• Published 28th Mar 2021
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Fallen - Rated Ponystar

Fluttershy is captured by Equestria to use her element one last time to help save them from Humanity-NegotationsVerse AU

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Captured Butterfly

Author's Note:

So yeah, we have a new NegotationsVerse fic. I said that Warfare would be my last one, but after seeing just how well zelkova48's fanfic Choice is doing (And I recommend reading it) and seeing how many people have wondered just what would happen if the Elements of Harmony were tried again after all the horrors Equestria has done? An idea came to my head and I started writing.

This does not take place in the canon universe, this is an AU of the series. And I do recommend reading it to get an idea of what the series is about, or at least read the TV tropes page to get a general feel. Updates will happen when they happen but I'll try to get one every week. There are only 10 chapters planned.

As always, I do encourage readers and fans of this series to write their own stories in the NegotationsVerse because of so much that can be explored. I even have a blog of possible story ideas that you can do.

Hope you enjoy this. As always, please help out at the TV Tropes Page

The first thing I feel upon waking up on my cot is that I no longer feel the iron taste of blood in my mouth. When Rainbow Dash bucked me in the face, I must have cut the insides of my mouth. It honestly was getting tiresome spitting out blood every few minutes. You think out of all the wounds they healed up when they brought me back to Equestria, they would have fixed my mouth and teeth. Then again, these are the ponies who also clipped my wings and have me trapped in a prison cell with nothing but a cot and a toilet. I can recall when I took Celestia's pet phoenix to my home to try and heal her from her illness, not knowing she was just going through the regular life cycle of her species. Twilight panicked when she found out and was worried I would end up in Canterlot's dungeons for doing so. Funny how, years later, that came true but in a different way.

I'm a prisoner because I did the right thing. Fifteen years ago, Celestia told my friends and me that there was a world of creatures known as humans who needed guidance in the ways of friendship and harmony. With Twilight having solved Starswirl's Theory of Dimensional Travel, it was our duty to help spread our means of peace and love to stop them from hurting each other. I won't lie and say that I was very reluctant to go. Going to a different reality was scary, and the humans were terrifying as well. Celestia warned us of their past brutal ways, which made many of our past villains seem like chipmunks compared to humanity. Still, the others were convinced we had to help them, and so I agreed. All that has happened, the war, the deaths, the suffering that both sides are going through? This is all because of me and my friends bringing our world to this one. The powers of Harmony themselves have brought chaos to this realm, and nothing like the chaos that Discord had done.

Sometimes I wish I just said "No" all those years ago like I wanted to. But I trusted Celestia, and I trusted my friends. I should have trusted my gut.

During my time here, I got to know much about humanity, especially on Twilight's tour worldwide in promoting friendship based on the lessons we learned back home. As Discord often put it, they were a race that was such an enigma that you couldn't properly judge them. One moment they were kind, charitable, strong, and wise. The next they were cowardly, cruel, hateful, and stubborn. Did I not like aspects of humanity? Yes, but ever since I joined their side in the war, I have found a race with such a strong spirit that it overwhelmed whatever fears I had of them. I saw courage and dedication. Unity and togetherness. Love and sacrifice. Ironically, Celestia's beliefs of the worst of humanity and causing this war have caused mankind to become united and show the best of themselves.

The trap door for my food opens up as the guard announces that breakfast is served. It's stew again, but they added some extra eggs to it, which makes me suspicious. I've been here for less than a week, and all they've done is keep me trapped here and isolated from the rest of the world. By now, Lyra and the others have to know that I'm missing. Or maybe they assume I'm dead. None of us were expecting a surprise attack at the refugee center near what was once known as Rome, Italy.

My heart wept when I learned what had happened to the city, including the Vatican. I hadn't been a Catholic for long, but I, like so many others, wept for losing the Pope, the Cardinals, and all the innocent lives in Rome. Martin promised me that one day we would see St. Peter's Basilica when the war was over. Now all that remained was a single burned cross. It wasn't long after that when we learned that Mecca was destroyed as well. The holiest city in Islam was rubble, along with millions of worshipers and people.

