• Published 18th Feb 2021
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the Fire of Courage - NinjaMare

worlds collide as a hero from another world gets sent to Equestria, but now this wayward hero becomes the newest warrior that protects the land from its evils.

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Chapter 2: A Day in Ponyville

Author's Note:

I unfortunately I'm not the bada$$ that made the picture of a bare Flamedramon I used, but I couldn't find the source of the pic itself. so whoever made this pic, is a fcking BAWSS!

It was early in the morning for Ponyville, so early that the sun was hardly up in the sky, bathing the sky in a twilight aura. But even at this time ponies of Ponyville are up and about, getting the stalls, shops, and business. Although there was one individual that was up at this hour, and wasn’t getting for work, except for a good work out, and that individual was Flamedramon. The Armor Digimon was out in the fields just outside the town, shadow sparring to keep his hand-to-hand combat skills in top shape as well as work out any excess fats on his body. Ever since the Digimon came to the town of ponies yesterday, he’s been the center of attention and has had ponies simply watch him walk by, or simply marvel at him. which actually made the Digimon feel a bit, bashful.

“HIYAH!” Flamedramon grunted as performed a right aerial spin kick, before quickly comboing into a backwards striking left kick. After the second kick was made the Digimon landed back onto the ground, taking in small intakes of air as he stands in another battle ready stance. Then with a long calming exhale Flamedramon relaxed and stood normally as stretches his body.

“That should do for today.” The Digimon muttered as he rolled his left shoulder.

“I gotta say you’re really good.” Flamedramon looked up when he heard a familiar voice, and spotted Rainbow Dash’s head poking out from a lone cloud. “Do you exercise like this every day?” the pegasus asked as the cloud lowered itself so that it was eye-level with the Digimon.

“Pretty much. it’s more habit than anything else.” Flamedramon commented as he stares up to the sky, watching the vivid blueish purple sky turn to sky. “Back home if you’re not careful, you could be caught off guard by a stronger Digimon. So all Digimon try to stay in peek physical condition so that they are prepared for anything.”

“Yesh. Sounds like your world really is hard core.” the pegasus said as one of her hindlegs hung off the cloud, and was lazily swinging back and forth.

“It’s simply the way of things…but, not all places, or Digimon are like that.” The Armor Digimon said as takes in a breath of fresh air. “There are plenty of Digimon that try to live normal peaceful lives, and try to make things more peaceful. But even they need to prepared for the worst if it ever comes down to it.” the Digimon then looked over to Rainbow Dash.

“So. What brings you out here, were you just watching my training regimen?” Rainbow shook her head as she sat up straight on the cloud.

“Nah, I was mostly out here doing some free-style training myself, but then I saw you working out and I figured I watch. And hoped to see you use your fire powers like you told us of.”

“If I were to use any of my fire powers here Rainbow, I could set this whole field ablaze.” The pegasus flinched when Flamedramon said that. “So I have to be careful where I use my powers, otherwise I could cause a lot of damage.”

“Yikes.” Was all that the self-proclaimed fastest pony in Equestria could say as she rubbed the back of her head with a hoof. But the tension of the atmosphere was cut short when both Rainbow’s, and Flamedramon’s stomachs started to grumble.

“Say why don’t get something to eat to lighten the mood, my treat!”

“Fine by me.”

The pegasus then hopped off her cloud and backflipped in the air before giving it a quick buck, dispersing the cloud till it was gone. Once the little aerial acrobatics was over, Rainbow started to fly off towards Ponyville, with the Armor Digimon following behind but after taking a few steps his pieces of armor burst into fire, leaving the digimon virtually naked. Except for the belts strapped to his biceps and thighs. With his body now fully exposed, most, Rainbow Dash was able to see just how lean and fit he was, and she was impressed how well he looked, it even made her think if Spike would grow up to be anything like Flamedramon. Even if he was a dragon, and Flamedramon was a monster from another reality.

