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Long ago, the War of the Magi reduced the World of Harmony to a scorched wasteland, and the powerful Magic of old ceased to exist. Even unicorns, the sole remaining wielders of conscious magic, were left with naught but the weakest of telekinetic power.

1000 years have passed... metals, focusing gems, explosives, and steam engines have been rediscovered, and high technology reigns. But once again there are those ponies who seek to enslave the World of Harmony by reviving the dreaded destructive power of Magic. Even now, Harmony hangs by a thread.

Can it be that those in power are on the verge of repeating a senseless and deadly mistake?

FFVI is owned by Square Enix. All credit belongs to its proper owner(s).

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is owned by Hasbro. All credit to its proper owner(s).

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So...Gilda is Kefka? Interesting choice.

Gilda as Kefka is just plain illogical. Kefka was a magic wielder, so how can a griffon use magic? A better (albeit more predictable) choice would have been Trixie or another unicorn. The most obvious choice of all being Discord, but how would that work?

Kudos for trying something unconventional, but to me it just ended up doing more to harm the story.


It will work. Trust us. Don't assume what you see now is all you get. :)

79615 Well, with all due respect, with all of the characters that are in the game, it's hard to make a perfect fit for EVERYTHING, and while I do concede your point now, if you stick around to the end, you'll see why we chose who we did, and how and why everything works out because of it. I do appreciate your concerns, and thank you for being willing to voice them! I just ask that you keep reading, as everything, eventually, will be explained. (Besides, if you don't mind spoilers, we've got better plans for Trixie than to be Kefka. While Kefka is amazing and stuff, he just doesn't have the screen-time that The Great and Powerful Trixie demands!)

(That, and you're forgetting that Kefka never REALLY learned magic until the Espers. He's like Celes in that regard, though with maybe a better affinity for it than she, as least to some degree. The only unique spell that he really has was changing Espers to Magicite, but even that process was never explained, so yeah. When Kefka had TONS of magic power, he had you-know-what to back him up, and when we get to that point, everything will make sense, I promise. ANYHOOF, I'ma gonna get back to work on the next chapter before I spoil anything more for any of those who are reading this, and haven't played or beaten Final Fantasy VI. Thanks again for reading and giving us your two cents!)

~ Moonstone

79629 Pfft... :rainbowlaugh: Within three minutes of each other... Wow... Now they're going to feel like we're ganging up on them! XD

Me likey very much. Makes me want to continue my FFVI YTPMVs :P Rarity as Celes would fit my Aria one soooo well xD

Good timing, I just started replaying FF6 :pinkiehappy: It's my second favourite RPG of all time :ajsmug:
As everyone else said, Gilda as Kefka is a pretty weird choice, but I'll stick with this story and see how it turns out.


Yeah, we know it's weird, but this wasn't an idle decision. We have something awesome planned. Hope you enjoy!

I was hoping for discord to be kefka, you know, it would be one hell of a mindf**k

Okay, I'm waaay to much of a FFVI fanboy to give anything close to an unbiased review so I'll just say this. THANK YOU! I've been waiting for someone to do this crossover. Granted I was hoping more for the mane six to get dropped into the FFVI world if only to see how utterly HORRIFIED they would be by everyone's faveorite monster clown but this works rather well too.

Huh... I'm not really interested in FF even though it is turned based, but this is really interesting! :raritystarry: Looking forward to more. :raritywink:

Best usages of the FInal Fantasy VI plotline...EVER!!!! :pinkiehappy:

Please do keep up the good work as I cannot wait to see how you will do the other characters in the seires into this plotline of yours. :twilightsmile:

Oh Ewwwwwwwww it didn't post it
hopefully this will fix that

Oh how I do enjoy seeing ponies in the Final Fantasy universes. VI is probably one of my favorites in series so I look forward to future chapters. :twilightsmile:

:pinkiehappy: Loving this already. This is gonna be a monstrous story going at this pace though, but if you are willing to write it, I'm more than happy to read. =P Only pet peeve for me is the town names, they really don't all need ponification. Narshe is fine as Neighshe, but Fillygaro? That's a heck of a mouthful. I'm really curious as to who the others will be. I can guess a few easily enough like Rarity as Celes and Applejack as Sabin, but I draw a blank with the rest.

