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Friendship is Magic right? <3


When Twilight finally makes it to the castle in time for the ceremony to begin, Princesses Celestia and Luna officially introduce her as the new ruler of Equestria. However, the ceremony hits a number of snags: Twilight briefly trips on her gown, Fluttershy's animal friends fight with Rarity's star spiders, the fireworks disrupt the Wonderbolts' aerial routine, and the coronation guests are served applesauce instead of apple cider. Worst of all nopony had even realized that Discord's chaos magic that had seethe into the ground ever since their battle with Tirek, Chrysalis and Cozy Glow which is also the day Discord got his powers back from his gigantic chaos Pinkie. Its only a matter of time before Discord's magic explodes to the upper ground all over Equestria and brings these ponies and creatures to a whole new place! Takes place during Twilight's coronation as sole ruler of Equestria.

One Piece is created by Eiichiro Oda.
My Little Pony Friendship is Magic is created by Lauren Faust.
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One of the best animes ever in production since the anime has been given movie quality animation and the manga has been hyping up.

Comment posted by Heartdrop deleted Feb 22nd, 2021

The story is not bad but your grammar needs work, some of the scenes don't make sense and you really need an editor.

Yep. I wrote that all night but I guess my brainstorming would work better by working in daylight. Your right, I need an editor for this fanfic, English isn't my first language.:pinkiesmile: What are the scenes that don't make sense by the way?

I am currently writing the next chapter where Luffy, Twilight and the gang help Coby enlist in the marines and find out the truth about Zoro. No spoilers but Twilight's foes would team up with villains in One Piece depending on where they end up.

When Luffy left Foosha Village, his boat was destroyed by a whirlpool and he was force to take shelter inside a barrel so that he wouldn't drown. Luffy was walking in the woods trying to find a transport so that he could start recruiting members for his pirate crew on the next island, not knowing that he was in Pirate Alvida's territory. Thats when he saw Coby about to get smashed to bits by Alvida's iron mace.

Hi Heartdrop! Just want to let you know that a new chapter is out now. Thank you so much for waiting.

Thank you guys so much for waiting on this chapter to come out. If anyone would like to help me, I definitely need an editor to fix my grammar since English is not my first language. :pinkiesmile: Thanks so much and I appreciate the help.

I look forward to this story continuing. Also, your grammar and spelling is mostly accurate at a passing glance, but I'm not an editor.

I'm really liking this so far I hope you keep writing.

gotta say, this is interesting. Dont see many of this kind of One Piece crossovers with mlp all that often....if ever to my knowledge. I really want to see where you take this and just how you handle taking canon off course.

i look forward to more!

Dude,ngl,i get it k?yes,they needed something to survive the world of one piece,but when the mane six just started to transform out of the blue.....I mean,twilight and pinkie's im pretty sure those where showed once in one episode for comedic porpuse and are not actual abilities they have,and fluttershy and rarity ones,last time i checked,werent as Easy to make as just"tapping"some Dark inner energy,and also wherent exactly easy to control.so,please,at least TRY to explain the why of how they can do this,please,in any way you want.I beg you.otherwise minus a few caractherization issues I have,good story.

Yes. Twilight and Pinkie Pie's transformations have been used for comedic purpose in one way or another but there is another reason for that. The reason that Twilight has been shown to have the "Flaming White Form' is to prove that she has the potential to be the next Princess of Equestria. It all connects together because Princess Celestia and Luna know that Twilight has the feats and the facts that support her character to be a great ruler after the two retired. Sort of like how Aang in Avatar the Last Airbender wasn't able to fully utilize his Avatar State and have the ability to remove bending powers until the very end when he faced the Fire Lord himself.

This is a power that has been taught to her by Princess Celestia herself who could tapped into her inner power to be Daybreaker.

It is shown to be dormant most of the time because Twilight is a pacifist most of the time. That is her character. The only reason that Twilight wasn't able to utilized her power that much is because she has spend so much time on Friendship Missions as well as running her school. I would bet my money that if Twilight had used this form during the final battle with Chrysalis, Tirek and Cozy Glow then she would wipe them all clean as a whistle and two parter would have been much much shorter! Same with Tempest and her lightning. I bet that even if the Mane 6 were to loose that final battle to Tirek, Chrysalis and Cozy Glow, She would have still been able rally the rest of the Mane Six's allies and beat the Legion of Doom just like what she showcased in the My Little Pony Movie. Because she's got lightning man!

