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There’s more to the magic of friendship than meets the eye!


After almost experiencing death from a monster attack and living without a family, 10 year-old Spike Drake is now chosen by a magical black dragon-powered gem coin and must join 6 magically cosmic powered teenage girls and help protect their world from the forces of evil, including other villains and monsters and their plots on ruling the world with dark magic.

(Rated T for Teen because of light violence, non-consensual sexuality, fetishes, and harems)

This is also based on Wildcard25’s fanfics, The Girls of My Life and Highschool Dragon, but with a Power Rangers twist in between.

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A good opening, but when you write their dialogue you might wanna separate them instead of keeping them in the same paragraph. Otherwise no one will be able to tell who is speaking

awesome chapter mate keep it up cant wait for the next chapter:pinkiehappy::twilightsmile:

Why couldn’t Spike be 13 or 14 in this story?

This Story is awesome, I cant wait to see what other chapters you cook up. keep up the great work. :pinkiehappy: :twilightsmile:

Because I thought he’d be a little bit younger, but I made him feel like “The School Life of Spike” version of Spike.

Since his parents are dead, who’s taking care of Spike?

Twilight is because she said this.

Twilight then looked at Spike sleeping unconsciously, and then stood up with him in her arms. “Don’t worry, Spike. I’ll take care of you for now on.” She then kissed his forehead, and she teleported some stuff in the old apartment over to her house.

“Let’s go home, Spike,” Twilight said, as she carried him in her arms over to her house.

Nice beginning! Though, I have to agree with Wildcard25. The wording needs some work.

Also, the title reads Power Princesses. So this is like the “Power Ponies” then?

And I know you said it’s based on Saban’s Power Rangers. But pray tell, any chance there are Bulk and Skull-Raquel characters in this story?

Hope to see a Battle Cry.

Nope, but I did add Garble, the Diamond Dogs, the Crusaders, and some other characters.

Nope, not like the Power Ponies. This is the Crystal Guardians from Equestria Girls, but they have regular wings with the crystal wings

Very good. I can't wait to see Spike meet the rest of the girls.

Yep. He will, and he’ll soon learn the truth about his new dragon like and power ranger powers

I really love the fics of Spike and Twilight as little brother/big sister, that fics touch my hearth, keep the good work dude

I also made Chrysalis an English teacher, but is it okay if I made her behavior like you did in Crystal Prep Cuties, but a little bit differently? And I’ll come up with an idea about the villain part soon.

I don't mind her being a bit flirtatious. After all a lot of us portray her like that in our human universe stories where she's a teacher

I also made the Equestria Girls be the actual Equestria where the ponies are, and I made Principal Celestia also be a princess, but also a regular citizen besides just a principal and have Vice Principal Luna be the princess and Nightmare Moon.

Is it okay if I also add Zordon and Alpha 5 from Power Rangers?

Quite a twist adding Zordon and Alpha to it. I look forward to Spike's training.

Me too, and I’ll come up with an idea for Spike’s bedroom.

If your adding Zordon and Alpha then you might wanna add the crossover tag to the story.

Wow, this is so epic, so Spike can morphing???

Wonder what Luna is doing during this?

Curious on if other monsters from other PR series might pop up? Been imagining that for a bit.

Didn't Celestia mentioned Luna is Vice-Principal at the school?
Makes me wonder what happened to her there.

Excellent with Spike's training. And he has a cool looking morpher as well.

Draco Thunder Power Up Ha (sorry i couldnt resist)

Spike's made quite the impression on the girls with his sweet skills

Spike got his first real experience with fighting enemies. He'll really need to control his morphing powers now

Wow this is so epic, it would be cool if before a battle they yell ITS MORPHIN TIME.

Thanks for write this fic is really good

“Goodnight, Spike,” she said, kissing him on the forehead and then left the room.

Dawww it so adorable, i really like Twilight being a protective sister

Not bad for Spike's first day so far. And Luna's very nice

It was his first day last Thursday, in Chapter 1.

Well his day with the girls specifically

Nice introduction for luna

Luna has a pet possum named Tiberius.

What is it with you and pets?!

Wonder how are the Princess Luna and Celestia from a 1000 years ago are doing?

Spike is leaning into the dark side.

No, he’s just having trouble controlling some part of his powers

They’re doing fine. They’re just part of the modern day version of their descendants


Are you going to continue The Young Prine Of Equestria after this?

Maybe will turn into greed mode

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