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Celestia and Luna, sisters, diarchs of Equestria, have ruled over the land for 500 years. In that time, the sisters have been the backbone of their kingdom. But, does Equestria really need two princesses when it could be ruled by a single queen? The alicorn sisters both believe that only one of them should sit on the throne, and they're willing to fight for something bigger than their kingdom; their freedom.

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“Not really, though I could guess,” Luna mused as Celestia ripped her martini from her hooves with a powerful display of magic. The tasty beverage was flung into the ocean, melting into the waves that swallowed it whole. “… And I’m guessing you’re mad,” Luna stated as she easily summoned another martini and began sipping it.

I would be mad too, if I didn’t get offered a drink.:rainbowlaugh:

Xalok #2 · 1 week ago · · ·

This needs a sequel where twilight Pulls a fast one on celestia, or makes the kingdom run it self in less than a year and schools them:rainbowlaugh:

This explains why they always folded so easily every time a villain showed up

We need a prequel where discord stones himself to make them rule equstria

Imagine if they knew the truth.

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