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Anon used to go to CHS. Then he didn't...
Only now he is back, and within five minutes is sick of everyone. While he wishes to be left alone and remain a side character, the Dazzlings have different ideas..

-Be warned!! I have not watched Rainbow Rock in a long time, although i do remember the sufficient amount to bend the universe to my will enough so that it is my own. This universe will be wildly different from the one we know, except for some other stuff.-

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"Miss me assholes?"

My god, I can already tell that this story is going to be amazing.

This will be very
What do you two think?

I think you should stop with the Gaster references.
Were you saying something?

(In all seriousness the story looks awesome)

Now forgive me for being an uncultured moron but who is Gaster?

UnderTale stuff. I don't wanna get into it too far because I don't wanna unintentionally come off as a toxic fan. Let's just say he's kinda a "mystery man" of sorts in the game. The fanon can be best left alone.

Beware the man who speaks in hands.

The gymnasium was absolutely packed with each student either sitting in their own individual seat or stands on either side. Walking in Twilight saw a convinient seat at the front, beside two of her best friends, Applejack and Rainbow Dash, who were sitting beside her 4 other friends. Those being, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Rarity, and the notorious Sunset Shimmer. She took note of how every student that wasn't her friend was giving her the stink eye. Attacking,bullying and attempting to enslave the school will do that to your reputation.

Are you talking about twilight or sunset?

"Now while I'm sure you have many questions as to why you are all gathered here today on such short notice. Well it is with great pleasure to welcome four new students to our beloved community." She said, with whispering soon taking hold once again.

That’s the reason she called them?

Nodding towards her he stood there staring out at the crowd before leaning forward and speaking...

"Miss me assholes?"

The room erupted into chaos...

I like him already.

"Oh." He simply said looking disappointed as he put away his phone. "Uhhhh... school's finished. Goodbye, you can all go home." He continued before putting his phone in his pocket and walking back towards the way he came.


Frowning at her friend, the apologies stopped coming as she waved a hand in front of Sunset's face, bringing her back to reality. Shaking her head slightly she finally replied, "Sorry Twilight, I just got some bad memories of him."

Don’t get scared, now.

She simply scoffed, deciding to forgive him for his little transgression, she continued on with her objective, "You made one of my guys cry, so I'll give you this one chance to ask for forgiveness. You're new here aren't you, seeing as you don't know who I am." She said, noting his still annoyed expression.

I’m pretty sure anyone in the real world wouldn’t give a f*ck.

"If all the sheep in New Zealand revolted against the population." He said, a contemplative look on his face. "It would mean that each human would have to fight on average five sheep." Nodding in satisfaction as he stood back up.


She lay there for the rest of the day, blacking out at one point before waking in a hospital bed. Everything was strange now, the memory slowly fading away...

Damn, he sent that b*tch to the hospital. I already liked him, but I’m starting to like him more.

Noticed mistake thanks for pointing it out will fix it when I have time.

Also Celestia called them about the students because anon is a very important figure to them.

Thanks for pointing out mistake as well

I thought there was only one mistake.

She is not proper human. She is technically still a pony in human form, hence why she acted differently.

I guess that makes sense.

Amusement. He was enjoying this. Well he wouldn't be amused anymore. "You are a monster." She said in disgust, "You hospitalize one of my best friends, you insult everyone else, and you enjoyed every bit of it." She spat, happy that she had put him in his place. He didn't deserve anyone's friendship, it was a wonder anyone liked him.

I don’t see the problem.

"It is not a rainbow death laser!!" She yelled, rage filling her. "It is a beam of harmony that banishes evil." She affirmed, crossing her arms in victorious defiance.

"Sooooo, a rainbow death laser that targets bad guys." Anon said, tapping his finger on his chin.

I mean, is he wrong?

"I have a rule." He said, lookign at her, his eyes a mix of murderous intent and pure rage. It shook her to the bone those eyes, so terrifying and terrible. "If you hit me, I hit you back twice as hard. I don't care if your a girl, a boy, or a fucking princess in your case. You are all equally slappable." With that he dropped her, walking away, alowing room for Sunset and Rainbow to rush to her side.

I mean, he’s not 100% wrong.

Ok you said you had trouble remembering the orginal...it really shows.
One Princess Twilight never stayed in the human world, she came back to help with dazzlings, at the time.

Okay, for one I said I would bend the universe. That is the reason there is alt universe tag.
Also in the beginning chapter, in the literal first paragraph, twilight thanks Celestia mentally.

Regardless thanks for reading the story.

Nice story thou I like to see this guy push the wrong person and get hammer so hard he spends weeks recovering.
How has he not gotten expelled?

Honestly, I feel like that would be interesting. As for getting expelled, punishments don’t really exist in their world.

I said the same thing, but I feel like that’ll change soon.

Anon seems to have a carefree and reckless attitude. My prediction is his carefree and reckless attitude will cause some sort of accident that he will not care about.


Well, at least he has more common sense, and more tougher than any CHS Students combined. That's counts for something?

Anon did do something good. Even though he didn't know that Sonata is a baddie. But, it counts I guess?!

