

Final Attack Orders apparently works on only face-up monsters(and it having a anime version used by Kaiba) but I think this will work anyway.

Which card is your fav btw?

I honestly don't have a favorite.

I liked that you used the name that was used for the mimic in the English versions of the games there.
The Mimic Of Doom I mean.

You're right, almost the first season, it didn't make any good sense that when the second season came out, the official rules were already made, right?

Weevil is such a cheat.

I guess Weevil never learned that winners never cheat and cheaters never win.

"And that puts an end to your Dark Magician." says Yugi with confidence as the 'ghost' loses 200 life points.

Shouldn't that be the dragon, not the magician?

"But what can a Baby Dragon do against a Harpie Lady?" Rainbo asked

You missed the W in Rainbow's name.

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