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Adagio finds herself at the grave of an old friend, contemplating the life she has lived and the life she can never have.

Trigger warning for major character death.

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 16 )

It is rare that a 200k multichapter makes me feel anything but irritation and/or anger at Adagio. That you've managed to tug my heart strings for her at all, let alone in a 1k one-shot, is a testament to your writing. Ouch, but thank you.

ssunsxt #2 · Saturday · · ·

WOOOO I try my best

Holy shit. This was good, this was really fucking good.

ssunsxt #4 · Saturday · · ·

thank you!! I'm glad you liked it

This just gave me an idea for a future story. There's a lot of emotion packed in these thosand words.

Great job!

ssunsxt #6 · Saturday · · ·

thank you! I tried my best

kronik #7 · Saturday · · ·

I love stories that delve into the sirens' immortality, especially ones that make you feel something. Good stuff!

Beautiful! The curse of immortality in a well-written way. It has its advantages and disadvantages, the sad thing is to say goodbye.. always.

I-A-M #9 · Sunday · · ·

Really well done. Short, tragic, and beautiful.

Hmph. Well, this Sunset evidently has rejected her destiny, Disappointing,

Mega oof. The curse of immortals indeed. Beautifully done and wonderfully tragic. Well done.

Pete100 #13 · Sunday · · ·

Wow, immortality is a pain.

I could give a review on writing techniques, grammar, characterisation... but it would just be a distraction from the sadness this fic caused me. Why do I do this to myself. :fluttercry:


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