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I am a big fan of Starlight Glimmer most of my stories center around her. I do crossovers as well.


Spike and Starlight are getting married and they make sure their wedding is perfect(AU Season 9 does not exist)

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Spike has terrible taste in women.

Nice. I love the part that Spike asked Starlight to marry him.

We all have those friends that love to bet.

“I’m a bit concerned about what might happen, what if I screw up at the wedding and Spike won’t wanna be my husband anymore?” Starlight asked worriedly.

Is she talking about at the rehearsal or the actual wedding?

“Starlight you’re past is not today, remember you’ve changed and Spike loves you, trust me you’ll be fine.” Trixie comforted with a soft smile on her face.

Nice reference

Oh come on Season 9 wasn't that bad it's just people took it way too far 😕

It’s for request purposes only I love Season 9 I just hate the finale.

I’ll be honest, I thought this story was dead.

spike is a child.. id ship him with smolder or something

I read in the MLP Wiki where it said he was about 20 since he was born 20 years ago in MLP: IDW 20/20(it's a comic). Though I understand why you think otherwise.

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