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Flight Universe - crashiebolt

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One last time

All seventeen of them got teleported into a white void. Nothing was there.. Except for a white glowing cube in the center of the white void. All the Wonderbolts, Celestia, Luna, Twilight, Cadence and Discord were there with their mouths agape and staring at that white cube in the center, the air coming from no direction flowing through their manes.

Discord inhaled and exhaled from his nose. "Here we are…" Celestia nodded, walking besides him.

"Here we are.." she repeated what he said and stared at the white, glowing cube.

Spitfire looked around her, nothing but pitch white. There was absolutely nothing.

"So.. What are we supposed to do again?" Dash asked, looking at the princesses and god.

"We.. We have to destroy it," Twilight answered.

Soarin looked at them and then at him and Dash. "But what about us? Won't we get hurt in the process?"

"Yeah?" Fleetfoot agreed with Soarin. All the Bolts looked at the Princesses and God for an answer. Discord only sighed from his nose. Celestia looked at Discord, waiting for him to answer them but he never opened his mouth to speak up so she did.

"We don't know.. Anything can happen. You and Rainbow Dash can die.. You both can get hurt… or maybe we could get hurt. Anything can happen, so I suggest to brace yourselves," Celestia answered.

Spitfire nodded and so did the rest, using their own ways of saying/showing 'yes'.

"Let's start.." Luna said. All five of them nodded. Circling the cube with their magic glowing from their horn or paws and claws. Soon, their magic touched the cube, blasting it as hard as they could.

"RRRRGGGGGGGHHHAAA!" All five of them yelled and groaned in discomfort and pain. Sweat quickly dropped from their faces.

All the Bolt's gasped and held still, watching as the five of them yelled in pain. Dash holding onto Soarin's hoof as hard as she can. Surprise turning her head, not wanting to watch the God and Alicorns in pain. Lightning glanced at Surprise and quickly put his hoof in front of her eyes. Spitfire took two steps back and hoped for the best while closing her eyes shut and looking down on the ground. Misty Fly stared at them with her mouth agape with Fire Streak and Wave Chill doing the same. Blaze gritted her teeth as soon as they started grunting and yelling again. High Winds bit her lips and Silver was expressionless and was just hoping for the best.

Soon their magic became bigger, the light of their aura causing all the bolts to squint their eyes or either close them. The magic all being transferred in the white, glowing cube in the center, slowly being engulfed with magic. “RRRGGGGHHHHH!” Discord and the Alicorns yelled again in pain and discomfort.

Suddenly.. Soarin felt a sting in his heart.. He put his hoof up to his chest, feeling it was pounding rapidly, and the sting starting to grow stronger. “Grh..” he grunted, trying to stand still to show no pain. Was this happening because of Discord and the rest.. What was happening? Was this just something wrong with his heart.. Or was this happening because of the magic. No answers were in his head, just questions coming in every second. He was starting to get scared, what if he died?! All of a sudden he started to feel a little woozy…

“Soarin?” Dash called out his name. She looked at him, he was shaking his head and rubbing his forehead.. Then collapsed. “Soarin?!” Dash yelled again and got down on her hooves. All the Bolts gasped and quickly went to Soarin’s side.

“Soarin?!” Spitfire quickly said, kneeling down and shaking him.. He wasn’t responding. “Soarin wake up, dammit!” she started shaking him roughly with tears forming in her eyes.

“Soarin..” Dash said with a shaky voice and tears in her eyes. “Wake up..”

“W-what's happening?!” Fleetfoot asked.

“They said anything could happen..” Fire Streak answered, glancing at the god and alicorns.

“Soar-” Dash got cut off as she fainted, and collapsed next to Soarin. All the Bolts gasped

“DASH!” Silver called out her name and forced himself to walk towards Dash, pushing over Blaze and Surprise. He quickly kneeled down and put his hoof on her shoulder, shaking it lightly. “Dash… wake up..” he quietly said.

“No… no… no, no…” Misty Fly said and turned her head around gritting her teeth and putting her head on Fire’s shoulder and lightly crying.

“Dash.. this isn't funny… please… wake up.." Silver said quietly while trying to contain his tears.

