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Oh Sweet Luna, yes.

You haven't featured yet. The site is clearly broken!

Edit: How does this have so many downvotes? You realize the story really wasn't featured when I posted this, right?

This is really hood.

Fucking perfection :raritystarry:
Soon it be her turrrn... :unsuresweetie:

Yes I love those plaps~!

Just a reminder to post this into the contest folder before Sunday night.

I took care of it for him.

“Shh… Sweets…” Hondo cooed, leaning forward into her tucked head, nuzzling gently along her brow… before parting his lips and planting a tender kiss along the nape of her ear, licking the crevice where pinna met cranium with his tongue…

Who says editors work for free? :moustache:

Sweetie swore that Applebloom’s left forehoof was suspiciously out of sight.

Oh no's-

Oooo I hope there's impregnation for Rares and Sweetie!

I leave that up to the viewer to decide. Was Rarity forward thinking enough to continue implementing the birthcontrol???

Hey, do you know how to add a story to the contest folder in the group if your the writer? Does it have to be accepted by the mods first? Also, leaving such critical things to the reader's imagination rather than make it clear and not obscure things? No wonder people have so much beef with the makers of their favorite properties!

Lol Todd Howard.

Yes, I don't know anything about mod approval etc.

My editor threw it in, should be all good.

So, when it's approved, the normal +Groups button should be available like it is on your story, right?

Given what's established, it's more reasonable than not that Rarity brought birth control. This was a planned event, after all.

Wait, where is Shakespearicles? Did I beat his comment?


Sound effects works for me! Great start. Ya know, I feel sorry for the house keepers. Your ponies are always making a huge mess!

That whole harem/infidelity/international law thing kinda ruined it for me, especially since it was later contrasted with the whole thing being perfectly normal and wide spread. Apart from that pretty good!

Ah, sorry to hear that.

Done people do love the lore, I stick it in for them.

Right, bookmarking this, putting it in a naughty bookshelf too, and making a note to read this later~


Penalty flag! Cover art promises Sweetie/Rarity action, yet story does not provide!


Fun lore, tho.

Will check it out...
tbh i had no idea her dads name is HONDO, had to google it (didn't notice the tags right away)
oh and~ i don't want to be nitpicky but "YES, of course. Duh." < a bit too much spoiling! I cant resist peeking >.<

Sweety get the ride of her life next chapter ♡

She started to slide lower, marveling at how quickly her hooves began to separate from one another, the width between them quickly expanding to make it impossible to encompass her dad even with both hooves. She traced over fat, tree-branch-like veins and throbbing, arterial bulges, powerful plumbing conduits needed to keep such an impressive specimen stuffed to the brim with boiling-hot, racing stallion-blood.

Vampires get thirsty in many ways in this story :trollestia:

I told him someone was going to notice!

It happens AFTER the story, sheesh.

You beat me by two likes before falling off! So close!

“ Rarity!? Dad!? What the fuck!!!”


a true stud is discrete

Er, no. It's "discreet" - the one used means "individually separate and distinct", not "careful and prudent".

That one happy familie bonding time.

Rarity needs to keep the stud better under control next time :duck:

First of all, I sincerely apologize for how insanely late this review is coming in after the contest. But better late than never hopefully. Now, I’m guessing that you’ve probably already heard a lot of what I'm going to say from other reviews, but I still want to do my best to be honest. To put it bluntly, this is one of the best entries in the contest in terms of clop alone, but that clop alone isn’t really enough to pull it to the top. For starters, there’s still a few little plot holes and details that don’t seem all that well thought out or just kinda silly. For example, if Rarity and Hondo wanted to bring Sweetie in on the fun but do so gradually, why didn’t they have the foresight to just lock the door in the first place? Also, I know the whole found out scene is supposed to be happening super fast, but I feel like it should have been immediately obvious to Sweetie that Rarity was the mare Hondo was with, instead of it being a “surprise”. More of a personal irk, but I also get kind of turned off by the idea that to make a character turn to incest their canon relationship has to be in some kind of trouble. And Cookie Crumble being a size queen going around with a bunch of other stallions just wasn’t exactly the setup I was looking for for getting Hondo and Rarity in bed together. On that note, Sweetie wasn’t exactly consistent either. It jumped so rapidly from her anger to her arousal that it felt kind of jarring sometimes. And even though she technically gave consent, I feel like it was also in a situation where she had more pressure on her as both Rarity and Hondo were doing their best to make her aroused. I feel like it would have been better for them to let her have a bit more autonomy. Now, I don’t think this is a bad story. It is still a clop at its heart, and what clop at that. The descriptions are amazing, and absolutely rivet your eyes to the page to take in the sheer sexiness of what’s going on. Over the top in all the right ways. But as I said, I feel like this ultimately wasn’t enough to push it into my favorites. Still, a commendable read.

Sweet Damn Luna that was descriptive, could practically see it from Sweeties perspective like I was in her hooves

I also apologise for how late I am in replying to this comment.

I had read this originally on my phone, and then I kept forgetting to follow up when I was back at a keyboard to reply.

Thanks again, it means a lot to get actual feedback in such a big way, lets me understand what your thinking was in reading my fic.

No problem. Always happy to be of help.

a two-bit back-alley slut

Actually. Her mane alone is worth more than that... !
- Rarity, mlp movie


And Cookie Crumble being a size queen going around with a bunch of other stallions just wasn’t exactly the setup I was looking for getting Hondo and Rarity in bed together.

It really kills me that one of Hondo's big selling points is his big dick but Cookie runs off to go be with a zebra... with a smaller dick? Seriously, she settled for a smaller dick to wind up with a zebra — a race known for having a big cock? I know what he's shooting for by trying to make Hondo look like this irresistible stud but why undercut your own premise like this? Ugh... Just don't make a size queen! Why is that so hard?

Needless to say, while I edited this, my advice for dealing with the saggy joints in this story's frame were pretty much ignored. We got a solid 2 pages of describing Sweetie Belle's vagina encased in the literary equivalent of a corrugated steel Fallout shack to put it in.

You know what they say about horses and water.

Interesting to know. Thank you for the information.

Re-reading for a delightful familie experience :trollestia:

Nice lore dump :ajsmug:
Next we will enjoy a cum dump :trollestia:

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