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This story is a sequel to Changing Expectations

A changeling royal: Princess Prochoerodes.

A team: Six changeling drones.

A mission: Delve into the most dangerous location on Equus and retrieve a treasure most valuable.

An order: Come back with her shield, and not on it.

Princess Procho has been given the honorable task of retrieving rare metals from the Underhive, an expansive layer of existence below the surface. She and her team must face the deadliest creatures on the planet, make it all the way to the bottom of the world, and come back up the surface.

All while trying their best to not die.

A sidestory to Changing Expectations, it is extremely recommended to read up till Chapter 53- The Promised Day before reading Underhive 733. You can read this fic without reading CE first, but it will spoil some mystery in CE.

On Hiatus until The Six Bit Crown is finished, then I will work on this.

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Heheh... this is gonna be good.

*clop hooves together*
dis gon b gud

my...this is unexpected,but welcomed.

Heh, sounds like you should Change your Expect–

Agh, I couldn't complete that pun, It was too painful!

Burn the heretic, his puns are actual blasphemy.

Damn badass start to a side story! To have her introduction in a side story will make it one hell of a Character!

Amazing story start with this chapter.
Yet i fear the main story will most likely stop until this pearl is finished?

Don't expect a consistent upload schedule for Underhive. I am going to prioritize CE over this, with only the goal of finishing Underhive before CE. So... Yeah, long breaks between chapter releases for this story.

I've been playing around with number in my mind, maybe 10 CE chapters for every 1 Underhive chapter? I haven't decided yet.

Good to hear that. Badass side story will make a fine treat but the main story will draw us to you the most :pinkiesmile:

Why "Underhive 733" ? because it's the 733rd year after the banishement of Nightmare Moon ? Or there is something else ?

It is during the year 733, 733 years after Nightmare Moon's banishment. Nightmare's return occurs in the year 1000 ANM, during the 1000th summer sun celebration.

As for why it is 733 specifically, it's a reference to the book/game series Metro 2033.

Oh, this looks promising. I'm eager to see where this goes.

And while we're at it, can we take a moment to appreciate the fact that Phasma never got to go on the expedition? He'd make so many references to dungeon crawlers and roguelikes that the fourth wall would collapse on itself under the stress.

Does the main character relate to the prince from the other fanfic?

They would be half-brother and half-sister, both having Chrysalis as a mother


Is hive's original designation Hive #13?

i wonder if you will at the end of the story have part where both phas and his sister can talk. could be an interesting interaction. you could have had it so it tenicly already happend

It will be interesting for sure.
Alternate title: How I died and joined the Weave.
There, now that I Y'all know the conclusion, let's embark on this journey! 😇

I shall follow with vested interest

this seems like something that belongs in warhammer 40k

Well then. Let there be suspense.

Can someone make a recap for me on the fate of Princess Procho in Changing Expectation? I've read all the chapters so don't be afraid to spoil me.

I believe all we know so far is that Procho died during the return trip and was ascended, but she seems to be still "alive" in her ascended form.

Pretty sure I remember Phasma saying that he didn't see Procho's body in the lab. So she's definitely not Ascended yet somehow still connected to the Weave.

Procho wasnt in the lair? :applejackconfused: I need to reread the lair scene then.

Chrysalis said to Phasma that she did a ritual to bring back Procho to a new vessel (body), but it went wrong and instead got Phasma. If Procho was inside the lair than there was no need for a new vessel since Chryssy can just fix Procho's body.

I see. I will have to reread :pinkiesmile:

more chances of survival when things inevitably go wrong

And we know she dies here, so that doesn't bode well for the rest of you.

“It must be nothing.”

Right, you're the shonen protagonist who goes beyond the impossible and therefore has no common sense.

“Here in death, remember our strength!”

Worth mentioning that it's "remember our strength" because even she wasn't expecting to demonstrate it again. Nobody did, and nobody could have.

FOR THE HIVE :rainbowdetermined2:

One Tarterus of a start. I wonder if all the bodys will attract predators to feed on the fallen.

First major fight is over... Time for some pep talk:

A trifling victory, but a victory nonetheless.

This is some serious 40k shit

Path of Exile vibe here

We read about some pretty badass magic being thrown around. Wonder how there next encounter will go. Than again they have a very long journey before em. Over the centuries/millenia the easy, closest and best areas to mine that good rare stuff is probably forcing em to go pretty deep into the red zones...

I'm curious, when might we get a new chapter of this?

When I want to write it. I need to finish it before I start work on the sequel, but it's hard getting in the mood to write a completely-action oriented story. Action is something that's hard to do right, and something people get sick of quickly.

Well I can certainly agree that action is hard. Especially since I'm new to writing.

Is CE finished or are you preemptively writing the sequel? Because I'd like to know before I start reading.

This is a side story, a prequel that I am neglecting to write in a timely fashion. CE is not finished.

Perhaps a update before X-Mas or at least new year?

Since the first main story arch is done we can hope this continues. Now we know she died and one half was lost/bounded to her mithril sword.


As for why it is 733 specifically, it's a reference to the book/game series Metro 2033.

They are going to meet large rats, communists, fascists, librarian apes, a hell of a lot of radioactivity

And dark ones...


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