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I have been writing Twirax stories since 2019.


Princess Twilight Sparkle was having another ordinary day as a Princess trying to spread friendship around Ponyville and living a very happy and casual life like she always does. One day after her meeting with her friends however, an uninvited guest has entered her home, a guest that Twilight fears the most. Now, it is up to the love of her life to save her. And the love of her life is known as Thorax.

New story! I hope you all will enjoy this one too! Also, I do not own My Little Pony, it belongs to Hasbro. And the coverart I am using also belongs to it's original owner.

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This was absolutely one of the funniest stories you have written my friend. It gave me a great laugh, especially finding out Twilight hates bees and how Thorax was like 'seriously'.

I can't wait to read the next story you'll have in mind my friend

Thank you, thank you so much my friend. And I'm glad that the story has managed to make you laugh.:twilightsmile:

And I can assure you that you will love my upcoming Twirax series story. And I hope to see the art for it by tomorrow please.

By the way my friend, would it be okay if you could remind what the art was you wanted please, because I forgot what you wanted if that's not too much trouble.

Twilight could have put up a barrier to protect herself, but other than that, this was a cute & funny story.

Okay, I’ll admit seeing Twilight fight the bee got more then a chuckle out of me :rainbowlaugh:

Yeah agreed but instead, she placed a pot on her head, and used a spatula as her defensive weapon.

Either than that, thank you so much for reading!

Indeed, and thank you for reading!

The truth is that this story is quite funny and I loved it, it is very entertaining, good job Timothy. :ajsmug:

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