Leaving the fields behind them, the pair made their way into the town, where it was now a bustling hotspot of activity. Ponies going to various stands, or shops, and buying products that they needed. There were also a flurry of pegasi flying about moving clouds about, and seeing how the winds were doing today. And as the pair walked about, ponies stopped what they were doing briefly to look at Flamedramon, all surprised and awe how well-defined his body looked without the armor taking up most of their attention. As for the Digimon himself he was starting to become bashful again, as so many ponies stopped what they were doing and simply ogled him, it was almost bordering on the line of being uncomfortable.

Soon enough the Digimon and pony came to a stop once they reached their destination, a nice looking little diner that said ‘the Silver Spoon’ on its billboard. Walking and flying up to the open patio, Rainbow plopped herself down on a stool at one of the open tables, while Flamedramon just sat down on the floor, and picked up the menu that was on the table.

“Good morning, and welcome to the Silver Spoon!” looking away from the menu, Flamedramon saw a very bright pink pegasus mane with an equally vibrant lime green mane and tail, and a pair of lovely green eyes, hovering by their table with a note pad in hoof and a pencil carefully being balanced in the other.

“I’ll be your host today, the names Floral!” the mare seemed to be in a really good mood, as her bright smile and happy expression was nearly infectious. “How’s it going Rainbow?”

“Not too bad, just treating my new friend to breakfast.” Floral looked towards Flamedramon, and her eyes seemed to sparkle a little.

“Oh my! Oh my, oh my, oh my, your that dragon from another world my roommate was telling me about aren’t you?” the giddy pegasus said as she wiggled around in place in mid-air, getting a small chuckle from both Rainbow, and Flamedramon.

“Yes. My name is Flamedramon, it’s nice to meet you.”

“Oh the pleasure is all mine, it’s rare that we get non-ponies in town.” Floral said as she spun the pencil around in the crock of her hoof. “So, what can I get you for breakfast today?” Rainbow was the first to speak up as she places her menu down.

“I’ll get the spinach omelet, extra tomatoes in it, with the shredded hash browns, and a hot chocolate.” Floral written down Rainbow’s order, before she turned to look at the Digimon who was still studying his menu.

“And you?” the Digimon took another moment before finally deciding on what he wanted.

“I’ll like to try the chocolate and banana waffles with a side of scrambled eggs, and I’ll take coffee, black.” The mare nodded as she wrote the second order down.

“Coming right up!”

Floral said in a very cheerful voice before she took the menus, and flew back into the diner, leaving the pair alone at their table. As the pair waited for the food to be served, they mostly sat at the table in silence, not because they didn’t want to talk to one another but mostly because they were focused on something. Rainbow was simply focused on the diner, and waiting for her order, she was never good at waiting for any meal she order at an establishment. Flamedramon on the other hand, was focused on just watching the ponies going about their days, how they all looked so happy, and just how busy they were in general. Compared to the digital world this would be a rare sight to see, a town that wasn’t the site of some kind of conflict, and people just going about their day with no worries of being attacked. It honestly made Flamedramon feel more, at ease, which rarely happened as he was always ready for fight, when another Digimon decided to attack him. it’s been like that ever since he’d digi-volved from a Veemon with the power of the Digi-Egg of Courage.

Several minutes have gone by, and Floral came back outside with both Flamedramon’s and Rainbow’s orders, each plate balanced perfectly on each hoof. Sliding the appropriate plate in front of its right recipient, the pegasus quickly darted back inside, and re-emerged just as quickly with a small tray holding the mugs of their desired beverage. When they had everything the pair started to eat.

“Not bad. This is pretty good.” Flamedramon said after swallowing his mouthful of waffle, before washing the sweet and buttered food down with a small swig of his more bitter tasting coffee.

“Yeah, the Silver Spoon is my favorite place to eat out. Especially breakfast.” Rainbow said through a mouthful of omelet. “So Flamedramon, got anything planned for today?”

“Not really.” The Digimon simply said as ate half of his eggs, with syrup coating them. “I figured I’d wander around town, or just head back to the library.” Rainbow started to snicker before she continued to eat her breakfast.

“I bet Twilight kept you up pretty late with her asking you a lot of questions.” The Digimon gave a small nod as he cuts up his waffles.

“She certainly had an endless list of questions, but after the hundredth one she eventually tired herself out, and fell asleep.” Rainbow couldn’t help but laugh at how her friend acted based on the Digimon’s statement.