"Wake up, dammit!" Spitfire yelled towards Soarin and Dash, crying while holding onto Wave Chill..

This was it. They were dead.. They said anything could happen. But it had to be the dying one. They had to die! Why?! They could do nothing about it.. They were dead…


Soarin woke up in a black void.. He gasped for air, taking deep breaths. Where was he? What happened? Why was he here? A second ago, he was holding onto his heart, grunting in pain.. Wait.. where was the pain? Suddenly, he didn’t feel any. What’s going on?! Where was he?! He looked around, lifting his head up. Before he was standing up, touching his chest and now.. He’s lying down with his front hooves crossed right in front of him. He looked around, looking at the left and right side.. No one was here. It looked exactly like where he was before except black.. But not everything was the same.

A few yards, right in front of him was.. A tunnel? Or was it a portal? A white, glowing portal.. That had a timer at the top with ten minutes counting down.. Was he gonna die?

He slowly got up and looked around again. “Hello?” he said out loud. “Anypony here?” he looked around but it was dead silent.. No one was here. What was he supposed to do? Walk to the white, glowing portal? All his friends were somewhere here.. He needed to get to them. He needed to get to Dash.. he needed a way out! But how….

He noticed a white glow slowly appearing a few yards away from him on his right. He looked closely and… it was Rainbow Dash! After the glow around her faded away, she slowly got up and opened her eyes.

“Dash!” Soarin called out. Dash immediately looked at her left and sighed in relief.

“Soarin!” Both of them ran towards each other-



Both of them ran right towards.. An invisible wall. Both of them got up, grunting in pain. Soarin got up first and placed his hoof on the wall… they couldn’t get to each other.. Dash got up and placed her hoof on the wall, right at the opposite to Soarin’s hoof. She sighed and looked down, but then realized that she didn’t even know where she was.

“Soarin.. Where are we?” she asked. Soarin sighed.

“I don’t know.. But we need a way out..” he answered. Dash looked up at the white, glowing portal and the timer above it.. It was counting down eight minutes..

“Are we gonna die?” she asked.

“Dash, don’t even think about it!” he scolded.

“Sorry..” she sighed and bit her lip, looking at Soarin and then down on the ground. “I have.. A feeling we will..”

Soarin looked around him and noticed the walls were slowly collapsing? They were falling. Each piece of wall slowly falling. So.. were they stuck in a black cube the whole time? As the walls slowly fell, Soarin could see what was outside the black cube.. A white void? He looked at the timer and now it was counting down seven minutes..

Dash noticed and looked around. “Soarin… I don’t like this..”

“Me too, Dash..” he said. Banging the invisible wall harder and harder. “Dang it..”

“Soarin…. I…. really don’t feel good about this..” she said, tears slowly filling her face. Soarin noticed quickly and placed his hoof right on hers.

“Dash.. don’t cry.. We’ll get out of this..” he spoke calmly.

“I’m beginning to think.. We’re dying..” she said, tears filling her face even more.

“Dash, stop it. We won’t, okay.. Listen to me. We are not gonna die.. We just need to find a way out..” He glanced at the clock and now it just started counting down five minutes. The invisible wall vanished and caught Soarin off guard. Dash immediately noticed and went right to him, hugging him tightly, Soarin doing the same. “Shhh… it’s okay..” he said, trying to talk in the most calming way he can.

“I’m scared..” she squeaked, tears running down her face. Soarin placed his hoof on her hair and slowly slid down it, up and down and repeating the process.

“Dash, look at me,” he demanded, holding her face and looking at her magenta eyes. Her eyes were filled with tears. “It’s gonna be okay… even if we do die, we’re still gonna be together.. Am I right?” Dash didn’t nodd or anything, she just continued crying.

“I don’t wanna go, I don’t wanna go..” she sniffled, forcing him to hug her again. Soarin sighed.

“I don’t wanna go as well..” he looked at the clock and saw it was counting down three minutes. The walls were nearly done falling apart.. And soon it would be the floor falling apart..

