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Did you do the cover? Its great!

So glad to see this out. It's a major point in both stories. Yay!

10737424 Oh, yikes. No. I just suck at giving credit. Been a long day =3=

kicks the door in


The wind tore the helm from the pegasus’s head to reveal a set of gray-blue eyes that froze Seed’s heart in place. A glimpse that lasted an eternity in only half a second before the Dammeguard passed him by like a shot.

And just like that, Seed gained a husbando.

Out of the corner of his eye, Seed finally got a look at the stallion leading the Merrieguard charge—Rosewood Kiss, thank the stars.

Rosewood is the Earth Pony contingent of the Rose clan, right?

Out of the corner of his eye, Seed caught one of the Dammeguard rolling his eyes. A pegasus of the Primfeather line, a branch member, by the lighter gray dapples gracing his snout. Several shades lighter than the pegasus who’d flown across the Merrie.

Oy, quiet you. Don't be rude!

Now, that, Seed couldn’t argue. And it gave him a chance to concoct a little show as well.

Yup, you absolutely are Rosewater's cousin/nephew.

How fast can you fly when somepony might be hurt should you not reach them, Prim Stride?

Clearly that question was a good one, and Stride practiced what was said.

But yesssss, I'm so excited for more! I've been waiting for Seed to really get a chance to shine, and poor Stride needs some love and help for that really terrible PTSD he got. :( Poor kiddo.

10737429 It really is. I've been glad to write it, and especially happy with how the rewrite has gone.

10737733 Yeah, Rosewood is the earth pony contingent, renowned for a rather keen connection to nature. Kiss is a good boy, but sadly he doesn't feature as much in canon as I'd like. In canon.

And Seed is so fun. He's ... really hard to explain. He embodies his ancestors, Rosethorn the Wise and Rosewine Rosethorn, very much. Especially the latter.

As for Strides, yeah, my boy has some things to work through. Fortunately, he has some good friends you already know about in Damme, though perhaps not how closely he holds or values them just yet.

I look forward to this story. And the first chapter is definitely interesting.

Both had still hit him with what they called the “Rosethorn Mothers’ Curse” and stated their sincere desire that Seed have at least three just like him.

Ah, the ol' "Just Wait Till It Happens To You". A classic~

Almost proper, he had to remind himself. This secrecy ran in contrast to everything their way espoused, and everything she had been in her younger years when it came to her loves. Damn Roseate for turning the warm, loving mare who helped raise and teach and bare her heart to those around her into a recluse.


His mind set at ease, Seed smiled and returned the kiss, replying, “Good. I’ll help.” He leaned in closer still so he might whisper, “Be with us tonight. Petal and me.”

Seed, you sneaky devil.

“This,” he said, already on his way to claim Petal for the dance, “is the Merrie Two-step.”

Aaahhhh, so Sneaky Seed helped lead us into my favorite part of the corresponding chapter. BRAVO!!!

Stars, the two of them! They’re going to give me a heart attack at this rate!

I knooooooow! What adorable cuties~

Man, I'm so excited to see more. I just love all these characters!

10742213 Yeah, sadly, Rosewater is being rather robbed of the communal support for her romance that she'd typically get in the Garden and some of the small communities in Merrie. Rose romances, especially for the Rosethorns, are meant to be rather ... not possessive and perhaps not necessarily "displayed" like trophy style, but love is meant to be revered and celebrated. There will be some of that later, for other characters, and some in another verse, but this is something that really chafes Seed, Petal, and a lot of Rosewater's friends from the Garden. :/

And yes. Seed is a major sneak. He learned from his mother, Carnation, and Rosewater after all.

Always interesting to see a story play out from an alternate perspective. Especially in comparison to the perspective of two leaders and heirs. Who wouldn’t have the full view of their actions from the top trickling down.

Merrie and Damme openly fought and raided one another, the Primfeathers holding onto the last vestiges of their power while the Primilines gained more ground, the Rosethorns gleefully flaunting their own after supplanting the Rosewings, and the Rose Shadows and Rose Knights of old battling through the night in their secret war.

