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This story is a sequel to She Talks To Gold

Following the fight for Controlatron’s control over Nate, the Storm King now has access to the rangers’ most powerful new zord in the Grid Battleforce arsenal: The Beast-X King Zord! And Grubber, and Vargoyle have already made a Storm mind control dart to his specifications, making his plan set in motion.

At the same time, the rangers and ponies are being reintroduced to the Beast-X King Zord since their last big battle with Evox, and today’s the day they all get to see it in action! However, an old rival from Zoey and Nate’s past threatens to cause a turmoil in the plans for the new zord. If that wasn’t enough, that same new zord has already been brought to the Storm King’s control, and now the heroes are caught between a rock and a hard place to try to tame the zord back to normal.

There is hope for them, because they’ll be getting help from an unexpected source: Two of them, actually! One, a daring explorer...the other, a great and powerful showmare! And the rangers, and ponies will need all the help they can get if they want to tame the Beast-X King Zord, especially if that means having to trust an old nemesis.

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic - Takes place after Fluttershy has collected her memories for Twilight, and before Rainbow Dash starts to gather hers.
Beast Morphers - A rewrite of the episode, “Beast King Rampage,” so most of this will probably not be canon.

I don't own anything. MLP & Power Rangers are both owned by Hasbro.

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What if Blaze and Roxy were ordered to free Queen Chrysalis and Tirek by Storm King and them obey to him and him only?

The storm king is back!?But,I 5hought he got crumbled to teeny tiny pebbles

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