Can't wait for more! :pinkiehappy:

118301 yes! that should happen!

really loving this so far, can't wait for the next chapter :heart::heart::rainbowdetermined2::heart::heart:

117814 118301 118362 I guess you'll just have to wait and find out, won't you? (A lot of the 'pairings' may not make sense when you first see them, but that's part of the challenge that we're accepting: showing you WHY our pairings work, and why, overall, we made the best choices that we could. Yes, Pinkie would make an AWESOME Shadow, but she'd also make for a good Kefka, Strago, Seltzer, Gau... There are just some characters that fit so many roles, but with how many characters that is Filly Fantasy VI, we had to chose carefully, using minor characters as well. So, yes, while you may be going 'Gilda as Kefka?! WTF?!' now, I SWEAR it'll make sense later. Anyhoof, back to working on chapter three! ALLONS-Y!

~ Moonstone, Minstrel of Equestria

p.s. If you ever see something that you think is great, or horrible, or needs more explanation/expanding, PLEASE let us know, okay? We'd like to post this to Equestria Daily eventually, so any feedback you have for us to change now might help us later when we go to show this to EqD. Thanks! Glad to see that you're enjoying it, but we'd enjoy you enjoying it more if we knew what we were doing right, besides using FF's story-line and ponies! XD

118549 *Salutes* Will do. I think this would pretty much be ready for EqD, even if not, their prereaders will let you know what they feel needs a fix. And I doubt it'll be a lot.

P.s. of my own. I actually welcome the idea of Gilda as Kefka. It adds a whole new dimension to the story. The characters I'm most wondering about are Celestia and Luna though. :P

So... this is Final Fantasy 6.
As in Final Fantasy 6, my favorite game of all time, Final Fantasy 6?
With ponies?
And it's by Magical Trevor... not just some newbie writer that just went to his keyboard one day and slopped out a story in an hour?

Sorry. I think my brain shut down from awesome for a minute.

I'm definitely giving this a read when I get the chance.

118633 :twilightsheepish: Um, thanks! Though I will be the first to argue that I'm not a newbie writer. I've only REALLY been into writing for a year and a half, so I'm really not THAT great. Yet. This is a collaborative effort between myself and Prancypants, so that's why it's (hopefully) good. I'm rather poor with describing things, really. As somepony else mentioned, I completely failed to make mention of any of who was wearing what, so there are still modifications to be made to the first chapters, and to following ones as well. But, then again, THAT is why we're posting it here first, BEFORE we try to send it to Equestria Daily. To get ponies to read it, leave feedback, know how to make it better, so that we can make it to EqD. That's our REAL goal. So please, enjoy the story, leave feedback, and let us know what you think! Thanks!

(And no, this took FAR longer than an hour to write! XD More like... I don't even KNOW how long. We go over each chapter at least a couple times after it's written, so yeah, you can imagine how long it takes per chapter. Still, we're doing the best we can! We're both very busy ponies, after all... I will now stop talking your ear off, as you still need to read the chapters! XD Sorry, I like to talk, can't you tell?)

~ Moonstone, Minstrel of Equestria

118549 I find Gilda's face and Kefka's face to look similar, am I weird? :rainbowlaugh:

118549 Tbh. Gilda as Kefka is very fitting, but that's just me.

P.S. You're an amazing pony for making this fanfic.

DAMMIT! I HATE how there's no confirmation thingy for Deleting comments! I keep forgetting that I can do that! I THOUGHT I clicked reply, but since that's shifted to the left... ~_~ Sorry Meep. I did NOT mean to do that.

Well, it's going to be harder to answer your inquiries, but I remember a couple of them.

