• Published 2nd Mar 2021
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The Tribal Leader - mrmidnight

Spike Storm finds himself in another world, after being hit by a semi truck

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it was ok so far

Spike really stepped into it now. Though with all the man handling and ass slapping by Applejack can't blame him for snapping

If Spike becomes the new Tribe Leader, he should slap Applejack's ass as payback

awesome chapter mate keep it up cant wait for the next chapter:pinkiehappy::twilightsmile:

This giant of a man wore no shirt showing off its large body. A slight gut sticking out as it began sitting down with a grunt. His skin a heavy dark green. As it watched him. His face was scared over causing him to look far more monsterous. A broken tusk as it stared at him with glowing red eyes. He let out a snarl and exclaimed with that deep gruffy voice.

A Hulk in Equestria?

“Big Mac my lord, we found him outside our village, he claims to be an officer. Though we found him naked frolicking like the nymphs of old.” Applejack said bowing her head, the other two girls bowed in respect.

Ooo... kay, Big Mac the Lord is something I haven't seen often. But why he is green anyway? Unless he is a Hulk, I think red is more intimidating than green.

Well i was getting some ideas of the girls in this world being orcs and Big mac had the least change ironicly though it big mac was gonna be Iron will. But as i was typing out and accidently wrote big mac and went fuck it typing it out.

Also remember this is a fight to the death so im still thinking of his fate.

Tribe Chief Spike.

Now you got me suspense

“Very well, We shall met in the pit, This shall be a battle to the death!”

In my situation like this, it's a win win!

I like it would be funny if big mac dies to his own stupid fault

Verry nice.

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