• Published 18th Feb 2021
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the Fire of Courage - NinjaMare

worlds collide as a hero from another world gets sent to Equestria, but now this wayward hero becomes the newest warrior that protects the land from its evils.

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Chapter 3: A Meeting with Royalty and a Challenge

The train ride from Ponyville to Canterlot lasted for about a little more than an hour, and while the ride itself wasn’t too bad, Flamedramon could definitely say that he doesn’t like train rides. The car that the Digimon and his entourage was in was fairly cramped, at least for the Digimon as he was twice the size of a normal pony. Not only that but the benches were rather uncomfortable for him to sit on, and the ride was a little on the slow side, heck, Flamedramon was sure that he could’ve made it to the castle on his own in half the time. As the Armor Digimon took great pride in his speed. But once the ride was over, the Digimon was rather impressed by the city, as there weren’t many castle based structure within the digital world.

“So this is the capital of your nation.” Flamedramon said after stepping off the train, and looking at the city before him. “I must say it’s rather impressive.”

“Well I’m happy that you think so.” Twilight says as she smiled up to the tall monster.

“Now then, let’s not keep the princess waiting.” Twilight immediately started to trot out of the train station, and heading straight for the castle, while Flamedramon, Rarity, and Spike played catch up as they chased after the fleeing unicorn.

As the party makes their way through the city, traveling at a slightly brisked pace, Flamedramon took the opportunity to survey the city and see what it has. Compared to other cities that the Digimon has rarely visited, the capital of the ponies nation was certainly grandiose, as buildings were towering, and the streets were full of ponies passing by the group. And speaking of the ponies, like the ones in Ponyville any that even looked Flamedramon’s way couldn’t help but gaze at him, however the Armor Digimon got the sense that unlike the small town ponies, the looks he was getting wasn’t ones of bewilderment or astonishment. If his gut feeling was anything to by, the Digimon felt like these city ponies were, judging him or looking at him with disdain. But he couldn’t confirm it without confronting any of the ponies about it.

Putting the uneasy feeling on how the city ponies were looking at him, Flamedramon continued to follow his two pony and lone dragonling guide through the city, and after twenty or so minutes the group eventually made it to the castle. Which was just as impressive as the city itself, although there was one key difference, and it was that there appeared to be armored ponies standing guard at the gates and along the outer wall.

Passing through the main gate the Digimon found that there weren’t that many guards out and about, as there was only a handful near the gate, and patrolling the wall. And when he came close to one of them, Flamedramon didn’t, feel it. he didn’t feel the strong admiration to protect, or any strong emotions or convictions from any the guards that his group passes by. In fact, most of them just looked, board, as if their just waiting out their day and hope something interesting would happen. The only emotions he could sense from the guards was minor shock and surprise, probably because they weren’t expecting to see someone like him just wandering around the castle, and being led by two mares and a dragonling. Turning his attention away from the guards, Flamedramon started to look at the interior of the castle and seeing just how splendid it looked, from his high and wide hallways and the equally tall windows, as well as the pedestal, vases, and other little nick knacks that try to make the halls less, empty.

“Twilight.” The mare turned to look over her withers as Flamedramon spoke up while still looking around. “How often does your countries military get put into service?”

“Well not that much. Equestria’s been in a state of peace for nearly a thousand years, so there’s never been a need to deploy our military. In fact, Equestria doesn’t actually have a military to speak of.” That caused the Digimon to look at his guide with a shocked, and rather concerned expression.

“Are you serious?!” Twilight just nodded as she turned to look where she was going.

“The royal guard is more of a token force, with minimal training, but they have no combat experience.” The group rounded around a corner as they continued on while Twilight continues on explaining. “So in actuality, the royal guard is more of a peacekeeper force, and a higher rank of social security. Like a high ranking police officer.”

“But surely there’s at least a platoon, or something, that has battled ready guards. You can’t expect peace to be a forever lasting thing.”

“Nope. I’m afraid that the guard isn’t exactly meant to be a force of fighting, it’s always been their creed to keep the peace, not break it.”

“…I see.”

Honestly from just hearing how the nation of peaceful inhabitants don’t have a, legitimate means of protecting themselves, made the Armor Digimon feel greatly concerned for the safety of this nation if something did threaten them. Some time has passed since the party has entered the castle, and started to wander through its halls, but eventually the group made it to their destination. Which was a set of massive double doors. Using her magic Twilight pushed the doors open wide enough for the party to move past, and when they did Flamedramon found that on the other side was a rather spacious room, which was pretty empty aside from the throne, two guards standing in front of it, and the figure sitting on the throne. And the moment that the Digimon saw the figure sitting on throne he was simply spellbound.