First of all... HELLZ YESH we're taking liberties! XD Some will be small, and we're not REALLY deviating from the OVERALL plot-line that much, but, first of all, we'll be meeting some characters sooner, even if only to cameo until they actually join, but yes! First of all, The Slave Crown(s)? Yeah. NOT the last time you'll see 'em! That was one HUGE plot device that could have been used a TON more in the game, so we're going to implement it here and there. (And that was a spoil, so consider yourselves lucky! XD)

So, in a way, yes and no. We're deviating, but not from the core story of what makes FFVI FFVI. We ARE making it more than a re-write/insert, but we're trying to stay true enough that bronies who have played the game (Like, a gaZILLION times! 8D) have an IDEA of what's coming, but still lots/scattered WTF?! moments, you know? We're also trying to make it so that anypony who HASN'T played the game will enjoy it, but, obviously, it IS geared towards those who have played it.

Now, I THINK you mentioned thinking that Terra/Twilight was being OOC? Well, I for one, good sir, would like to argue that at least a LITTLE bit. I mean, if you had no memory, you're told to run for your life, and the first memory you regain is you slaughtering a bunch of (essentially) helpless people/ponies, wouldn't you be at least a TINY bit traumatized? Yes, Terra had no problems, blah blah blah, but I guess (Personally) that her actions/reaction in-game always seemed a little... Odd. I mean, yeah, I'd be confused, but completely fine with everything, aside from wanting to know who you are? I just... I wanted to explore that feeling, of only for a little bit. I'm not going to drop any MORE spoilers, but I WILL leave it with this: If you're worried about her being like that for very long: don't. Obviously, she needs to get over if she's going to be an effective member of the party, so... Yeah. No spoilers, but it's not going to stay like that for TOO long. After all, she's got a world to save! XD

Anyhoof, thank you VERY much for your comment! (Sorry again, did NOT mean to delete it... ~_~ ) and it's comments like that that we LOVE to read! We WANT you analyze the chapters and tell us what you think we're doing wrong! (Aside from casting choice. Seriously, we spent at least one week SOLID working on that ALONE. We are NOT making ANY changes to it, and we PROMISE that EVERYTHING is explained EVENTUALLY!)

~ Moonstone, Minstrel of Equestria

p.s. Just remembered about the Dashie comment? Her bragging a lot? Most of that was added in, because our pre-reader said it needed SOME! I mean, she's The Dash! (And I PROMISE, there won't be a TON of it in the future, unless needed. TBH, Dashie isn't one of my faves, (Rather low on the 'best pony' scale, personally) and I write poor brash, proud characters if they're not evil, so... I'm sorry. I'm doing my best. I guess in between talking to herself, introducing herself, it was a bit much... We'll certainly keep that in mind in the future, so thank you!

133203 It's not a big deal. Also I personally think the casting choices are great so far.

Beautiful chapter, definitely worth the wait. Can't wait for more:heart:

Nappa: Vegeta, what does the scanner say about his power level?
Vegeta: It's-... 1006.
Nappa: Really, Vegeta?
Vegeta: Yes Nappa, go kick his ass.
*an ass beating from goku later...
Vegeta: Nappa!
Nappa: WHAT!!! *is in pain
Vegeta: I had the scanner upside down, is over 9000

Well done.

You have me curious as to who's going to be the Edgar and Sabin of the group
Was gonna think it was Blueblood until I noticed he was the Gestahl :derpytongue2:

198879 Thanks for catching the ref! XD

Anyhoof, again, sorry everypony! College, work, and sickness seems to rear its ugly head VERY often, but we're trying! About one chapter a month right now, it seems... I wanna do better than that, but expect it to be about a month. If it comes sooner, then you can be pleasantly surprised! XD

Kind of ironic that Spike is now Twilight's mentor...

So let's see...
Twilight = Terra: Okay
Dashie = Locke: Works
Gilda = Kefka: Well, I don't agree with it, but I'll wait
Spike = Edgar: Pretty good though I would have assumed Spike would be Mog.
My guess is that Celes is going to be either Fluttershy because of their shy personalities or Rarity since she's a unicorn. (Wouldn't be surprised it it's Trixie)
My guess is that Discord is going to be Ultima Weapon
Pinkie's probably gonna be Gau

Can't wait to read more.