The Crystal Cannon.

I had never thought Cadence would ever use such a weapon in the war, but I guess Shining Armor's death really affected her that badly. It was really only thanks to Discord that it was sabotaged for the time being.

"Discord..." I whispered, tears glittering down my cheek as I thought of my best friend, my most loyal and faithful friend. He stuck by me throughout all of this madness. He was the one who had risked his life to protect me when I betrayed Equestria and sided with the Resistance. He fought for humanity beside me even though he didn't need to. He risked his life to sabotage the Crystal Canon despite Cadence and Twilight nearly killing him.

And now he was dead, and it was all my fault.

I can still see Celestia's final blast that goes straight through his heart as he does what he can in his weakened state to protect the refugees and me. I sob, holding his dead body as Martin screams for me to run. I turn my head, and I see Rainbow Dash, eyes with rage, buck me so hard I lose consciousness. I didn't think I would be waking up at all since I was pretty much declared to be killed on sight for my treason. Nor did I expect to not be still alive a week later. We hear that the traitors in Equestria are publicly hanged as crowds curse them and condem them to Tartarus for the crime of daring to go up against the rules of their precious goddesses.

Yet, I am still alive and breathing. I didn't know why and I am afraid to find out.

The door opens, and I look up before turning away in disgust. Celestia, her mighty highness, walks in with the same grace she always has but with a pure stoic expression that fails to hide the contempt she has for me. I just glare right back at her with the same energy while her two guards stand by her side.

"So, finally set my execution date?" I asked, mentally going over prayers in my head.

"Were the situation not so serious, I would gladly have your execution right in front of all of Equestria for your treason, Fluttershy," Celestia said with a heavy sigh. "It disappoints me that you choose to side with humanity rather than your own kind."

"The only one who has been disappointed at all is me, Celestia," I answer back with a snort. "When I was a filly, I used to go to the Church of Harmony where there was a special foal's club after the mass where we learned about how to be kind and nice to ponies just like you. How you preached that we needed to always treat each other with respect even if we were different. Was all that just hogwash to make you seem more like a goddess to your ego, or was there a time you really believed in what you preach?"

"You will address her as Princess Celestia," one of the guards growled. "The Goddess of the Sun."

"She is no goddess, and even if she was, she is not one I worship anymore. There is only one God and his son that I have given my faith to, and they are much kinder and loving than she will ever be," I answer before standing up tall. "Nor do I recognize you as my princess. You are nothing but a bully and a murderer. So quit the speech and either hang me or get out of my room. I'd like to have breakfast."

"...Leave us," Celestia ordered, to which the guards obeyed. Once they were gone, she noted, "You've gotten quite braver since I last saw you."

"War changes us," I state before walking over to my cot and sitting down. "I'm not scared of you anymore. Not when I know that you won't last much longer."

"What makes you say that?" Celestia asked, narrowing her eyes.

I smirk. "Your guards have big mouths. I know what you and Twilight are planning. If you think that turning Equestria into some kind of fortress to prevent the invasion humanity will bring will keep you safe, you have another thing coming. You have no idea what awaits you all. I actually do pity you and I will pray for the lives lost, but this is all on you and your attempts at genocide."

"I was trying to save them," Celestia scoffed as she shook her head. "You think I wanted this? I wanted them to come to me and convert into becoming ponies of their own free will. To change them from their greedy and sinful nature into being something better. I was protecting them and Equestria with the Conversion potion. You think I like seeing my subjects have to fight a war and die to protect us? My own family? I have lost Shining Armor, Cadence, Flurry Heart, and... my sister."

Celestia closes her eyes and sheds tears that make me look down in sorrow. She then wipes them away and hisses at me. "Did you mourn for any of them? Did you not see how they died? Shining's head burst open by a single bullet. My sister ripped to shreds to the point I had to spend weeks preparing her body for a proper viewing service. Cadence and Flurry, along with millions of others, vaporized or suffered to die under painful conditions. Did you not weep for them? Those who were like family to you?!"

