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Nice story, hope there's more to come 😋

could be worse...*glances at 'the last of us'* yeah could be much worse...

And that mushroom on her head…:rainbowlaugh:🤣

TIL "yuri" is a trigger for post-traumatic stress disorder. :derpytongue2:

This was a fun read, I hope this will lead to some think of sequel and see what else this mushroom hat can do more. Keep it up.

nice story, but you miswrote one time Twilight as a unicorn at the beginning than a alicorn

[...]'The Unicorn mused to herself as she took a deep, calming breath, feeling her body relax just a little.[...]

Great story i hope there is a sequel in the works that has Twilight do to her friends and Spike what happened to her and explore the fact that Twilight is being controlled by the obvious parasitic mushroom on her head. Leading to her infecting Spike first so a male can breed actual foals with the parasite already in them as well as helping Twilight infect the rest of Ponyville and some of Canterlot leading to either the Royal sisters being infected or they stop the infection or one of the Royal sisters gets infected and the other has to find a way to stop the infection before it claims her.

Not going to lie. I would love a multi part sequel to this. The story was great.

TLF #10 · May 23rd · · ·

This was a very good read, thank you so much for writing this~

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