214949 Well, actually... Spike IS Mog. If you can't tell already, we're trying to re-write the story completely, while still following the original enough that you'll have an idea of what happens next. After all, who wants to read a story that they already know, but with pony characters? Yeah, it'll be enjoyable, but we wanted to make it... You know, more unique. We felt that a lot of sub-plot for the more minor characters were rather... lacking in areas, so we're going to have a LOT of fun exploring options.

As for Gilda, thanks for being wlling to give her a chance! I KNOW that it SEEMS a bit WTF atm, but we DO have BIG plans, and when you realize what happens latter, we hope to make your jaw drop.

As for Celes... Well, I won't spoil, but you'll find out who she is once our new cover art is done! I... can spoil enough that ONE of your guesses is correct, but that's ALL I'm saying!

And thanks! Nothing keeps us more motivated to keep writing than knowing that there's actually people out there waiting! Speaking of which, I should get back to said typing! We've got a LOT of time to it in, and VERY little to do!

Wait a second... Strike that, reverse it, thank you, MOVING ON! ~ALLONS-Y!~

~ Moonstone, Minstrel of Equestria


Well, I love the Final Fantasy series and 6 is my favorite. I was planning on doing my own crossover between FF6 and FiM

215125 Well, I wish you good luck then! There's certainly a lot of directions you could go with it! Just take your time, and make a COMPLETE, WELL-THOUGHT OUT plot/whatever for the ENTIRE story, okay? That's the key. We took a couple MONTHS to finalize more of our decisions, and that will hopefully be reflected the further on we go.

Woohoo! Glad to see this is well underway. Jotting down some comments hither and thither.

- Loving Twilight in this. Like you said in an earlier comment, it's really serving to flesh out Terra's emotions and depth compared to the "canon" script. I was really feeling some heartstring tugs at parts like "I-I won’t do it! Y-you can’t make me!” (CH2, between Twi and RD). Feels totally in-character for both Terra and Twilight to me. Plus some signs of (what I presume to be) her original personality poking through the amnesia. And there's plenty of story arc for her to grow in. Rock on.

- Dash is also working surprisingly well. The casting decision looked pretty good on paper, but in story it's finding a groove much better than I'd have imagined. Hopping between egotism and impatience and protectiveness and even bits of tenderness just totally works for both Rainbow and Locke. Extra-happy this one works well, since Locke is my fav character of the FF series. :yay:

- Ah yes, another Gilda as Kefka comment, haha. Actually, I'm totally willing to give this a shot and see what you two have in store. The CH2 appearance was a tough sell though. It felt like 100% Kefka, 0% Gilda, which didn't really help sway any initial opinions of "why Gilda". Granted, it was a very short and mandatory cameo (don't you love when the game's plot railroads your story like that? :ajsmug:), so that's a tough situation to be in. If nothing else, Gilda's next big appearance should give you ample opportunity to show her off and help allay some fears.

- I actually had a bigger issue with Spike than Gilda. Props for turning him into a bit of a badass (that fight scene in CH3 definitely caught me by surprise lol), but... Maybe it was just me setting expectations too early, but with Spike playing the role of Mog, I guess I was expecting the result to be snarky, irreverent, and aloof? Whereas in the story, he struck me as more battle-hardened, super-serious, and mature. I can definitely understand taking a character in a different direction as the story dictates; it was just a bit surprising at first.

- "Evil enchantress"... yeah, I lost it for about a minute here. Well played. :rainbowlaugh:

- Rainbow Dash's description of Twilight's cutie mark felt very foreign. Almost as if she'd never seen a cutie mark before? IIInteresting... :pinkiehappy:

- Speaking of cutie marks:
RD: I'm looking for a mare... not like that!
*One minute later, prodding the flank of an unconscious mare*
Suuure, Rainbow Dash, sure...

- Ah yes, bats -- Twilight's mortal enemy! With all that flailing about, I hope the poor girl got some exp... :twilightoops:

- Wow, talk about street smarts. RD and Spike sure were spinning quite a yarn for those guards. No details spared.

- Loving all the bits of foreshadowing! Fun to add them as a writer, fun to find them all as a reader.

- Also enjoying the deviations that you're taking from the "canon" plotline, even in the first chapter. Definitely keeps the FF6 fans on their toes.