Jeez, the pegasi really did not fair out well during the war, did they? Also Rose Shadows? 👀

A voice like angels singing slurred, “Whazzah?” Out of the corner of his eye, Seed noticed Petal stirring. She rolled and covered her head with a pillow. “Whassamah?”

Oh so Petal and me are both early morning people. 🙃

Kiss actually blanched. “Surely, you don’t think Roseate would be that petty,” he protested.

...oh Kiss, sweet summer child. This is Evil Horse Mom we're talking about here. Like hell she wouldn't do something terrible. (Especially after seeing how pissed she was in the main story after her talk with Rosewater.)

Rosewater never said Seed couldn’t just happen to run into any Dammeguards.

Sneaky sneaky boy. This is gonna get interesting fast.

10752040 They really did not. In large part because the Rosewings and Primfeathers presided over the bloodiest years of the war, and neither city particularly cares to revisit that. As for the Rose Shadows, assuming I ever get around to writing the AU where they were not retired by Lace at the request of Primfeather Maelstrom, you'll see what they were like. They ... well. They still live on in memory in Merrie and were quite horrific to deal with.

And yes, Seed is a very, very sneaky boy. He is, well and truly, Rosewine Rosethorn's heir.

She gave a hesitant smile and shake of her head. “I think … so, Rosemary is a sister in a … surrogate sense?”

Ah, the tangled vines of Merrie families. It'd probably give anyone a headache.

Though they, like Rosie among them, wouldn’t until it started to truly hit their income. Or until Roseate’s transgressions were dangled before their eyes and they could connect certain threads.

So politics. Yup.

Seed is already setting up the stage for some real gossip warfare. And with the Rose Palace all in a tizzy, it's gonna create a perfect storm.

I like the bit about the Rose Shadows. Shows a bit if backstory for the war.

That he didn’t give a damn about blood relations to those of Rosary, Rosewell, or Rose Powder went unsaid between them. What sane pony would claim any with those three?

Yeah...they're definitely lost causes on Rosewater's road to reuniting all there sisters.

And in that instant, Seed knew, the Garden of Love’s neutrality would be tested once again.

Oof, that does not bode well.

Ah, yes. “Those lips of yours tempt me to ask for a kiss or if you’d like a glass. How about a bit of the former, and if you like it, we can forget bits and talk about the latter?”

That's freaking terrible Seed.

Never before had a meeting with the liege lord of Damme seemed quite so enticing. Tomorrow promised to be quite intriguing.

Dun dun duuuuuuun!

10788242 Seed would just trill "but it woooooorked" and snicker into a glass of wine when everyone rolled their eyes at him.

He's a little shit.

Visiting Damme nowadays brought with it a fair share of wrinkles. Chief among them, naturally, was the reputation of the Rosethorns thanks to Roseate and her ilk doing their damndest to mirror the Primfeathers’ efforts to drag things back to the worst days of the war.

Freaking Evil Horse Mom and Stick Up the Butt Primfeather Dad are, like, in the same league.

The stallion shot him a dirty look, then jerked his gaze back toward Petal. His horn still lit, his spell buzzed in the air. “Step out wide,” he ordered.

Wow, how wrong will this go for this doofus?

“And inform him just where the … Lieutenant? Ah, yes, I see the ranking.” Petal’s smile was one typically seen in venomous snakes. “Inform Lord Collar just where the Lieutenant was hoping to search. Thank you.”

Guys, you know Lace is gonna be pissed, right?

How fitting, given the mare who’d stolen his muse’s attention and inspired him so.

has read the latest chapter

...oh dear :(

“I should hope not, for I am not shaming you.” Note took up his pen once more, and jotted a note in the margins to find something blue for Crown, just to tweak her a little. “I’m flattered beyond belief.”

.........I am sad now. These poor kiddos are so cute...

The stallion’s brow settled, a smile spread across his features. Collar nodded once. “I’ll see to it he receives them. Thank you both.”

Collar is one of the goodest bois.

10798802 *glances at latest chapter involving Note*


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