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Pinkie Pie is only clever when she wants to~!*<^3


After the events of the three villains defeat and Twilight's coronation, things have gotten downhill lately. The Mane Six had strange dreams about immortality, death and unfairness.

Shippings Included: SoarinDash, Fluttercord, CheesePie, Flashlight, Sparity and ButtonBelle

AppleDash, PinkieDash and AppleSpike are mentioned but aren't together!

Chapters (13)
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The mistake they made that I’m also hoping is their downfall is the fact some of them didn’t say anything about their dreams.


Why exactly? You mean that since they didn't do anything to tell and warn somepony ( Especially Luna that deals with Dreams and Nightmares!!!!) about the strange nightmare. It will led to their doom or something for doing nothing?!

Because, maybe if they had told eachother they would figure out what’s going on, because this can’t be a coincidence.


Good Point. I mean, it is stupid of them to not tell each other with the Nightmares. And it will be a huge Coincidence that they all somehow got the sharing nightmare. And it would make sense to tell Luna of ALL Ponies to consult too.

She had never seen him sad before...well, that is not entirely true. She had seen him sad when he betrayed her and her friends or felt sensitive about ponies judging their friendship but she thought she had cleared everything by now. What could possibly be the issue this time? All he has to keep him happy is right in front of him: Chaos and his friends. Come to think of it, Discord hasn't been like himself ever since he confessed his feelings to her.

When did that happen?

''Do you think Twilight should be a leader? I mean, do you think there should be a leader in friendship groups?''

I mean, not really.

''Fluttershy,'' she said, ''I am the Goddess of Nature but not for long, anyway. You may be wondering what has caused the sickness of the animals.'' She gestured over towards the sick critters.

So she’s Mother Nature?

''That was me,'' the pony stated. ''I have simply given up my component of nature and I want to hand them to you. I haven't been a God ever since...you will soon find out why. But as soon as I hand you over my component, I want you to use that to take care of Equestria and all the animals. Good luck to you, my little pony.''

Wait what?

The figure soon drifted away into thin air and left a pink component floating mid-air so the pegasus could grab it. Discord examined the broach and slowly brushed out Fluttershy's mane so he could place the broach in her mane. The yellow pegasus raised her eyebrows in confusion. What was he doing?

So she needs her hair brushed out to where a broach?

''YOU ARE OFFICIALLY THE NEW...'' He mumbled over words until he got the right words to describe Fluttershy's new job. ''Protector of Equestia?''

Protector of nature?

''Relax, AJ,'' Granny Smith said calmly. ''Put your hooves inside the zap apple jam jar and we will turn this holiday into a wick-of-a-spinning.'' The old mare laughed as she trotted on inside.


She continued. ''We made Twilight how she is today and taught her everything about friendship and we get nothing in return and she does? Why, that doesn't even make any sense!''

Wait, I just realized that they didn’t actually teach her everything about friendship.

The pony continued, ''I am the Goddess of Rhythm and thus it is my duty to take care of Equestria, as well of my sisters.''

Wait what?

''Well,'' Granny Smith said, ''we got the whole time to hear this story!'' She slapped her on the back and gave a laugh. The adults groaned in ignorance.

Which ones are the adults?

My bad, I meant to say that it can’t be a coincidence. I fixed it, though.

In chapter one that I wrote. / Mother Nature...sure, I'll take that! :pinkiehappy: / I really don't know what I did, I just went with the flow to what came to my mind and I guess everything will be explained in future chapters? / Well...the broach just goes in her mane so she can get a cape. I'm thinking of having an OC villain that was once a leader of a group of six (just like Twilight) but got taken away so now she wants revenge. I don't know, though. / Protector of Nature...sure? If you want that term, I mean. :twilightsheepish: / I don't know what I just made Granny Smith say :rainbowlaugh: / They all taught friendship lessons to each other (and practically the audience watching the show :twilightblush:) but yeah! / I really don't know about ''Goddess of Rhythm,'' it sounds pretty stupid to me but eh, let's just go with it, I guess. / The adults are everyone of the Pie Family and apple family, except Applejack and Pinkie Pie.

