• Published 24th Feb 2021
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Animal Instinct - FIM Fiction

There are so many stories of people becoming the Mane Six. This is people becoming their pets.

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Timmy buzzed through the air, laughing. "Woo haya!" He flew strait up, until his rotors couldn't catch air. He cut the power, free falling.

"Whoa! hey tank, when did you get so much like me?" Rainbow Dash asked, free falling with him. "What am I saying!? It's obvious. I'm so awesome that you gain some of my awesomeness by... yeah!" She looked down. "Come on. We free fall any longer and we'll go splat." Timmy turned on his rotor while Rainbow Dash spread her wings.

A brown and white blur shot past them. "HELP ME I'M BEING KIDNAPPED BY A HAWK!"

"Whoa! What was that?" Rainbow Dash squinted. "Is that Opal?" A green blur shot past Rainbow Dash. "Hey! Wait up Tank!"


Angelo ran as as as his paws could carry him. "Por qué está pasando esto!?" He scampered beneath a bush. "Joder, how long have I been running!?" He thought to himself on what he had witnessed. "Okay, so I'm a rabbit in a world of talking neon ponis..." He leaned his back on the trunk of the bush, sliding onto his rump. "Joder, I'm high, aren't I?" He shook his had. "No, this feels too real to be una alucinacion." He let out a sigh. "Well, I'll perecer if I do nothing..." He exited the bush. "Now where am I?"

"INCOMING!" Angel looked up in time to see a turtle flying towards him. He paused for a moment as his brain tried to process this fact. Afterwords it decided "ya know man, we should probably move out of the way" along with "Oh hey looks like this is gonna hurt".


The two went rolling down a slight slope, bumbling and bumping along the ground. Angelo rolled onto his back. "One thing for certain." he moaned. "This is not una alucinacion." A hawk thudded down beside him, stunned.

"GET ME DOWN FROM HERE!" Olivia shouted from the top of a tree.

"Aw shuddup. I got the hawk to drop you, didn't I?" Timmy shouted, trying to right himself.

"Why I never!" Olivia said with a huff.

"Well I always!" Gabriel replied.

"Ack! Who are you and how did you get up here!?"

Gabriel opened his mouth, before closing it. "I... I really don't know." He glanced around, before waving at Pinkie Pie who was waving at him from the ground. "My name is Gabriel. Yours?"

"Olivia Abreo." she said.

"Ah, so you are french." Gabriel said, licking his eye.

"Ugh. Why did you do that?" Olivia asked in disgust.

"Not sure. Now then, we shall wait, until help arrives."


Apple Bloom and Applejack happily trotted down the path to the park with their dog. Willow hummed as she walked beside them.

"Well, I sure don't know why she's actin so funny, but so long as it ain't bad-"

"SQUIRREL!" Willow took off running after the small critter.

"Heh heh! Looks like she's already havin fun. Apple Bloom, go join her. I'll go get the picnic set up." Applejack told her sister.

Apple Bloom ran after Willow. "Hey Winona! Let's play fetch!"


Twilight and Spike watched in large curiosity as Odin walked.

"So... Why is Owlysius doing this?" Spike asked, giving the owl a wary look.

"I have no idea, but he seems content." Twilight said.

"Who?" Odin asked.

"You." Spike answered.

"Who?" Odin asked again. 'My my, there are a lot of ponies.'

"You." Spike repeated, sounding a little annoyed. Twilight giggled.

"Who?" Odin asked yet again. 'Many ponies but only one with a dragon. She must be the wizard.'

"You!" Spike shouted angrily. "Why do you keep asking!?"

"Relax Spike." Twilight said. "Owlysius is only saying who because it's the only thing he can say." Twilight explain.

"Hoot." Spike stopped, glaring at Odin. "Hoot. Hoot. Hoot."

"Grr..." Spike humphed and crossed his arms. "Dumb owl." he muttered under his breath.

"Rather smart Owl, you mean. Now if only I was a raven. That I could speak." Odin shrugged to himself.

Fluttershy ran up to Spike and Twilight. "Sorry, but have either of you seen Angel Bunny?" she asked franticlly.

"Nope. Did he run off?" Spike asked.

"Yes! He started swearing, before speaking in a language that even I couldn't understand! Then he ran off in a panic... Ohh, did I do something bad to him!?" Fluttershy's eyes glanced around as she tried to recall the day. "Lets see I woke up, set out breakfast then went to wake Angel but he was already awake- Did I mess up breakfast!?"

"Woah! Calm down!" Odin hooted. "Take some deep breaths, alright? Iiiinnnn, Ooouuut. Iiiinnnn, Ooouuut. Iiiinnnn, Ooouuut. Iiiinnnn, Ooouuut. There, feel better?"

Fluttershy nodded. "Yes."

'So she can understand me.' "Alright, we are heading to the park for "Pet Day". Maybe he's waiting for you there." Odin said.

"That... That does make sense." Fluttershy said, far more relieved. "Thank you Owlysius."

"You are very welcome!" Odin said with a nod.

"...So, Fluttershy. Good news?" Spike asked.

"Oh, yes. Owlysius thinks Angel Bunny is waitng for me at the park." Fluttershy said. The whole group continued their trek to the park.

After a while, Spike spoke up. "Hey Fluttershy. Can you tell me why Owlysius is walking?"

"Leg day." Odin answered.

"Leg day?" Fluttershy asked.

"Leg day." Odin said with a nod.

"He's doing leg day." Fluttershy said to Spike.

"Hey, I think I see Ange-" Twilight's eyes widened.

Over near a tree, Angelo wrestled with the hawk, swearing to the heavens in the laungauge of Spanish.

