• Published 24th Feb 2021
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A Normal Day - Ravenor

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> Good thing ‘bloom is out with the Crusaders tonight. She has school tomorrow, don’t want to keep her up

Implying the crusaders won't be keeping HER up all night anyway

“Any stallions in mind?”
“Your brother, actually,” Twilight said with a smile, cuddling closer to the strong earth pony, “I’d rather like the idea of him giving me a foal or three when it’s time.”

To be fair, I'm pretty sure most mares of Ponyville do so.

“I know, but we’ll figure something out,” Twilight said and ran her hoof down to brush along Applejacks wet pussy, “I have some magic ideas that might work or even be fun. I need to do some more research though.”

Maybe something involving portals can do the job.

Twilight giggled and scooted off her, reattaching it to the harness, “You want to fuck me with my own regalia?” she teased.
Applejack grinned and nodded, “Right now, more than anything.”

Cadance: "That is the only correct answer in for this situation."

Twilight mphed and moaned, swallowing around his shaft as she tightened around the toy pistoning in her.
This has turned into a pretty nice day.

Yup, it was.
Thanks for sharing this story, Ravenor!

Hadn't realized there was a sequel until the very end. Whoops.

In any case, lovely, perfectly normal slice of life. Though i do have to wonder what Sunset Shimmer will think next time she gets homesick.

Dann, had a lot of fun with the story until discord showed up, I'm out

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