Also, I don't know what I am doing with this story I am making. I am just going with the flow with whatever comes to my mind and I jot it down. :raritystarry:

I'm thinking of them going to Luna in a chapter

So your just doing the story on the fly?

just doing this story randomly (and for fun, I guess), and because I have an idea...or that I just want to create a mane six adventure story.

When they were performing, there was a pair of red eyes glowing from the crowd but unfortunately, no pony saw that. It was a unicorn with a dark blue coat and lavender mane dressed in a black cape to cover her identity but you could still see her colours from the front of perspective.


''But...who knows? Maybe this can be the same as the elements of harmony and if all seven brooches reunite, they can create the eighth brooch.''

Honestly, that would make sense.

''What?'' she questioned. ''That alicorn gets all the glory, I mean I hate to say this but...what about her friends? Shouldn't Equestria be known as an 'equal' land.''

Ok, is it me or is jealously coming into play?

''Seems to me you are all jealous,'' Princess Celestia stated.

''JEALOUS?!'' every pony yelled, including Spike that fell on the floor.


Yep. I think I made Trixie jealous again.

Honestly, I hate how Hasbro has suddenly made leadership a thing in friendship groups, and I don't really want to give a eighth brooch to Twilight...I don't know, though.

Also, when every pony yelled and Spike fell on the floor because of Celestia's statement, it was something she would say in the actual show? I don't know, but it was funny. :rainbowlaugh:

I feel like she was always jealous.

Did they make it a thing?

It really was.

Yeah, I feel she was but until she became friends with Starlight...she still didn't get along with Twilight after that manticore mouth dive and stuff. But I started liking her ever since that episode because she became...friendly and funny?

Uh...well, they made Twilight a leader when she turned into an alicorn in season 3 but I was young so I didn't know anything and just enjoyed the show. But as I grew up and came back to the show as it ended, I started realising that...there shouldn't be a leader in friendship groups, like there isn't a leader in mine because if there were, it wouldn't be fair and we all will be bossed around. And that is not a good friendship. Also, leader is only meant for countries or kingdoms.

I honestly didn’t even think of her as a leader.

Well same, when I was small. But Celestia mentioned it when she turned into one.

Oh dear. :rainbowderp:

Everything doesn't look good right now.

Comment posted by petalled deleted March 17th

I don’t think I remember her saying that.

Welp. she was like ''you have displayed the charity, compassion, devotion, integrity, optimism and of course, the leadership of a true princess,'' when Twilight had turned into an alicorn.

Ohh. I thought she was just saying that she would be a good leader, because she was grooming her to be the new ruler, wasn’t she?

Comment posted by petalled deleted March 17th

''Cool!'' a colt jumped up and exclaimed. ''A new student!''

''I like your enthusiasm, Dusk Shine.'' The princess smiled.

I feel like I’ve heard that name before.

The students jaws dropped as the new student walked in shyly.

What’s so surprising?

The class mumbled again but this time, it was unpleasant.


''Oh,'' Omsonia did not know what to say. She had never had a friend before and she also didn't know what to do with a friend. She would always isolate herself away with her dusty old books.

Why not just ask what a friend is?

''Alright, class. So today, we will be learning about times tables.''

Time tables? I thought this was a magic school.

The teacher continued. ''Who wants to answer this multiplication here.''

I’m sorry, what?

''Well done!'' she declared. ''Now who can answer this...''

She wrote ''19x340'' on the board with a chalk.

Oh hell to the no. I’m dropping out.

Princess Celestia got out her calculator from her drawer and typed in the numbers. It was correct.

You mean to tell me she didn’t know herself?

Princess Celestia had a choice to make but it wasn't easy. She considered to throw a party so she would talk to them but...she sent her away in stead.

That should’ve been a last resort.

Since Ponyville wasn't made then, she had sent her away to Manehatten, even though she knew how ponies could be so snobby and impossible to make friends there. But she saw a special group of five fillies: Inny Vile, Strawberry Shortcake, Apple Blossom, Lightning and Diamond.


