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"Who is more to be pitied, a writer bound and gagged by policemen or one living in perfect freedom who has nothing more to say?" - Kurt Vonnegut


Gilda has just lost her childhood friend. She feels awfully foalish at the moment. Can she ever hope to find a new one?

(This is my first one-shot. Inspired by Griffin Village's song "Winter (Gilda)". I hope that you have enough kindness in your heart to forgive her <3)

P.S. Contains some mild language.

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Gilda x OC, havent saw any of this, trackin and thumbs up

Wow. Nice one shot. I really enjoyed it. :moustache:

First, I think the word griffin use for kids is cubs not foals. But thats maybe just me.
For the fic it self, It was good and I would like a sequel of it.
P.S Did you use google for the Swedish word?
Keep it coming.

Only problem I have with this is the pony terms they're using. They should have their own terms.


Oh ok.

I'll try to edit some of it when I'm done with a chapter of my other story!

And I guess I did use google translate......Please don't hurt me:fluttercry:

Thanks man....But i have no idea what the sequel would be about anyway.


Duly noted sir. I shal make edites POST -HASTE

Good dayeth to you!


Oh you did? Thanks man!:pinkiehappy:

1223723 Much appreciated! ^.=.^ It's a great little one-shot otherwise.

1223720 Don't worry. I just find it interesting every time I see some Swedish thing in fic/movie.
And the sequel, It's was just a suggestion if you get some inspiration.

This is deserves a full story

Very nice one shot. There's surprisingly little Gilda is a regular, if angry, person fics, so this is also a nice change of pace.


Thanks man!


Oh sorry. Swedish?

It was actually Norwegian.

If my history is correct, Norway was inhabited by the Nord/Viking culture, and since Nords/Viking/Greco-roman references/terms popularly make up Griffin culture, I decided to slide in a few words in Norwegian.


We shall see :pinkiehappy:


oh and thanks for not bursting in and shouting "FIRST!!!!"

well im not a douchebag right?

1227522 Sweden had Nord/Viking culture too you know. But our language is almost the same.


Oh sorry if i sounded ignorant for second there. God I need to stop being a hippocrite; People already have trouble distinguishing me from the nearest Asian guy....

Well I learned something new today. Thanks for telling me! :pinkiehappy:

This. It is YESSSSSSSSS. Write more.


Oh sorry. This was a one-shot story. I'm afraid that I won't be able to get anymore "writing" material out of this one....But keep an eye out. I MIGHT come back to this one :twilightsmile:

this is good but one thing in your story you said foals wouldn't they be cubs or fledglings or something like that since they aren't ponies
also i have 11 changelings they would like to give you something



Sorry, I tried to divy up things to not sound monotonous. Cubs, foals, chicks = Same thing in the story =Offspring of griffins.

And love? For me? THANK YOU!!!!:twilightsmile:

It was my changelings that did that it takes alot more to get love from me main reason is because my changelings are using it for food and i have not found a changeling (except for on some occasions queen chrysalis) where I can say no to them

Just to be a bastard...

"Hey Gilda! Long time now see. How did your little trip go?" Asgrim inquired with a smile.

Not sure if 'now' is a typo or not.

Gilda grumbled as Asgrim calmly hopped onto the stoll next to her's,


Aaaand a few other typos, but you get it... Other than that, this is a solid story that I had a great time reading.

Very, very impressive, I would say Gilda is acting out of who she is but she is a bit of a bitch, the thing the makes her my third favorite villain is the fact that you can tip her just with a little bit more motive and destructive thoughts then she could be one who kills her enemies, which is what I love, though she can also be redeemed as well as a full hero with the right wording and background, I love Gilda, you did a great job:twilightsmile:


Awww, Gee thanks :D



2635162 Never a problem, oh GODS, you're the author of Flash Fog, hey? It's an honor:twilightsmile: Unless I got you confused with a different author, my bad yet I know I heard your name before....still honored LOL.


Wut.... I'm not the author of Flash Fog xD

2635162 You didn't return the bloody slab!



Fuck me. I thought I left that episode behind in my childhood....

2638430 Can I take you out to dinner first?

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