Gabriel yawned. "So, when do you think 'Rainbow Dash' is gonna grab us?"

Olivia looked down at where Rainbow Dash was cheering on the bunny in his battle. "I doubt it will be by her own choice."

Tank finally righted himself. He flew up and landed in the tree. "Need a lift?"

"Heavens, yes." Olivia replied.

"Alright, just-" Timmy stopped to stare as he saw Gabriel roll over the edge of the leaves. "I don't care how light he is, he should have fallen through."

"A-HEM." Olivia said, raising a paw.

"Oh yeah." Timmy lifted in the air, before clamping his legs around the feline. He then flew close to the ground and release her.

Gabriel sat on the ground with a tiny popcorn bag infront of him. Inside the bag were peices of bread. "I think I should stop this battle, but I am uncertain as to if they are in any real harm." He looked at his stubby claws. "Along with questioning how I gripp items."

"Oh, Mr Falcon! Angel Bunny! Stop fighting!"

Angelo looked up at Fluttershy, before leaping out of a claw swipe. "Stupid halcon! I'll stick my foot up your culo!"

"Oh, I'm terrified!" the hawk said in a sarcastic tone. "The little bunny thinks he can scare me?"

Angelo rubbed his ears. The bird's voice sounded understandable, but also like he was speaking a different language. "I intend to keep my promise, senor." He gave a cold, yet happy stare, greatly unnerving the hawk.

"Arf!" A stick landed near the hawk. The hawk flew off as a dog ran up. "Bunny! Bunny bunny bunny!" Willow circled Angelo, leaping around him.

"Hey! Back off perra!" Angel shouted.

"Okay, I just need the stick." Willow grabbed the stick, before walking up to Apple Bloom. "Fetch!" she said, throwing the stick. Laughing, Apple Bloom ran after the stick.

Odin preened a feather. "Well, this seems rather intriguing."

"SHUT IT!" Ponies and pets alike stopped and stared at Angelo. "You tonto animals, Front and CENTER!" he roared. "The rest of you, scram!"

Willow whimpered as she walked over. Angelo turned to face the others. "Did. I. STUTTER!?"

The rest of the animals quickly ran up to Angelo. Fluttershy walked to her friends. "I think Angel wants a private talk with the others." she said, gently pushing her friends away.

"Woowee. Never knew rabbits could scream." Applejack said.

Apple Bloom shook. "That was the scariest thing I've ever heard."


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"Oh, they really only do that if they think they're gonna die." Fluttershy explained as they walked away.

Angelo watch carefully until the ponies were out of sight. He turned to face the group. "Alright amigos. Your voice sound..." Angelo stopped, rubbing his chin. "Alright. From the hawk's voice, the voice of an annoying bunny doe, and your voices, I conclude you all were humans once. Si?"

The others looked amonst themselves. "Yes?" Olivia replied.

"Alright. So we keep it a secret and never tell those ponis." Angelo said with a nod.

"What!?" Olivia hissed.

"Hold up." Odin said, raising a wing slightly. "Why would we keep it secret? We need our old lives back."

"Well senor, I'll tell you why. We are all their most beloved pets. So this means that if they think we are di- demons, then they will try to exorcise us." Angelo explained.

"And what does that have to do with anything?" Odin asked.

Angelo rubbed his chest, remembering the blood from his wound. "You don't remember dying then? Alright, what were you doing before you woke up in this world?"

"Well, I was on my honeymoon with-" Olivia paused. She thought back of her fiance's odd actions, along with him pouring out the wine they were to share from a bottle. "Ooohh you basterd." she growled. "Oh, not you. But you have a point."

"That exorcism nonsense won't happen." Timmy said.

"Yeah? I've been listening around. That purple unicornio? Most powerful sorcerer the Crown has had in centuries. She could get the pets back as those others are her besties. They will still want their pets back. And if the pets return, we either are flung out as a ghost, are trapped in the mind of an animal. I don't know about you, but I won't aim the pistola at my head and pull the trigger."

"Well then, what do you suggest we do, oh wise Angelo." Odin asked.

Gabriel was taken notes on a tiny notebook, writing in Hebrew.

"We act normal, live our own lives how we choose. But we are pets, and need support from others. We never talk about our lives near that yellow pegaso. She can understand animales from some magic she was born with. Word is she's the only one who can."

"...I died?" Willow asked.

Gabriel sat down on his rump with his arms at his sides. "Gabriel."

"Huh?" The others turned to look at Gabriel.

"I'm telling you my name. I could give you all nicknames like Boss, Propeller and such, but I would like your names." Gabriel explained.

"My name is Timmy. Timmy Houston."

"Olivia Abreo."

"Lady Willow of the Dream Family." Willow attempted a curtsy, and fell over giggling.

"Ah. So we have a ninita" Angelo said.

"Neeneeta?" Willow asked.

"Little girl." Angelo explained.

"My name is Odin Higgins. And now for you."

Angelo smirked. "I like the name Boss, thank you."

"We told you our names you tell us yours." Timmy said.

Angelo frowned. "Fine. I'll tell you my three names. Uno, F***Di**B**chWh**e." All the other's eyes shot open. "Dos, Fredrick Butcher. Tres, Angelo Carnicero." A smirk returned to his face. "I'll only respond to F***Di**B**chWh**e, or Boss. Take your pick, amigo."

"You speak as if it was true." Gabriel said. 'This man is a very good liar.' "Very well Boss. What shall we do, now that basics are covered?"

Angelo glanced around. "Well, we are in a park. I say we enjoy ourselves, get used to these new cuerpos, and see where to go from there."

"Ima play fetch with the pony!" Willow picked up a stick in her mouth, before running off.

"Dismissed." Angelo said, with a wave of his paw.