''Wow,'' Princess Luna interrupted. ''You really don't know anything about friendship.''

Luna, you shouldn’t judge.

She had to take away her leadership. Unfortunately, this filled bitter and coldness in her heart. She did not turn into something evil like Princess Luna whatsoever.


''You had stolen everything from me!'' she explained. ''You had stole my books, my parents, my friends, my power, my glory, my leadership and what else? You might as well steal my life as well!''

Wait what?

Princess Celestia backed away and slammed her hoof to her face. Inny also backed away too.

Why did she do that?

''So this is a battle, amirite?''

What does that mean?

''You have gone to fine, Omsoni...''

Do you mean too far?

The princess of the night tapped her chin with her hoof to think back to her dream. It was about a blue unicorn with lavender mane and red eyes. Celestia had described Omsonia as that. Maybe...just maybe...she could be right, for once? Maybe she really did find a way out of that box. Why else would she have that dream?

For once?

''Also, Tia. May I ask that why you turned Twilight into stone after everything that had happened? Didn't you think Twilight's friends would say something too? Or, she would turn evil like Omsonia for having power, glory and leadership since they are both the same...I mean, they both isolated away from books and...''

Stone? When?

The princess panicked until she found a topic to make him forget that story. ''Chocolate milk?''

He gasped. ''Sure!''

What’s wrong with him knowing?

You heard that name from someone making Twilight into a male character, as well as the other five. Quite popular around 2015.

Honestly, I don't know what was so surprising. :/

Honestly, I don't know?

Yeah, I was going to make her ask what a friend was but...I don't know. Maybe I should add it in later.

Times tables...they can in Celestia's school...I mean, Twilight did! In a MLP short episode. Uh...they do science? But no, they do magic in science...uh...let's just forget that part and just remember it's an alternate universe so anything could happen! :pinkiehappy:

I know right. I had to use a calculator to work that out and I just pressed a bunch of numbers to make a question.

Princess Celestia is getting a bit old so...I don't think she would know.
:trollestia: Excuse me?

Exactly, Luna! Stop judging your own sister!

Omsonia is just...um...overexaggerating a little, like how Twilight would for an exam?

Yeah, I meant too far. I edited that part before I saw your comment.

Yep. For once. *Sarcasm* Celestia always gets things wrong!

No, not stone!!! That was a mistake.

Honestly, I don't know what is wrong with him knowing. :trixieshiftleft:

I meant why was it unpleasant.
The mlp world is weird.
I don’t remember a lot of times where she was wrong.

Also, you didn’t hit the reply button so I didn’t see this until now.

It’s ok, for some reason it happens.

Pinkie Pie twisted her head around to look at the violet alicorn princess. ''You never cared about us! If you really did, then you would have asked Princess Celestia why you only get the glory when it wasn't only you saving Equestria or learning friendship lessons. Sure, you were her student, but still!''

Wait, did celestia give them credit? It’s been a while since I’ve watched an episode.

''This isn't called jealousy,'' Rainbow Dash stated, ''it is called finally saying something about leadership.''

Technically, it kinda is. It’s more of 50/50?

''No,'' she uttered. ''It is not about me! I make sure each of every one of my friends get the same attention as me!''

That is true.

''If you were in our position,'' Fluttershy explained, ''you would understand.''

I’m reading the story and the only thing I understand is that y’all hating.

''Yeah,'' said Pinkie Pie, ''and what is that going to do, huh? Still doesn't make up the fact why you have powers and wings and not us!''

What they want her to do? Rip her horns and wings off?

Twilight carried on with the rest of her dream. She would have caught a small red light flash behind her, inside of Spike's closet with the door merely closed. Spike saw this and raised an eyebrow.

What is that?

''Luna?'' she said. ''What are you doing up? And didn't I tell you not to eat ice-cream at night?''

Put cake in her face. That’ll shut her up.

''Wait,'' Princess Celestia interrupted. ''You spent these past few hours eating ice-cream and you didn't even bother to watch over Twilight and her friends' dreams?!''