Pinkie Pie has been shown to alter into her dark personality of "Pinkamena Diane Pie" in the episode "Party of One" for a comedic purpose. You say that these are not actual abilities but we have to take into account that Pinkie's Earth Pony Strength have been shown feats the blows out of the freaking water! Even going toe to toe with Rainbow Dash in a race and beat her while on the ground, Having to store anything in her mane that transcends the capacity any object, for example her Party Cannon which has been used as a foil and distraction in every battle that she and the rest of the Mane 6 has faced, even going to far as to break the laws of physics herself that her body would squash, stretch and twist around like Luffy's body even when she was back in Equestria. Able to mimic Luffy's stretching abilities even if she doesn't have a devil fruit. Pinkie Pie has been shown to move around and do things a normal Equestrian Earth Pony can't do, Having the ability to play with her environment and break the laws of Physics but not up to Discord's Reality Warping. She's close but she's not there yet. And we seen what Pinkie Pie can do with Discord's Chaotic Powers back during the "Ending of the End Part 2" Where she became Chaotic Giant Pinkie. And now after Tirek, Chrysalis and Cozy Glow's attack and just before Princess Twilight's Coronation, It makes sense that the Mane 6 would continue to train under Celestia and Luna's supervision to maximize their potential on what they could do if such an incident ever happens again because they have just witnessed a literal world war started by the Legion of Doom who could potentially destroy Equestria. And now that Chrysalis, Tirek, Cozy Glow, King Sombra, The Storm King, The Real Grogar, The Pony of Shadows, The Sirens as well as other villains Twilight faced are now running around out there in the One Piece World? It just makes the environment around the ponies much more dangerous than Luffy or the rest of the Straw Hats could ever think to be.

Its simple. Before Twilight's Coronation, The wielders of the Elements of Harmony utilized their combat skills in order to serve and protect Equestria. Just like what Kinemon and rest of the 9 Red Scabbards din in order to serve as proper samurai to Kozuki Oden, The Shogun of Wano.

Well,im personally would not say that this possible form of twilight would wipe the floor with a full powered legion of Doom right away all by herself,mostly because there inst any actual footage of her showing her powers,but that aside,that still not explain the OTHER transformations.....but,if you want,i got a idea that both explain that and is very fitting with this story in plot-wise,if you want to ear it.

About Fluttershy and Rarity's Abilites. If you could go back to Chapter 1 of this story. The leftover chaos magic from Discord that's been seeped into the ground after the events of "The ending of the end part 2 where Pinkie temporarily gained Discord's powers" has exploded like the Chernobyl Incident at Princess Twilight's Coronation no less and spreading chaotic magic all throughout Equestria and beyond making the Mane 6 all the more eager to fight and bloodlusted in certain critical/life or death situations or being triggered by pure rage. Fluttershy's Flutterbat Form has never been shown to be cured after the episode "Bats!" as shown by that one growing fang at the end of that episode. Meanwhile Rarity's Nightmare Rarity Form was shown to be cured at the end of "Nightmare Rarity Arc which are in the comics" returned after the Overwhelming Chaotic Magic Disaster that happened when Twilight was going to be crowned Princess of Equestria. This gives Rarity in this form all the powers of Nightmare Moon including being able to transform into a shadowy mist, summoning thunderclouds as well as summoning what she calls Nightmare Forces/Dark Forces which are a race of dark shadowy creatures that resemble ghosts and create nightmares in every living being's head as long as that person or creature has a conscious brain so that she can messed up their brain waves.

As for Fluttershy's Vampire Fruit Batpony Hybrid called Flutterbat. Aside from her rabid dog fighting style which makes her becomes aggressive, highly excitable, and displays evidence of a depraved appetite for blood, eating and chewing on human flesh, ripping their faces off and skinning alive her opponents. She has also gained the power to communicate with and control EVERY SINGLE LIVING CREATURE AND ANIMAL In the One Piece World including Sea Kings, Yes including Sea Kings that World Government would maybe even consider her another Ancient Weapon like Poseidon who is Shirahoshi the Mermaid but on a higher scale than her.

But at the end of the day, If that Chaotic Magic Disaster hadn't happened during Princess Twilight's Coronation then the Mane 6 would not have been this powerful as a result of Discord's Chaos Magic Nuclear Style Explosion. They are already trained in Unicorn Magic, High Speed Flight or Earth Pony Strength as well as physical combat abilities by Princess Celestia and Luna. Discord's Chaotic Magic Disaster just enhanced it by accident.

Sure thing man! Would like to hear your idea. If you want, You can help me write this story and I can share you the password on my account.