“Wow! I was only kidding, but she literally did that?” Flamedramon simply nodded as he took another bite of his waffles, with a little bit of egg on it.

After their bout of conversation, the duo decided to eat the rest of their meal in silence. In no time the pair finished their breakfast, and after giving Floral the payment for the meal, as well as a tip, the pair departed ways. Now on his own, Flamedramon went about to just wandering around the town, looking for anything to do, but so far nothing seemed to garner his attention. During his wandering, the Digimon passed by the establishments that Pinkie Pie worked at, and the one that Rarity owned and worked at, and speaking of Rarity’s shop the door to the building burst open and a smaller white filly came rushing out before bumping into Flamedramon’s foot.

“OW!” the filly whined as she rubbed her muzzle, before looking towards what she ran into. But her eyes slowly traveled up the Digimon’s leg, and once they came up to Flamedramon’s face, the fillies eyes widen with surprise.

“Hello there.” the Armor Digimon said as he gave the filly a small smile.

“Hello.” The filly said nervously as she just stared up at Flamedramon with awe. that’s when the pair heard the door of the building opened up, and a familiar voice called out.

“Sweetie Belle before you—Oh!” Rarity gasped when she found her sister sitting at the feet of the towns newest resident. “Hello there Flamedramon, I wasn’t expecting to see you here.”

“I was merely passing by. That’s when this little one came running into my leg.” Flamedramon explained as he pointed down to the filly.

“That would be my little sister, Sweetie Belle.” The fashionista said as she makes her way over to the duo, where the filly scooted over to her older sisters side. “Luckily, you didn’t get to far Sweetie, I forgot to tell you that mother will be bye later to take you home.”

“Oh, okay.” The filly said before glancing up to the Digimon, who just looked down at her with a small smile on his muzzle. “So, Rarity, is this the one that saved you and Spike from the diamond dogs?”

“That’s right. Oh! That reminds me, Flamedramon would follow me please?”

The mare then trotted back to her shop, followed by both Flamedramon, as he was very curious about what Rarity had in store. as for Sweetie Belle, she watched the Digimon walk off towards the store, still staring at him with a sense of wonder in her eyes, before running off to go talk to her friends about this encounter. after entering the shop the Digimon saw that there were a lot of dresses on display, each one seemed to be masterly crafted and well-made, although, despite the clothes looking stunning they did make the Digimon question something. Why would the ponies need clothing, as they all walk around in the buff, not minding if any of their more intimate parts are on display, despite them being so short. As the Digimon contemplated on why ponies would need, or want clothing, Rarity came trotting down a flight of stairs, horn glowing as she held something next to her.

“Here.” She said as she offered the item to the Digimon, it looked like some kind of bejeweled puff of fire, with a black string holding onto it by the base.

“I made this for you as a sign of thanks for saving me and Spike.” The Digimon took the offered trinket and simply marveled at the craftsmanship that went into making it.

“…it’s wonderful Rarity.” Flamedramon said bewildered as he hung the trinket around his neck, the ruby, topaz, and jasper standing out against the Armor Digimon’s white underside. “I appreciate the gift Rarity, and I’ll be sure to treasure it.”

“Well I’m happy that you like it darling. And I hope that we can be good friends, even if you return to your world.” the Digimon gave the mare a thankful smile.

“I’m sure we will.” The door to the boutique opened up with a ringing of a bell accompanying it, and when Flamedramon, Rarity and Sweetie Belle looked to see who it was, they found Spike in the door.

“Oh there you are Flamedramon.”

“Is something wrong Spike?” the Digimon asked, to which the dragonling responded quickly with a shake of his head.

“No. actually I came to get you, the princess want’s to meet you.” the trio looked surprised to hear this little bit of information. “Twilight is already at the train station waiting for us, I was wandering around looking for you.”

“Well in that case, lets get a move on.” Rarity said as she made her way to the door.

“Your coming with us Rarity?”

Flamedramon asked inquisitively, which Rarity only responded with a nod as she looked over her shoulder. So without further delay, Flamedramon, Rarity, and Spike left for the train station, where they will set off to meet Twilight’s mentor, one of the ruling princesses of this country called Equestria. Princess Celestia.