• Published 4th Sep 2012
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The Equestrian Civil War - Fluttershy24

When Nightmare Moon takes over Luna, she begins a bloody civil war to take over all of Equestria. With the Mane 6 split, which side will win, the New Lunar Pony's Republic or the Solar Empire?

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thank you so much for updating:pinkiehappy: when i seen there was new chapter i never got so excited to read a new chapter in a fic.
this is really good and awesome keep this up and man what a intense chess game that was.:rainbowlaugh:
keep this up your doing great looking foreword for the next chapter.
im rooting for the republic so long live the NLR!:twilightblush:

:flutterrage: that's for the NLR i forgot to put that there.

I hope Twilight manages to come up with some diplomacy.:pinkiecrazy:
Otherwise, her friends will be dead.:duck:
And Rarity really need to keep up that accent.:ajsleepy:

Awaiting further release.:fluttershysad:

How can they fire guns? don't they have hooves? :applejackunsure:

Ironic, Given that The whole Concept of the NLR arose from TwiLuna shipping

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