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-P.S. I took Spike.

Because, of course. Isn't it obvious?

I have given this a tentative like. I like the premise quite a bit, I hope to see more soon my dude. :moustache:

finding it ever so difficult to keep pace with the human as his two tall legs left her four grape-colored stumps in the proverbial, and pretty much literal, dust.


Oh man.

Twilight was THIS close to at least understand a bit.

I guess Robin will go "Heave ho, thieves and beggars, never shall we die"
He also will do what he wants cause a pirate is free!

Yes, it is hard to imagine a pony not being able to keep up without literal stumps for legs.

"Pirate Captain Robin Crow...boy, do I like the sound of that."

It does have a nice ring to it

-P.S. I took Spike.


Oh yeah me and the fucking homeboys becoming Pirates

I like this idea, crow and spike becoming Pirates is awesome.

but they need is A ship, a crew they can trust with there life and won't treat them like a child, a doctor and food.

of course me being a big fan of one piece, they need a musician as well.

this is going to be good

-P.S. I took Spike.

Finally! Someone took spike to safety too!

Nakama... The only proper word for describing crewmates who will do anything in their power to help each other no matter the odds. Now to somehow teach Spike how to use 3 daggers at once.

"Pirate Captain Robin Crow...boy, do I like the sound of that."

It's missing something...
I think the Dread Pirate Robin might be a tad better sounding.

took spike but how will twilight get her mail now :twilightoops:

You know what, fuck it! This is awesome!

I like this chapter *throws chapter on the ground* BRING ME ANOTHER!

This is good, I need more of this. Please? I will give you a can of BEANS if you make another chapter

I can't believe I forgot to add water to that list... they need it to survive.

also, read one piece or watch Totally Not Mark Review of it. it's good. and yeah there now over 1000 CH's of it but it's worth it

Tinman is here? Damn straight I'm reading it now

This appeals to me. It’s the story I didn’t know I wanted. He will need a frock coat of course.

Damn, this looks like it will be a great story, you had me hooked at PIRATES! YARR!

Hope theres rum or ima be a grumpy pirate love it

Just read the first chapter and I'm gifted a second so soon? Must be my lucky day. :twilightsmile:

Woooooooooo, new chapter! I love that you write.

Demanding that I give you and your friend a lift or you'd 'rub the absolute shit' out of my belly?"


Now I want to see him pick up Chrysalis to become a part of his crew.

Oh yes the three step plan to becoming a pirate get a shipping crew Step 2 steel all the alcohol and guns and their money of course step 3 profit

-Begin Comment-

Here is a comment stating my desire to read more of this story, and to show my appreciation for your work so far.

-End Comment-

Aaaaaaaah! It updated wooooo! I can’t wait for more my dude!

I hope he does end up with a proper crew and stuff, and it doesn't end up as a joke series.

Well, Rainbows got a crush.

Great chapter!

This is already awesome

Now let’s go find the legendary Two piece treasure! I’ll be king of the pirates

"Hehe, yeah. Or heck, maybe even a pirate captain."

"I mean, as far back as I can actually remember, nearly every one of my forefathers severed as a seaman."

Ah, so they got the chopping block. :trollestia:

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