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A pony of mystery in the darkness. Or I forgot to take the lens cap off. (They/them is fine.)


Spike realizes he's a 'furry.' But he also has the rough, violent intimate instincts of a dragon, so he can never truly be himself with soft-skinned furry creatures like ponies.

A Spike x Angel story.

Content Anti-Warning: The violence is pretty mild, considering.

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I was a little underwhelmed by the violence here. I realize that makes it sound like I’d like to see a dragon and bunny beating the shit out of each other made a little more graphic. And that’s maybe not untrue.

Sorry to say I did mean Buffy, yeah, but I appreciate the thought! And this is an inventive way to ship these two, logistically they must be very tricky to set up. Doubly so without making Angel talk, which you managed to pull off with this story. I liked Spike talking to Fluttershy, it must be nice to know someone that understanding for what he's going through. And it's interesting seeing him opening up to her rather than a pony he's closer to, like Twilight or Rarity. But I think that's realistic, sometimes those closest to us can be hardest to come out to, perhaps because they have the strongest view of who we are already.

I like the thought of a story where each chapter could be the last one, that's an interesting approach. Probably ideal for fan fiction, too, where stories often end up abandoned :twilightsheepish:

What did I do to earn a story? :twilightblush:

Fluttershy said, "Would you like a hug? A safe, gentle one?"
"Sure. Why not?" Fluttershy walked around the table and slowly, carefully hugged the dragonling.


Nice story.
It's Spike having a light existential crisis followed by roughhousing with Angel, I guess.
But I should mention the tags and the cover are a bit misleading (assuming there won't be any future chapters).

Short n' sweet. A few grammatical errors here n' there but I still enjoyed it

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