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What would you do if they way you perceived the world was different from the rest?

Would you be able to notice the differences? Maybe feeling like something was missing from the world? Certainly your family and friends will let you know about them. Would you be upset, or angry?

Would you feel alone?

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How very interesting. A ghost in a world of ghosts. She's got a lovely upbeat personality to her, I envy her optimistic cheer.

Pity their technology is 1800's-1900's-ish, webcams would go a long way towards solving her problem. Alright, not solving it per-se, but getting her some proper pony interaction.

Huh, do illusions work on her? If I created an image that copied my movements and spoke with my voice, could she perceive that?

Cute. I appreciate the parallel between her and the parent's perspectives. Positive, happy characters are always enjoyable to read. A very odd, and interesting affliction. I very much appreciate how it has colored her worldview.

10719662 That's one of her most defining strengths for sure. Aura just enjoys life and is incapable of missing seeing anyone since she never saw anything that moves on its own except machinery.

Regarding the tech and magic, both will work for her, but most ponies are canonically unable to cast more than a handful of simple spells, and it would be very taxing to cast one for even a simple illusion, never mind something that changed her whole perception. This will be looked upon in the next chapters. Current equestrian tech is unable to help, but Twilight knows some people that might be able to assist. She has lots of friends after all :trollestia:

10719710 Happy to see people liking Aura and her little story so far! And yeah, I based her reactions mostly on the premise that you can't miss something that you never had, but also that since she can see the world without its inhabitants she can see it in a very particular way that no one can understand without experiencing it first.

10720503 Shucks, just trying to get back onto the saddle of writing at best, but thanks! :twilightblush:

I like it quite a bit! The characters feel life-like, and the world feels put-together for the moment.

The only thing is; you need to get an editor. There's quite a few missteps in grammar that break immersion, often enough to be annoying.

Perhaps a trustworthy friend, or a fellow writer you can touch base with?

Keep up the good work.

You are right about needing an editor haha. I've been silent and not socializing around the site a lot, so I don't really know anyone that would want to help revise the text :twilightblush:

I believe there's a number of groups on fimfiction that can help you in getting in touch with an editor, but you'll have to go looking for them yourself; I'm not familiar with any of them by name, but I do recall seeing them at some point.

Forgot to give this a read back when it updated! A very calm and fuzzy story, different from my usual fare. I'm quite glad that Aura is comfortable and happy despite her condition. Her cheer and positivity is lovely!

My favorite detail definitely has to be the fact that Ponyville has been made into a sort of tourist destination for all the trouble that is caused, and soon resolved, there. Is this a personal headcanon of yours or just a fun idea thought of for the story?

10746965 I'll take a look for sure, thanks for the advice!

10758501 A bit of both, headcanon that was born while planning the main story arc. I mean, if I were Mayor Mare I would try to get some kind of profit from all the shenanigans that Ponyville experiences at any given week. Just a silver lining for all the stress! :rainbowlaugh:

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