The pony on the throne was simply radiant, with a coat white as snow, and a flowing mane and tail that look like a piece of an aurora borealis, and the golden bracer around the neck and golden crown simply added more to this ponies charm and beauty. The pony then rose up from the throne and started to make their way towards the group, and their magenta eyes never once left Flamedramon’s as they just stared at each other, and when the pony stood before the Digimon it really felt like this pony was studying him. as if trying to see who and what he really was.

“I must say that in all my years of governing this nation, I’ve never seen anything quite like you before.” The mare said as she started to look Flamedramon up and down. “Twilight’s description of you in her letter doesn’t do you justice.”

“Thank you miss, and if I may say in response I’ve never seen anything like you as well.” Flamedramon said respectively as he gives a very small curt bow.

“I assume that you are the princess that Twilight said might be able to help me.” the mare nodded as she took a step back, and gave her own courteous bow.

“Indeed I am. My name is Celestia, and it’s a pleasure to meet you Flamedramon of the digital world.” the princess then stood up straight as she looked at the digital monster. “Unfortunately, my sister is unable to meet you at this time, as she is resting to fulfill her duties later today.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you as well princess, and its no problem.” The Digimon said as he gives a wave of his hand.

“Excellent. Now to get down to business, and the reason why I asked you to come here in response to your question if I am able to send you back to your own world.” the Digimon simply nodded in response, the princess lets out what sounded like a disappointed sigh before she spoke.

“Unfortunately…I haven’t discovered anything that may help you.” the group collectively winced when the princess said this as she continued on. “After reading the letter that Twilight sent me, as well as the details of how you came here plus your ventures in your world, I searched the archives for anything that might be able to help you return to your world. which is why I didn’t respond to the letter sooner till just now.”

“So I’m afraid I cannot help you with this matter Flamedramon, I am sorry.” Celestia bowed her head in shame, but the Armor Digimon only shook his head before speaking up.

“It’s not your fault princess. It made me happy to know that you at least tried to help me, that’s more than enough.” The mare gave a small smile the Digimon as she raised her head. Twilight, Rarity and Spike were also happy to hear what Flamedramon had just said, but they still felt bad that the Digimon wouldn’t be able to return home.

“So what will you do now?” Celestia asked the Digimon.

“I’m not sure. Normally I’d just move from one town, or settlement to the other, seeing if there’s anything that I can do to help. But as I’m not familiar with your world, I’m not quite sure what I should do.” Twilight then trotted up to the Digimon’s side and nuzzled his leg in comfort.

“You can still stay in Ponyville with me and Spike for as long as you want, until you figure out what you want to do.” The Digimon looked at his lavender friend with a thankful smile as he gives her a getting pet on the head, getting a small chortle from her.

“Thank you Twilight, I’d appreciate that. Only if I’m not an inconvenience.” Twilight just pursed her lips and blew a raspberry, showing that the Digimon’s claim was unfounded.

“You won’t be an inconvenience Flamedramon, we’re friends, and friends help each other. even if we’ve only known each other for a day.” The unicorn said as she nuzzled her head into the Digimon’s hand, and getting a few scratches behind her ears.

After the meeting between the Digimon and the princess, the group were about to leave the princess to her business, but before they did the princess invited them to have a quick lunch. The party accepted of course, and proceeded to follow the princess out of the throne room, and off towards the castle’s dining hall where Celestia eats her meals, but as the group was making their way to their destination Flamedramon saw another coming their way. This pony was clearly male, and seemed to be of the more broader frame than most stallions that Flamedramon has observed, and judging by his more ornate golden armor with its deep purple collar and starburst symbol, probably suggest that this is a high ranking officer of the royal guard. After examining the stallion the Digimon noticed the happy smile he has on his muzzle, while also seeing Twilight run over to the stallion where they met halfway, and gave each other a big hug.

“Shining! It’s good to see you!” Twilight says happily.

“It’s good to see you to Twiliy. The stallion says as he lets the mare go. “What brings you back to—” the stallion stopped in mid-sentence when he took notice of Flamedramon, and his gentle demeanor instantly changed to a more stern one. Twilight seemed to notice the stallions change of mood, and at who he was looking at.

“Oh, Shining this is my newest friend.” The mare said as she trots over to the Digimon. “This is Flamedramon, a hero from another world.”

“A hero?” the stallion asked.

“Yes. From what Twilight has written, Flamedramon is a wandering hero that comes to aide of those who need, in fact, he aided a town that was under sieged before being coming to Equestria.” The stallion trotted up to the Digimon, passing by his sister, and the other ponies and just looked up to the Digimon. Where he then gave a salute to the tall figure.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you Flamedramon, I am Shining Armor, captain of the Royal Guard.” Shining Armor said in a upbeat tone as he gives a friendly smile, while he looks up to Flamedramon. The Digimon himself just stood there for a moment and examined the stallion like he did with the other guards, and like the others, there was no sense of alertness, or anything that spoke to the Digimon that this stallion has seen actual combat. In fact the stallion even seemed to have his guard down as he stood before the Digimon.