So.. What would happen if the floor beneath him collapsed? Was he gonna fall and die? What would happen if he walked to the weird, white glowing portal.. He couldn't give everything up.. Spitfire, Fleetfoot and his friends were somewhere, probably waiting for him. But.. How the hell is he supposed to get out of here? So was he gonna die or not?

“Dash look at me,” he said, forcing her to look up at him. “I did not regret spending my time with you.. Or loving you.. It’s a blessing that I got to do.. And.. if we’re gonna die, I don’t mind doing it right next to you..” The words struck Dash like a sword coming through her heart.

She sniffled, “I guess I don’t mind it too.. As long as I’m with you..” Soarin smiled.

“Come here you..” He wasted no time, they closed their gap and kissed each other softly.. It was full of love. They didn’t go far or anything.. It was just a simple, loving kiss.. Their last kiss they would be sharing with each other..

They let go slowly, never leaving each other's eye. Dash took a quick glance at the timer, two more minutes. She looked at Soarin again and hugged him tightly.

"I love you…." She said. Soarin hugged her back tightly.

"I love you too.." Those three words were just words, but it felt so much to Soarin. It felt so much that he got to hear it one last time by his loved one.. It was only three words but it meant so much more..

Soarin let go of the hug, placed his hooves on her side of her face and slowly slid down to her cheeks. He glanced at the timer.. One more minute. He smiled and brought her head closer, kissing her forehead. Dash sniffled. As he let go of her face, Dash looked at the timer, it was counting down thirty seconds. She looked back at Soarin and closed her eyes, bringing her lips to him. Soarin quickly did what she wanted, kissing her back. He slid his hooves from her hair to her shoulder and to her chin.

They loved each other, and they were gonna use their last seconds on a loving kiss. They were trapped in a bubble of love that could never be broken. It was like there was this magical aura around them keeping them safe together.

As they kissed each other, the floor started to collapse near them. As Dash heard the floor collapsing, she kissed him harder and cradled her hoof to his face.


All of the princesses and Discord finally stopped their spell. Once their horns and paws stopped, all five of them collapsed on the floor, panting, wheezing and gasping for air.

"Did… did the spell work?" Twilight asked first, looking at where the glowing white cube was previously at. Now it is gone. She looked at Cadence and Celestia while getting up.

"I… I think it worked.." Celestia answered, getting up on her hooves. Cadence looked at Celestia, then at the Wonderbolts, quickly noticing all of them were surrounding Dash and Soarin.

"Wait.. What's going on?" Cadence asked and walked over to the Wonderbolts. Twilight gasped and galloped her way towards Dash.

"Rainbow Dash!" she called out her name.. No response.

"WHAT'S GOING ON?!" Fleetfoot asked, crying and sniffling as she shoved her way towards Discord and Celestia. "What is this?! WHAT'S HAPPENING TO THEM?!" she demanded.

Discord looked past Fleetfoot and looked at Dash and Soarin lying on the ground helplessly. "We.. Don't know.." he answered.

"What the hell?!" Fleetfoot said, her voice beginning to squeak. "I THOUGHT YOU GUYS WERE OUR PRINCESSES! THE ONE WHO WE LOOKED UP TO.. and you Discord.. AREN'T YOU A GOD DAMN GOD?!" Fleetfoot yelled.

Celestia looked down and sighed. "Like we said earlier.. Anything can happen.."

"WHAT'S THE POINT ON BEING OUR RULER WHEN YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT'S GOING ON?!" Fleetfoot yelled as tears streamed down her face.

Blaze took her hoof and shook her head. "There's.. No point in yelling, Fleet.." Fleetfoot lightly exhaled and cried on Blaze's shoulder. High Winds doing the same but on the other side of Blaze's shoulder.

"Lightning… I'm dreaming right? Lightning.. Please tell me it's all a bad dream.." Surprise wailed on his shoulder, hugging him tightly. Lightning sighed, sliding his hooves on her hair, trying his best to comfort her. He looked at his brother, and his brother did the same, sighing while hugging Misty Fly.

"They had to die…" Silver said, his head down with his ears flopped.

