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This story is a sequel to Twilight Is Fed Up Of The Vocal Minority's $#!%

NOTE: Current cover art is temporary.
You know what? I like this cover art and I'm too busy to replace it.

It had been many years since Twilight became the ruler of all of Equestria. During that time, in spite of having absolutely no clue on how to propose an effective tax policy, she proved herself to be a wise and good leader.

Until everypony was at each other’s throats again and all of Equestria’s magic was slowly being drained once again. Oh, and her friends died of old age (as most ponies tend to do).

Oh, well. Good thing she had Luna to act as an impromptu therapist.

Part of the Twilight's Bureaucracy series.

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Seeing as Equestria has regressed into the Three Tribes Era, I think it's safe to say Twilight is dead.

Either murdered. Or stepped down, and her successor was so bucking incompetent, that Equestria turned on itself.

Not sure which is worse. But it's Twilight's fault either way. Though being murdered isn't fully her fault.

I did notice you left out your usual self insert cameo here. Or I missed it.


I did notice you left out your usual self insert cameo here. Or I missed it.

Yeah, I did leave it out. Then again, I'm pretty sure I left Lion Dude out in the two stories preceding this one so...

I saw that. But I only thought of this one. Honestly, they're better without them.

Self inserts have never been good for a story. You made it work because they're quick.

Still stupid and don't add anything. But quick.


Now do you see why I was upset from before. I know G5 is New and all. But, having the G5 Setting is where all of Twilight's and her friends effects for Friendship, Harmony, and Equity went DOWN THE FRICKIN DRAIN!!!???

Yeah, it seems like the Pony Population either has Poor Memories to not remember the Mane Six's lessons for some reason? Or that they didn't learn the lesson to "REMEMBER History, lest it repeats itself".

RDDash #5 · Mar 2nd, 2021 · · 1 ·

Before nonchalantly tossing it over her shoulder and fucking off back to her castle.


I think I kind of like the idea of the three tribes been separated.


Sorry, but I disagree. I mean, look what happened to the era before Hearts Warming. Plus, the Windigos can come back for a third round?! :twilightoops:

But, I guess the Magic disappearing is stopping the assault of the Windigos I guess?

Fun fact: That bit was a reference to a scene in The Last Jedi. Can't find the clip but you'd probably know which one I'm on about.

Obviously, she got her and so many others wish and died alongside her friends. Thanks, Fandom! :trollestia:

Funny! Classic twilighting.

Of course, at this point, all we can really do is try to speculate why the trouble that going to happen in G5 is happening. It could be anything from Twilight just being a far less effective leader than (most) think, to her being dead centries before the pony tribes started fighting.

Of course, it was also to get back at Starlight for robbing her of the chance to give her former mentor, Star-Swirl the Bearded, a good talking-to, especially regarding his extremely outdated ‘once a villain, always a villain’ philosophy.

Wait, Starlight's still around, despite the rest of the mane 5 already being dead from old age?

When being murdered isn't your fault. You go twilight! Lol

honestly, I know this might be controversial take, but has the pony population ever been say? Historically accurate? I mean we are always always surprised that a big evil is hidden?

That Celestia convientally forgot to mention her sister to the many generations after her disappearance? That this was not a deliberate act?

The fact that inspite of how things turn out in the show, Celestia really does not seem to want to advance society. Read educate the populace. I mean if people are educated, open to new ideas, and willing to change. Even aware of history I ask why would they need a God head at the helm? Truly? Who's to say that people as whole can not change if the people that are in charge won't give them the chance to show they can?

Because by the narrative of the three tribes and the G5. People can change. So why can't they change enough to not need a amalgamation of multiple ponies?

Why not set up a device for the sun to move on its own?

Or get I don't know? Discord to fix the thing? So one nation doesn't hold what amounts to horrible fate on any who do not concede to the pony nation?

After a implied threat is still a threat.

I wonder after all if Luna did any number on other country's that we never hear about?


Good point with Celestia forgetting to tell everypony ( especially the Main Six) about the potential Threats/Villains/Enemies that could have been a problem in the future!!!!

And Equestria is not exactly to have "Modern" Technology. They got Music Concerts and Trains. But NO Cars, Planes, Phones, or even "modern" houses or something?! Still Medieval Times with some "Modern" stuff in it. Having Advanced Magic AND even Technology can't be a bad thing to them, right?

Ah true. It does come across that way? I feel you. I guess soceitally? Like they still have nobles after a thousand years?

And based on probably false evidence. They suck. It just reads weird, that a immortal covers herself in gold, and talks a big talk about harmony.

But just over the mountain way, is a diamond dog slaver deal? or the fact that for being so harmonious the moment they see a Zebra, a town of ponies freaks?

Thats some series risk aversion culture right there. Not wanting to even associate with something that might be slightly different?



That is why I don't like it that in most MLP Stories in here. That a lot of Authors ( Mostly for the Displaced, Human in Equestria, Convention Bureau XENOCIDE/GENOCIDE, or even that "Your Human and You" SLAVE BS!!!) depict them as Xenophobic/Racist/Prejudice Jerks.

The MAJOR opposite of "Friendship and Harmony". And are just Huge Hypocritical A-Holes! It doesn't help that the other Creatures "Kingdoms" aren't as Rich, or very agriculture like Equestria is.

I mean, look at the Griffons!!! While the others got "okay" kingdoms. But, Ponykind of Equestria got WAY MORE land on the map than every Creature out their.

At least in the end, with the Main Six's help. Their is Equally for everyone, NOT just for everypony mind you.

But, when we see G5? The Ponies are divided into tribes for a unknown, but probably some stupid reasons. And we DON'T see the other Creatures in it??? ( Griffons, Dragons, Zebras, Changelings, Yaks, Hippogliffs, Kirins, Diamond Dogs, Buffalos, Minotaurs, Cats, Birds, etc..)

P.S. I do like Thomas. While I like some "War Train" Fics in here.

Teaches a good lesson for the kids. Everything is doomed to fall apart eventually, pray it holds together during your tenure.

Why does The Only Thing they fear, is you fit here?

“Considering you are what the subjects refer to as ‘Twilighting’, I seriously doubt you are alright,” Luna replied with concern

I have no doubt this became an actual term at some point.

Also, the ending is hilarious!
It reminds me of a comic I had seen some time ago:

I swear I never saw that comic strip up until now.

But it's good to know I wasn't the only one thinking it. :rainbowlaugh:

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I know you're a bot but, because of your user-name, I read that in Samuel L Jackson's voice. :rainbowlaugh:

The only way it would have been perfect was if there was a "motherfucker" at the end of that last sentence.

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