- I got caught up on a few continuity hiccups in scenes. Nothing major, just stuff like:
- CH2, RD is looking for a secret entrance to Spike's lair, and comments "I wonder if it's like the other one..." But then when the guards show her the secret entrance to Neighshe in CH3, she's surprised such a thing exists.
- RD hands Twi a scroll to read, but it's not clear where the scroll appeared from (RD's bags?)

- A bunch of "lavendar unicorn" and "cyan pegasus". Personally I don't mind those in moderation, but I've become aware that the EqD prereaders mostly hate those. So FYI on that, since you mentioned you were looking to submit there (which you totally shooould)

Overall, definitely loving it. :twilightsmile: Best of luck with finding time to squeeze in some writing (I know that feel).

219299 OHHHH yeah, we have plans for Gilda! Thanks for recognizing that we didn't have much choice for what happened in that scene though! XD I think that's what tripped up quite a few people, really, so we'll have to see what we can tweak to make it better. Still, Gilda will be showing up here relatively soon, and we plan to really start to dig into her character at that time, as it's her first major scene until... You know, that one scene. (Since there's at least ONE reader who hasn't played, no spoils! XD)

As far as Cutie marks, as stupid as it sounds, all I'll say is that we have a plan for them, so... Just gotta wait and see!

XD Sadly, no, she got no exp, since the bat lived and flew off, though her training helped her a little. Don't worry, she'll be getting her levels in here shortly!

Thanks! We certainly try! It's hard to find the right balance of foreshadowing, and hitting somepony over the head though, so we're trying our best!

Ch -2: Dang, that's right... I'll have to figure something out, because, honestly, how they escaped from the tunnels was a sudden change we made to the story because we wanted to add some tension, and we liked what we did. However, I am VERY poor at remembering stuff like that, so thank you VERY much for pointing that out! It's stuff like that we're trying to catch, as we DO want this to be EqD-worthy someday. And yeah, the bags need to be descried along with her clothes when she's introduced. Notice how we talked about how she's prepared, but never described them? ~_~ Yeah. Again, my bad.

... Dangit. I couldn't remember which way they went about that, so I'll go back and tone it down. Again, thanks a lot!

(And I know you know! XD Should have time to work on you-know-what after my tests tomorrow. Wish me luck! Looking forward to it!)

I just wanted to drop in a comment here and say I've been enjoying the direction you've taken things. The setting is nicely fleshed out, along with the characters, giving me plenty to go on to imagine each scene.

I like that the story isn't going to be chained to the FFVI story, as you've pointed out, anyone who's played that already knows what to expect. Here, I'm not so sure so I'm looking forward to see more.

Keep at it!

So far, I am loving this. Must... read... more...

and I couldn't find a "You made Twilight Sparkle Cry. There will be legends told of your suffering!" picture...

Yay for rebalanced parties!

and I can totally see Gilda as Kefka... but then the party will need some secondary characters to completely fill up. Mabe Cadence or some other people way later...

I can't wait to read more of this. This is awesome.

Have not read, but I feel it's necessary to show you all this.

Pony Fantasy 6

A fully complete hack of FF6 exists, so I thought I'd share.

>> Didn't click the link, but I'm guessing you mean the mod? Yeah, I got it the night it came out, though I'm TRYING to not play it. Just like the guy told me in an e-mail that he wasn't reading this in case it influenced the mod, I'm trying not to play it so that it won't be able to influence the fic. (Which IS coming along. Just very, very slowly. Spending more time than I want to looking for a job. ~_~ )


I'm glad you're still working on Filly Fantasy even if it's taking a while. I know how from personal experience how tough it can be to find a job :pinkiesad2:

Okay, we're still editing it, but I figure you guys wouldn't care about that! xD Feel free to point out any mistakes you see, thanks, and hope you enjoy! Sorry for the long wait! I'd keep talking, but I have MOAR WRITING TO DO! 8D

Thank goodness lord you based it off a GOOD game in the series. Kudos to you.

The still editting is acceptable... I assume the uneditted sections are in italics for now?

Slightly sad this is a cliffhanger. makes me want to break out the angry marines.

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