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It has been a thousand years since Princess Celestia became the Daybreaker by banishing Nightmare Moon. It has been a thousand years since She ascended to become the God-Empress of a reforged, prosperous Equestria: the Solar Empire.

But beneath its glimmering, golden surface, the Empire is a rotting, corrupted husk of what Equestria could have been.

Into this twisted world, enter Orion, the sole son and heir of the God-Empress. His alicorn heritage and destiny has the potential to shape that of Equestria—if he can break out of his ivory tower...

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Yeah also wondering that. This premise reminds me of another story, which I can no longer find(so presumably deleted). On the other hoof, this is an account that recently joined.

maby.the one you are talking about had the mc find big mac, shining, sunset and cadnce dident it? also i think twilight was his betrothed?

Wow, I looked through my "tracking" stories but I must somehow have missed it.

"Y-yes, mother." I forced out as I rose to my hooves; an involuntary shiver went through my body, which caused my red-gold mane to tremble and shudder. The only thing I could do right now, I knew, was put on a brave face, so I did. Or, at least, I tried to.

Wonder if he'll end up with a little sister with a red and gold mane cough sunset cough

It's certainly a possibility! We'll see what happens. ^^

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