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I am a Fluttercord, SoarinDash, AppleDash, TwiDash, CheesePie, Flashlight, Starburst and RariSpike fan.


The Grand Galloping Gala is in Hearth's Warming Eve this year because Princess Celestia wants to be cupid and hook ponies up. She wanted this gala to be the best night ever. She made a mistletoe hang in the centre of the ballroom so whoever stands bellow it, they would have to kiss or otherwise it is bad luck if they don't. She wanted to make this a trend every year so ponies can get the chance to hook up with their special someponies. Whereas, Princess Luna checks on everypony to pick out someponies she wants them to hook up. She chose Fluttercord, but Flashlight, SoarinDash and CheesePie manages to hook up on their own, sort of...

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