Uhh....actually,that's very similar to what I was thinking....still,if this was the reason, think its would be good if later on someone points this out in the story and give this exact same explanation,because if get confused by this,there could be others too.....

Oh,that's flattering.you Know,i never thinked of that,I just in this site to read good storys about one of my favorite series of all the times,but you know,maybe....I could give it at least a try.I dont think I would do any more good with actually writting since you already dont see to need help with the spelling,but im sure I could help with the planning of future chapthers,give some ideas or if you need a second opinion with anything.

Yeah, not a fan of how violent the mane 6 are being and them killing the marines.

Okay here is my explanation for that :pinkiehappy: :pinkiesmile:

If you go back to chapter 1 of the fanfic, It is explained that Discord's leftover chaos magic from the "Battle with Tirek, Chrysalis and Cozy Glow" thats seeped into the ground and spread everywhere from Equestria and beyond like a nuclear explosion thats why they have been teleported to the One Piece World and why the Mane 6 starts getting violent over the marines and everyone else that screws them over.

You have to understand that they have just literally experienced a war that could potentially end Equestria. Especially Twilight, She had just seen Spike get his wings ripped off by Chrystalis, Tirek and Cozy Glow. The Legion of Doom who literally tried to murder who's her baby brother and number one assistant. After all that they've gone through even though this isn't their world, They are not gonna someone who's going to oppress everyone take seat and get power. Did you notice how they reacted when Zoro said she's gonna stomp Rika to death just because she disturbed him by bringing riceballs for the captured swordsman to eat? For Twilight and her friends, Thats literally the equivalent of another bad guy pointing a knife at Spike's neck and threatening to slice him off.

But as this fanfic series goes on, They will eventually get over their anger issues in these types of situation and how not to over react, This is an alteration to their minds caused by Discord's chaos magic from the disaster of supposedly Princess Twilight's Coronation. They're going to get over their violent nature in future chapters as a result of character development but if someone is threatened, They are still not gonna hold back just like when Luffy punched that Celestial Dragon in Sabaody and as this series goes on, They are going to be continued to be influenced by the Straw Hats time and time and time again. If the Mane are violent here now with how the marines are trying to capture and kill them? Ohh boy wait till we get to when Zoro, Sanji, Chopper and Luffy attack the Franky House with the Straw Hats as well as Ennies Lobby! Also the stakes are going to be raised much higher since villains from Equestria have also been teleported here to the One Piece World.

Thank you so much for reading my story and giving your thoughts on it man. I really appreciate it.

Wow,its really camed out real nicely!Liked the parts taked out of the manga,However you forget the part where shanks parted to grand Line and give is Hat to luffy but other than that,Kind of proud how this turned out.

Thank you so much. I'm glad that you enjoyed it my friend. :pinkiehappy: About that last bit by the way. I'll put the part where Shanks gives the Straw Hat to Luffy later on in the scene where Buggy tries to destroy Shank's hat for a more emotional impact both to Luffy and the reader. :raritystarry:

Dang,then you shouldnt havent sayed that here,now everyone is going to Know...:facehoof:

Is this story going to go on forever? I'm not going to read it if that's the case.

Well then roll along bud,we are adapting ALL the anime(minus movies because they are no canon)

I love the bond between the Mane 6 and Chouchou

Actually a few are. Specifically Gold, Heart of Gold because they go hand in hand and have important backstory for Nami, Strong World because of Shiki who terrorized the world in EP 0 20 years before Romance Dawn and escaping Impel Down for revenge, and it's debatable on Stampede but Laughtale was mentioned by it's real name in it first I believe. 9 is also debatable as while it's a retelling of Drum Island, it was all a dream of Chopper's if the future Strawhats were there before he joined. Wapol's brother's existence could also be canon since for Chopper to even dream him up, he had to have existed to know what he'd look like and it's never stated where he was in the show so Wapol must have never met back up with him compared to the dream.

Well...ok,we will see in that later on.thanks for supporting our story!:twilightsmile:

"Did somepony say knife?" Pinkie popped up much to the surprise of Nami and Luffy, balancing a knife on the tip of her muzzle.

Annoying Orange:ajbemused:

I can’t wait to see what the next chapters about

Are you going to continue this story cause I want to know what happens next

Man I am so happy I came across this when I did!

I love OP and I love seeing crossover with my favorite anime with mlp and I can tell you put SO MUCH effort into this Aswell keep it up my good man :pinkiehappy:

I'm really digging this story, you did a really good job with crossover, and I'm really looking forward in more of where this story goes!:twilightsmile:

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