''Oh, shit.''

Hey, even a princess gotta eat.

''Well, um...no. I mostly have it on immortality and unfairness but I haven't had that since the dinner party.''

How long ago was the dinner party?

''Hmmm,'' the princess thought to herself. ''The same thing happened in a story my sister told me a day after the dinner party.''

Kind of.

''YOU WERE TALKING TO PRINCESS LUNA ABOUT YOUR DREAM?'' Pinkie Pie exclaimed. ''She never once entered my nightmares!'' She threw her hooves in the air.

Because, you barely have nightmares.

She then mumbled something inaudible under her breath for Applejack to hear.

''What was that, Pinkie Pie?''

''Nothing!'' she exclaimed.

Come on, pinkie. Say what you gotta say.

After a few customers have got their apples, a rainbow mare pegasus flew towards the two earth ponies in a hurry.

''Applejack! Pinkie Pie!'' Rainbow Dash exclaimed. ''I have some exciting news!''

Let me guess. Those one of those guardians came to her?

Honestly, it was pretty obvious to people to guess what Rainbow Dash was talking about in the end of the chapter.

Yeah, Pinkie. Just say it!

I don't how long ago the dinner party was...just make it up?

I know right! Princesses have stomachs to eat too! Just because they are immortal, doesn't mean they don't have organs! Wait...at the end of season 9 in the show when the princesses bonded their crowns to make Twilight's crown, did they pass on their immortality to Twilight? They are mortal now so just spending those mortal years on fun things that they haven't discovered in over 10,000 years of ruling?

Yeah, stuff cake in the sun princess' face.

Yeah, rip Twilight's wing off...:rainbowlaugh:

Comment posted by Pete100 deleted March 22nd

Did you answer backwards?

It may be hard to answer that way.

You don't have to and btw, I edited the first chapter and this chapter so I could have an idea for the next chapter.

Don’t worry, I’ll at least try. And did you really?

I don’t think they passed on their immortality.

Is that something twilight is gonna do?

''Fine,'' Applejack sighed. ''I was outside sellin' apples and talkin' to Pinkie Pie at the same time when my friend, Rainbow Dash, and her boyfriend, Soarin, came by and shared their first ever kiss. I...I don't know what but when that happened, somethin' broke inside of me...I mean, I should be happy for them to have their first kiss for cryin' out loud!''

Is that what rainbow was gonna tell them?

Pinkie Pie thought about mares liking mares. It can happen. She had a crush on Rainbow Dash but since she realised she was straight by Twilight's help, she sort of lost feelings towards her and Cheese Sandwich asked her out!

You know, I’m not even sure I’m surprised.

This brought a smile upon her face. She was so glad to see them. She opened up her wings and flew outside the door, but then she came back to thank Flash for telling her, and for being a loyal guard. She soon then pecked him on the cheek. She chuckled and flew out the door again, leaving the guard faint on the ground with a smile upon his face.

Wow, I feel like this shows how weak the guards are.

''Oh,'' said Twilight. ''No need for that formality, Flash, and you don't need to do anything with them. I'll take care of them, in fact you can take a day off.''

That’s all I would need to hear.

''She always was,'' the cowgirl stated, ''but Princess Celestia! Ugh!'' She trotted after her friends, and so did the baby dragon.

Why not say it to her face?

1. Actually, that is the part I changed in the last chapter where she had something surprising to say. I changed that part because its not really surprising and i had to change in order to do this chapter.

2. Honestly, same? I ship PinkieDash, AppleDash and SoarinDash :pinkiehappy:

3. The guards ARE weak. Didn't you see them keep getting attacked in the show and does absolutely nothing? Literally they are useless :ajbemused: But like Rainbow said in season one, the guards are good at making a straight expression on their horse like faces.

4. yuppp

5. sure

I’m pretty sure that’s the only thing the guards are good at, along with looking intimidating.

You also said you changed what rainbow dash was gonna tell them?

read the ending of the last chapter but only the ending i changed it up a bit

“Luna Enters” or “Complicated”?

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