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For years, Sweet Apple Acres and Sugarcube Corner provided Ponyville and beyond with a tasty array of sweet foods. Scrumptious apple pies. Decadent cupcakes. But when Mayor Mare opens a new department of government, the department of food safety, the legacy of two of Ponyville's most notable culinary artists is threatened.

Takes place within the first three seasons of the show.

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It is possible to make a Subway level 750 calorie cup of milk chocolate drink at home, but like sausages, people prefer the taste than having to see how its done.:pinkiecrazy:

This is definitely going to end up in someones Tales From Beaurecracy library?:moustache:

"Wait for me guys!" Sweetie Belle huffed, her marshmallow body galloping unevenly behind Applebloom and Sweetie Belle.


Missed that one while proofreading. :derpytongue2: Fixed it.

Cute and funny story, and while I hate to be that guy, it's "desserts," not "deserts."

Fixed. Thanks for the feedback!

I'm guessing Equestria doesn't have the Stevia plant.

For what it's worth, I once ordered what claimed to be a Stevia-based sugar substitute from Amazon. The listing neglected to mention that it also contained sugar alcohol (AKA the stuff responsible for the joke reviews of Haribo sugar-free gummy bears). That was quite a surprise.

RDT #7 · April 3rd · · ·

The spot with the soft patch of grass

That's a weird sentence fragment in the first paragraph.

Framing was good. In the scene with the Crusaders, I could see the slow-motion car crash that was going to be the health and safety regulations.

The mousetrap(s)! That was funny.

The two seperate riots seemed a little random. I could imagine something like this working better in visual media, but as it stands the formation of the riots felt too sudden to me.

I liked pitchfork pony :)

Mayor Mare with the perfect announcement!

I had a good laugh for most of it!

Thanks for the kind words and feedback!

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