"NO! I'm not allowing this! YOU PRINCESSES SHOULD KNOW WHAT'S GOING ON! YOU TOO, DISCORD!" Spitfire yelled, holding her hoof tightly onto Wave Chill. "WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?! BRING BACK MY TWO BEST FRIENDS…"

"Spitfire.. Enough.." Wave said, calming her down. Spitfire started breathing heavily as she lightly cried.

"What the hell.. Did they do.. to deserve death…" she quietly asked. Wave Chill immediately hugged her, placing his head on top of hers.

Cries, sadness and sniffling filled the void as no one else spoke up. It was quiet.. Until..

Soarin gasped, got up quickly and looked around him, breathing heavily. Everyone immediately gasped at the sight of Soarin awake. He looked around, seeing that everyone was gathered around him. But what the hell? A second ago he was kissing Rainbow Dash and now he’s back? How? Wait.. but more importantly, where’s Rainbow Dash?!

He turned his head rapidly to the left. “Gah!” he yelped as he felt a strong headache.

“Soarin!” Spitfire called out his name, ready to hug him but-

“Dash!” Soarin immediately went to Dash who was right besides him and shook her. “Dash wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up! Come on… wake up! Please…..” he pleaded, biting his lip, hoping that she would wake up.

“Soarin.. What happened?” Celestia asked. Soarin ignored her and kept shaking Dash awake.

“Soarin.. What happened?” Fleetfoot asked. Soarin looked at Fleetfoot then back to Dash and sighed.

“I honestly.. Don’t know. I was at a black void and-” he cut himself off and gasped as Dash slowly woke up. “Rainbow Dash!”

Silver’s ears immediately went up as he heard the name ‘Rainbow Dash’. He gasped. “Dash!” He called out her name.

As Dash slowly got up, she looked around her and noticed everyone looking at her while gasping. First thing that popped up to her head was: Where was Soarin-

“Oof!” Dash yelped as someone hugged her tightly. She looked to her left and saw pale, light blue fur.. Soarin?

“Dash!” Soarin said, hugging her tightly and sighing in relief. “You’re okay..”

“Wait.. what?” Dash broke the hug, to see his face. She held his face and gasped. “Soarin… wait.. We’re alive?!” Fleetfoot tilted her head in curiosity.

“I think we are…!” Soarin exclaimed.

“...... SOARIN!” Dash immediately leapt at him, her hooves on his neck, kissing him passionately as he did the same and placed his hooves on her face, cradling it. Dash started crying in tears while moving her hooves up to his hair.

Fire Streak, Blaze, Celestia, Luna, Twilight, Spitfire, Wave Chill, High Winds and Silver looked away while Cadence, Fleetfoot, Misty Fly, Surprise and Lightning watched as the two kissed.

“We apologize for… ruining this moment..” Luna spoke up, making Soarin and Dash slowly turning their head towards Luna.

“...Sorry.. We thought we were goners!” Soarin chuckled. Dash laughed and hugged him.

“We are absolutely curious… what in the name of Equestria happened?” Luna asked.

Soarin stood up and faced Luna, “Well… I was sent to a black void with a white giant, glowing portal a few yards away from me, after a few minutes I found her right next to me a few yards away, we both went to each other but there was this invisible wall and there was a timer counting down.. And the walls were falling apart, a few minutes the invisible wall broke, we thought we were gonna die once the timer stopped, we said our last words and then we’re here..” he explained.

“Hmm…” Luna wondered.

“Oh no…” Celestia said. Everyone looked at Celestia in curiosity.

“Y-You don’t think it’s that right, Celestia?” Discord asked in disbelief.

“What? What do you mean?” Dash asked.

Suddenly Luna gasped in horror, “SISTER! I fear… it is what you are thinking about..”

“BUT… BUT I THOUGHT…” Discord started pacing around and breathing in and out. Twilight and Cadence looked at each other in curiosity on what Celestia, Luna and Discord were talking about.

“Woah, woah, wait… what’s going on?” Spitfire asked.

Author's Note:

Hello :) So I hope you enjoyed this :D

This scene has been in my mind a lot and it's been in my head for a month or something so I made a oneshots. This is also uploaded on Wattpad so if you want to check it out there, go ahead.

Thank you for reading, bye! :D