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I am just an ordinary brony who love writing Fanfictions. My profile picture is the one of my new personal OC, Sunlight Blaze.


Two weeks had passed since Moonlight had been defeated. Chrysalis passed this time to learn more about her new friends. Each of them were back to their normal lives, except for Sunlight, who left the city to explore the world and see what it have to offer. But soon, Moonlight come back from his recovery, ready to take his revenge on Sunlight and the others. Only this, time, he decide to find allies and start recruiting the human counterparts of well known villains from Equestria. Will our heroes be able to face this new danger? Who will win this clash? Only one way to be sure.

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NEXT TIME in The Odyssey of Sunlight Blaze: Rise of a hero.

Volume 3-Quest for the Past.(Title is not definitive and might change)

Subject of the story: Sunlight and Sunset go on an adventure in Equestria, determined to uncover the truth about their parents, their past and a themselves, While Moonlight wander around the world to look for more allies to recruit. And finally, our favorites girls from C.H.S will receive an unexpected visit...Surprises, adventures and emotions awaits in this amazing new Volume.

Shouldn't you link to the previous story?

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