“A pleasure to meet you Shining Armor.” Flamedramon said as he gives his own salute.

“We were actually on our way to lunch captain, care to join us?” Celestia asked the stallion who lowered his leg, and looked over towards his princess.

“I’d love to, but I have my rounds I need to do.”

The stallion then trotted past the Digimon and went about to finish his patrols, while the three mares and Spike went off to the dining hall. Flamedramon just kept watch on Shining Armor as he trots off for a bit, before catching up with the group. But before they got to far the Digimon looked over his shoulder, and saw the stallion talking to a pair of guards, and it looked like they were discussing something. Turning his attention away from the gossiping guards, the Armor Digimon continued to follow his female entourage to their desired destination.

After the group made it to the dining hall Flamedramon saw several tables within the room, one being the longest and in the center of the room, and two smaller tables that had platters, bowls and other food holders that were priming with foods. Most of which looked like cold items, but there were a few that looked freshly cooked. The group then started to gather up their desire food, except for Flamedramon as he’s already eaten today but he did grab a few items to eat, as to not be rude, and they all sat at the main table and ate. But as they ate the princess asked if she could hear some of Flamedramon’s adventures in his world, which Spike, Rarity, and Twilight also wanted to hear. So the digital monster opted to tell the group a tale from one of his more, daring escapades, where Flamedramon and a comrade of his joined forces to stop a SkullGreymon that was set loose on a large town, which resulted in a lot of casualties. But by the stories conclusion the mad Digimon was defeated.

“I must say that was quite a daring venture.” Celestia said as she finishes the very last of her tea.

“It was certainly a troublesome fight, thankfully Raidramon and I weren’t completely alone in that fight.”

“It’s still sad that so many Digimon lost their lives.” Twilight said as she wiped the small amount of tears swelling up in her eyes.

“That’s the reality of my world Twilight, you never know what Digimon will come around, or what their intentions will be.” Flamedramon said as he patted the mare to provide some comfort, which worked as the mare gave a thankful smile to her tall Digimon friend. A moment later and a pony wearing a maid’s outfit comes into the dining hall, and started to take the plates in her magical grasp, while also cleaning the table as the group departs.

“Thank you for joining me for lunch everypony, it certainly made my afternoon a bit more enjoyable.” Celestia said pleasantly as thanks her guest, all of who bowed to the royal.

“Not at all princesses.” The two ponies and dragon said in unison as they all stood up, Flamedramon then places a hand over his chest as he bows his head.

“I will like to thank you again for attempting to look for a way back to my world princess.”

The princess gave a small smile as she nods her head, before relenting that she was unable to help the Digimon. After giving the princess their thanks for lunch, and their farewell, the group started to make their way out of the castle. However before they got to far, the group found themselves face to face with Shining Armor.

“Hey there big brother.” Twilight said cheerfully.

“Hey there Twiliy. Are you and the others heading back to Ponyville?”

“Yup. Unfortunately, the princess wasn’t able to help Flamedramon get back to his world, so he’ll be staying with us.” after Twilight had finished explaining the Digimon’s situation, the stallion then looked squarely up at the Digimon, which Flamedramon noticed he has some sort of look of determination in his eyes.

“Speaking of your friend, you said he’s a hero, right?”

“That’s right.” Rarity said as she watches the stallion trot up to Flamedramon.

“I’ve been wandering something.” The stallion said as he looked up to the Digimon, who looked down with an inquisitive expression. “How would you like to have a sparing match with me? see after seeing you i could tell your pretty tough, and when I was told you were a hero from another world, I've just been curious at how strong you are. so, what do you say?” the group was honestly a little surprised to hear this from the stallion, especially Flamedramon as he wasn’t expecting it.

“I would advice against it.” the Digimon said in a cautious tone, causing the stallion, as well as the others to look a bit confused. “Even if we were to simply spar, it would still end up with you being hurt.” Shining Armor actually looked offended that Flamedramon suggested that the stallion was, weak.

“Hey! I’m a lot stronger than I look, I am after all the CAPTAIN of the Royal Guard!” clearly the stallion wasn’t going to back down from this, so the Digimon decided to play along.

“Very well, if you want to have this spar, then I’ll oblige.”

Shining Armor gave a cocky grin as he nodded his head, and started to lead the Digimon down the hall, while Twilight and her two friends looked on with worry. They were sure that Flamedramon wouldn’t hurt Twilight’s brother, to badly, but after hearing the few stories he’s told them. they were greatly concern for the stallions safety. So, to ensure that nothing was going to get out of hoof, the two unicorns and Spike followed after the duo. Hopefully, no pony would get hurt…hopefully.

Author's Note:

okay so I initially planned to have the whole dueling scene in this chapter, but I decided to make it its own chapter. which will be short. not like 1000 words short, but probably close enough. so, what do you think is going to happen between the Armor Digimon and the Caption of the Royal Guard?

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