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I am a big fan of Starlight Glimmer most of my stories center around her. I do crossovers as well.


Starlight gets a secret admirer admitting that they love her and she decides to write all her closest friends to see who wrote it but the question is who wrote that letter.

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I feel like these should have a bit more time in the editing department to fix grammar, mostly the use of comas.

While the humor is good in some parts, (Twilight's my favortie thus far) the brevity of the reactions and the chapters themselves makes it feel very rushed, in this one in particular you could've added a bit more, since Applejack's letter was a third of the previous three

Starlight gets a secret admirer admitting that they love her

Let me guess: Sunburst, right?

I am just so peeved with you right now

Let me guess, Fluttershy!


I remember the episode where Fluttershy said, "I'm just so peeved right now!" I think it was the one where her little brother was taking advantage of her parents.

Just to be clear if you like any fetishes at all I have nothing against that and that is fine, I was just joking around with the fetish thing in the chapter.

Damn, this secret admirer is a a little aggressive.

Damn, flash sentry who?

Comment posted by Pete100 deleted March 24th

I may need one of those beers as well.

How did applejack know she sent those letters to everypony?

How many ponies did she send it to?

Looks like rainbow knows about twilight’s crush.

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