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I don't know I should really read this? I mean, I do love the Sex and especially the Large Milky Tits and Titfucks.

BUT, considering that Spike can't use his legs ( Unless Healing Magic happens?), got Kidnapped, and this tag has Dark, Death, and especially Suicide or even Rape!!!!!!!

And the fact that the story will obviously have our Favorite MLP Characters get different colors, and act a little OOC. I doubt I will like to read this story? Sorry. 😕

I'd like to see where this goes and Spike gets out of his depression

Yeah will not be any rape i promise but read tbe first chapter you'll get the suicide mention but it won't last long i wanted it there as a basic trigger warning cause it freaked me out i wrote it. Also Spike legs will get fixed simply with some logic as i said suggest reading tbe first chapter


Okay, I guess. It's just I'm mainly here is because I love to see the Pony Amazon Sex Fest. Not having some grimdark stuff, or drama?!

I mean, I remember you made another Amazon inspired story from long ago. But, I didn't like it for many reasons. ( Mainly that some Poor Amazons died, Spike ALMOST died and lost a frickin limb, and Rarity of all Ponies is a "Traitor", and a OOC Bitch!!!!!???? I know that this is a Alternate Universe and all. But seeing all of that unnecessary violence, death, betrayal, and drama is rather mess up. I mean, I DON'T hate violence, action, and all. I be a Hypocrite, because that's is one of my main favorite genres. It's just it was involved in a supposed Pony Amazon Sex Story that I didn't want added in it?!)

No worry it wont be like that maybe some sim but nothing like the plot points will be alike and no real traitors i promise you its a whole new story

awesome chapter mate i cant wait for the next chapter:pinkiehappy::twilightsmile:

Man life has to hate you so much if you win the lottery then out of know were a semi comes in and hits you


Does it really? When it sends you to a Island full of Hot, Sexy Girls?! :moustache: :trollestia:

It probably likes you, but it does has a cruel sense of humor because of the semi Truck! :twilightoops:

hope he gets to use his legs again

It begins.

nice work:twilightsmile:

Needs some polish but looks promising

This should be interesting!

Is he Dragon?

Spike being a dragon Maybe heh you'll have to find out, but to answer fully not really he basically came from our world and ended up in a fantasy setting but Dragons do exist in this world

why does it switch from spike to dan?

awesome chapter mate keep it up cant wait for the next chapter:pinkiehappy::twilightsmile:

Working on a story with an mc named Dan and it got stuck in my head I must've written it without thinking about it

Well at least Spike can walk again, but now he's being taken by hot amazons to who knows where

The other two girls were just as colorful though equally as beautiful. Though they weren’t as scared up as the middle one. The one on the left was smaller, with skin like butterscotch she was wearing leather, Though it seemed to make her figure more impressive, as the corset squeezed her frame. She was holding a bow, with the arrow ready to be drawn at any second. She watched him with a grim expression as she had a set of goggles. That were over her eyes. She seemed to have long jet black hair that moved down to her shoulder length.

Wait, why does Fluttershy have black hair?


The Author usually tends to do that. Change the MLP Character's Hair Color and skin color. BUT, keep the names for some reason?! :applejackconfused:


Sorry. It's just it's a little weird and a bit annoying to see our Favorite MLP Characters look like different OC Characters for some reason?

Plus, they act OOC in some cases in the Stories.

Yes but it also makes them rememberable compared to the others. And makes her not a clone


A clone to what?! The Original MLP Characters? Um? Over 95% of Authors in here ( That I have read so far) do use the Original MLP Characters and Cast. ( The rest are OC's, etc..) Whether in their Normal Pony Bodies, Anthro, Human, etc.. And sometimes they act different or OOC in a lot of Stories. And their excuse is "Alternate Universe" Tags.

( Not their is nothing wrong with "Alternate Universe". It's just I don't like having our favourite MLP Characters be TOO OOC, like Heartless A-Holes in most stories I had read for example. ) :facehoof: :ajbemused:

Plus, I don't think I can remember these people use characters that stole our favourite Ponies Identities! 😆

No Offense to your writing. It's just when I'm reading your Stories. It sounds like our Ponies got some Identity stealing Imposters. Then again, it's "Alternate Universe", and it's the Human World with NO Rainbow Color Skin. So, whatever I guess?!

I have to ask, human, anthro, or full pony?

K. Thanks. was gonna read this now, but just got a message from work, so...gonna read tomorrow due to work. But again, thanks.

i wonder what will happen next?

Ha Ha Ha, this looks amusing. Let's see where it go.

it was ok so far

Spike really stepped into it now. Though with all the man handling and ass slapping by Applejack can't blame him for snapping

If Spike becomes the new Tribe Leader, he should slap Applejack's ass as payback

awesome chapter mate keep it up cant wait for the next chapter:pinkiehappy::twilightsmile:

This giant of a man wore no shirt showing off its large body. A slight gut sticking out as it began sitting down with a grunt. His skin a heavy dark green. As it watched him. His face was scared over causing him to look far more monsterous. A broken tusk as it stared at him with glowing red eyes. He let out a snarl and exclaimed with that deep gruffy voice.

A Hulk in Equestria?

“Big Mac my lord, we found him outside our village, he claims to be an officer. Though we found him naked frolicking like the nymphs of old.” Applejack said bowing her head, the other two girls bowed in respect.

Ooo... kay, Big Mac the Lord is something I haven't seen often. But why he is green anyway? Unless he is a Hulk, I think red is more intimidating than green.

Well i was getting some ideas of the girls in this world being orcs and Big mac had the least change ironicly though it big mac was gonna be Iron will. But as i was typing out and accidently wrote big mac and went fuck it typing it out.

Also remember this is a fight to the death so im still thinking of his fate.

Tribe Chief Spike.

Now you got me suspense

“Very well, We shall met in the pit, This shall be a battle to the death!”

In my situation like this, it's a win win!

I like it would be funny if big mac dies to his own stupid fault

Spike walked down the Alleyway when he heard a loud bang. He looked around seeing a trSpike can fall over, his heart pounded as he saw a dog walking over a small scruffy dog. That looked so lonely.


“Yeah but do you have the Stuff?” two men walking they were standing on the other side clearly not noticing Spike as he looked over, and realized A drug deal was going on at this moment. He reached over grabbing his holster. He just need to get in close and stop the two. Make sure neither run off. There was suddenly a flSpike of light and the next thing Spike new he was in a hospital. His eyes feeling heavy while looking around.


“What happened?” Spike asked though he found he couldn’t remember what happened after that flSpike of bright light. When he tried getting up he found he couldn’t In fact. He wasn’t even able to feel the lower half of his body.


I could give it a shot, I mean if I win I could buy a pizza or, just have an extra bit of cSpike. Not like I need the money, Plus it could be my last night … No stop that! Stop thinking those thoughts oh dear god stop! He grunted as he shook his head.


How did you manage to add Spike in these words? Were you writing on you phone or something and auto-correct decided it wanted to be difficult?

Not sure how to feel about this, a bit confused with describtions of Applejack and Big Mac. I'll track it and wait for an update.

Why did you cancel it it was a good story

The files were lost and i couldn't find them. I just decided it was a sign the story didn't want to continue

Nah, it’s definitely a find and replace “ash” -> “Spike” gone wrong.

Still strange as to how that happened.

Maybe there's someone on this site who'll take the story off your hands and continue it.

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