"I did," I answered, closing my eyes. "I wept for them when I heard of their deaths. I prayed to their souls to find peace, just as I do with every lost life in this war." Opening them, I glare back at Celestia. "Now, here is my question. Have you wept for those who died because of you? The innocent people who have melted under the power of the barrier's magic as their organs burned and bones were evaporated? The hundreds of thousands from dozens of nations who lost their lives fleeing from it? Did you shed any tears for the citizens killed in your various attacks on the major cities? How about a sob for the parents who have to bury their children and babies or vice versa? Did you even think of how a sister feels when they find that their brother has turned into something against his will and rejects his sister because she is a, and I quote, a disgusting human being?" I jump off my bed as I march over to the stoic alicorn. "Let us not forget what you have done to Rome and Mecca. Don't you dare play the accusation game with the Crystal Empire when you practically nuked it first, you hypocrite. I ask you this, Celestia, have you once ever mourn for all the tragedies that have happened in this war that you started?"

The two of us stared into each other's eyes with conviction. I knew she would never admit it, but deep down, Celestia never once cried for humanity. She loved Equestria and her subjects, but that love has been twisted into a state of fear and paranoia. And now everything I once treasured in my home is lost or will be lost soon. Humanity would not stop until they have completely submitted Equestria to their will and ensure their species' safety from annihilation.

Sighing, Celestia shakes her head before asking, "I assume you wish to know why you are still alive?"

"I have been wondering," I asked.

"You are right about one thing," Celestia mutters. "The invasion is coming. While I have faith in my subjects, I wish to leave nothing to chance. With only me and Twilight left as the ruling bodies of Equestria, it is up to us to defend our home, and we have found a way to do so."

"And that is?" I asked.

"A new barrier. One that is stronger and will protect us. It will shield Equestria from the outside world so long as it holds, and humanity will not be able to enter," Celestia explained as I raise my eyebrow.

"You realize the Thalmann Generators will just tear it to shreds as it did with the last barrier, right?" I point out.

"Yes, but there is a power source we can use that we believe can withstand the power of these...anti-magic generators," Celestia says with a curse under her breath. "The Elements of Harmony." My eyes widen. "It is Equestria's most powerful magic and the one weapon we have not yet tried. Twilight believes if we use the Elements' power, we can protect Equestria until we come up with a plan to move forward. It will not be like the last barrier, where it will constantly expand beyond our borders, but it will at least protect us."

"...and since you need all six bearers of the Elements alive to do this, that is why you captured me, right?" I asked in realization. I stared at Celestia in silence for a long time.

And then I laughed.

I laughed so hard I nearly fell off my hooves.

Celestia wasn't amused, but I didn't care because it was the funniest thing I had heard in years. I almost wet myself from the amusement and sheer ridiculousness of what I was hearing. I thought, at that moment, the crown had finally squeezed out what little sanity Celestia had in her head.

Eventually, I calmed down before I turned to Celestia and pointed out the obvious. "You expect me to help you? Me? The one who turned my back against my friends? The one who sacrificed my friendship with those I once called sisters in my heart. After all the adventures, trials, and lessons we learned that I left behind in the end? Do you think there is any harmony between us anymore?" I snorted. "I know for a fact that Rainbow Dash alone hates me for what I've done. Applejack most likely does since she's of a similar mindset. No doubt Twilight hates me too, since she's pretty much always following your example. I don't know about Pinkie Pie or Rarity, but regardless there is no more friendship between us. They hate me."

"But do you hate them?" Celestia asked, which made me hold my breath.

I didn't dare answer her. Not when, deep down, I didn't hate any of my friends. Was I disappointed in them? Yes. Did I wish they could open their eyes? Yes. Did I wish I could just go back to being a shy mare in the woods and get dragged along in adventures to save the day again? I would do so in a heartbeat. But would I want to hurt, kill, or see my friends suffer? No, never. For all the war has done to break our bond, I will never hate my friends even if they hated me.