I don't believe in good or bad. I believe in perspective

"Oooooohhhhh, does Sonata have a crush on little ol' Anon over there." Came a familiar irritating voice. Groaning she turned to face it, revealing it to be her sister Aria Blaze.

Actually, he seems more of your type, aria.

"Not my fault she has the emotional capacity of a child. I mean like, fucking hell, all I did was repeat what Rainbow said." He said, measuring the liquid in a glass vial before beginning to heat it.

On one hand, true. On the other hand, why would you listen to rainbow?

"Now I would appreaciate it kindly if ya didn't speak about my friends that way." Applejack said in clearly restrained anger. "And ya did overeact a little bit, putting her in hospital and all."

How can he put her in the hospital? He’s been doing saitama’s workout routine?

"Fucking assholes." He muttered to himself in annoyance, "Making me risk my life to fix their own fucking mistakes."

You do realize you didn’t have to run in, right?

"This was my favourite jersey." He muttered, turning back to Sentry, glaring daggers at him. "You have 5 minutes to run away Flash." He growled, causing Flash to jump and pale at Anon's stare. Nodding he sprinted down the hallway and around the corner. Anon would have pursued. But he just couldn't care less about him. He smiled slightly to himself as he closed his eyes in content.

I wouldn’t honestly run.

I love this story. I really hope that you won't stop posting chapters.

I think your timing is a little off.

I don't know where you are but where I'm from it is April fools right now

Ohh. Ok, that makes sense.


Also, thanks for the happy "early" April Fools' surprise.

Once again where I am from it is already April fools.

Exactly the reason I put quotes on early. It might be early for me, but it isn't for you.

I apologize for not being clear.


Man you gotta calm down a bit, its just a rick roll.

Ah, I'm just elated that you're still continuing to write this story. This story is probably the most wonderful thing I've ever read, and to see another update brings tears of joy to my eyes. Also, yes! Finally, someone who taught Sunset Shimmer that there are just a select few people that just shouldn't be fucked with, and that no matter how mean she is, there's always someone meaner than her! Man, to see Anon figuratively destroy Sunset and traumatize her was incredibly cathartic after reading all these stories where she treated people like shit, including her attitude in the 1st movie. This Anon is a character after my own heart.

Thanks I guess, but you don't have to worry about me not updating it, I just haven't had time recently as my computer broke and then I went on a family holiday.

Ah, thanks for the heads-up.

Ok, to me it seems like anon is just trying to find something to complain about, because if he hates CHS so much, then why the f*ck did he come back?


You have a good point. Despite me liking this Anon version a little bit. It does seems silly of him to go back to the School that he have despised?

"Fucking hell why does everyone at this school act like a fucking baby. Saying sorry doesn't make the fire magically go away. Making friends and being nice to everyone isn't the answer to every fucking problem." He said, face palming while shaking his head.

Sadly but True. The CHS Students in here need a Reality Check!

Whatever gods were out there though favoured blue hair, as another voice called out. "Hey Flash! Come over here I need your help!" And with that the newly revealed Flash sprinted off towards a group of girls.

Okay?! That's a little BS?!

His dumba** probably had nothing to complain about. So he just said f*ck it and went back to CHS. I’m just waiting for bastard to either get hit with a vehicle or swallowed hole by the sirens. Better yet, I wonder what happens when you hit him with a rainbow?

Adiago watched as the human known as Anonymous walked away from the reporter, a look of boredom on his face, from across the courtyard. It was amazing how he managed to stay in such a neutral, yet aggresive emotional state. What was more important however, was that he had saved her sister, quite heroic for a human. Perhaps they would spare him when they finally took over the school as a way of repayment. Her attention switched to Sonata, who lay unconscious on a stretcher as she was carried into the ambulance. She would be fine in the end, her siren biology making her heal quite rapidly, although that didn't mean they couldn't be hurt, as it took a while for the healing to kick in. The only reason she was unconscious was from the amount of smoke she inhaled and from when she hit the wall.

I feel like that you shouldn't underestimate him. But, it was a good idea to not mess with him ( For your sake!).

"He is quite the interesting human isn't he." A familiar voice said from her side, bringing her to turn towards it to reveal her other sister Aria Blaze.

Adiago simply nodded in agreement before turning back to watch Anonymous who was now heading down the street away from school.

"He acts quite unlike the others doesn't he." Adiago stated after a moment of silence, going over all the stories she had heard about him.

Aria however, simply tilted her head in slight confusion, "Really? Nobody ever talks to me about such things." She said, looking at adiago in search of an explanation.

Adiago however, rolled her eyes at her sister's obliviousness, "That's probably because you keep threatening people whenever they get near you." She said.

Aria looked at Adiago in mock shock, holding her hand to her chest indignantly, "Why that can't be it, I'm an amazing person. However, if they won't talk to me about these stories then surely I can rely on my dearest sister to tell me." She replied, making puppy eyes.

Adiago rolled her eyes so hard, that they started to ache form the hardness of the eye roll. Sighing she motioned for Aria to walk with her, much to her enjoyment. And so, walking along, Adiago began the story of Anonymous.

Surprised that Aria has a "Nicer" side. 😏

And it seems like we are finding out Anon's past in the CHS School?

But, how would she know his story?

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