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Sometimes I write stories.

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"If you don't take it in the ass, you don't have any class!"

Anal isn't my thing so I didn't read it but I just wanted to post something funny

Don't get all anal on me, butt wasn't that ass-ertive of me?

Nicely written. And the surprise at the end gave me a good chuckle. Have a like and a fave!

Thanks mate. It's really appreciated. This is first and foremost a comedy - a clop comedy, if you will. Purpose is to laugh (if folks also get their jollies off, that is also great).

That's some clever wordplay, not a single one seemed loose.

Ironically, I found this pretty funny and easy to read.

Legit upset I didn't think of this myself. Brilliant!


Thanks guys. I'm happy that it was enjoyed. Wasn't too sure if maybe it was a touch too profane!

“Whooaaaaa Iron Will is massive! And being massive means: YOU CAN’T BE PASSIVE!”

You're massive! That means you have massive guts!


Oh, I see.... yeah, I can see how this would only work without the tags. But wow, that ending realy caught me off guard. Well done.

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