Flying along with Rainbow Dash in the sky as I cheer her on for support in her aerial performances.

Helping Applejack feed the critters on her farm with warm apple pie waiting for us when we're done.

Partying with Pinkie Pie for whatever random reason as we giggle and dance to polka music.

Going to the spa with Rarity as we get our hooves and hair done while chatting about our lives together.

Spending time with Twilight in her library while reading books about the various creatures of legend in Equestria, both cute and scary.

I missed those times. I longed for those times. Those five mares who I shared a bond with ever since Rainbow Dash did the Sonic Rainboom that united under the powers of destiny itself. That was something you just never forgot nor let go of so quickly. It was something I long accepted that was inevitable when I left Equestria. That despite fighting my friends, I would always see them as my friends to the end. No, if I hated anyone in this world, it was the pony inside this prison cell with me. This witch caused all this by lying and manipulating us all. This monster in pony flesh who, even after all she lost, is willing to do anything to take down a race she hates for reasons I still cannot fathom. This murderer who killed one of my best friends in the world.

And I will NEVER forgive her for that.

"Twilight believes she's found a way to get around that factor," Celestia answered with a warm smile. "She always does achieve so much when she puts her mind to something. Even if it's something you personally think is impossible."

"And she deserves a better mentor than you," I said, growling. "Hay, Nightmare Moon would have been a bet-"

Celestia's magic wraps around my throat before pressing me against the wall. Her eyes glow white with rage, and I feel genuine fear for the first time in our conversation as the room gets hotter around. Flames dance around her luscious rainbow mane as she speaks softy, yet with demi-god power behind it. "Do not dare speak of my sister in such a way. I may need you alive, but that doesn't mean I don't have to keep you undamaged. Say anything about Luna like that, and I will rip your wings out, cripple your eyes, and pluck out your eyeballs for the crows to feed. My sister's death is on the hooves of you traitors and your human allies, and I will see you pay for that one way or another."

She lets go, and I gasp for breath while she backs away from me, still glaring yet with less intensity. "Regardless of the nature of your relationship with your fellow Elements, the only thing we need from you is to activate yours, and we will do the rest. Do this, and I will give you life in prison instead of having you executed. And don't even think about hoping for a rescue. You're in Canterlot under maximum security, and, with Discord dead, the Resistance has no means to teleport back to Equestria to save you."

"If you think I'll betray my friends and humanity for you, then you're wrong," I answered, shaking my head. I try not to think of Angel Bunny, who is no doubt angry and worried about me. Nor of Martin, who has won my heart in the years since we first met. I also know that my comrades, like Lyra, Flash Sentry, and Derpy, are trying to figure out a way to save me, but I don't think there is a chance they will achieve anything in time. "I'm not afraid to die, Celestia. I've been prepared for this ever since I left Equestria all those years ago. Nor will I help you in your efforts to avoid justice for your crimes."

"Perhaps your friends will change your mind instead of me," Celestia said as she got up and walked towards the door, which opened up. "They'll be here one my one to convince you. I suggest you listen to them and think of your next actions closely. Because if I have to resort to drastic measures to get you to cooperate, Fluttershy, I will do it."

The door closes, and I sigh heavily before going for my cold stew.


About an hour passes, and I just spend that time meditating in prayer or using the toilet to relieve myself. My thoughts are interrupted when my door opens again, and I see the first one to come and try to convince me to take up my old Element one more time. I'm not surprised to see who it is since I figured she would be the first to talk to me. She is the oldest friend I have ever had in my life, and in many ways, I consider her my sister. She defended me from when I was very little and shyer than usual. Yet, she never gave up on me and helped me find my courage over the years.

I admired her so much that I wished I could be like her almost every day. There was no more loyal or determined friend than her, nor will there ever will be. Yet, whatever bond and love we shared was shattered when I told her I was leaving Equestria. The pain in her eyes haunts me even to this day, and the guilt of breaking that friendship was a wound that never festered.

I calmly got up, took a deep breath, and spoke to her. "Hello, Rainbow Dash."