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A bit much on Sunset's humiliation, but lots of ethically abominable fun all around. A fine close to the trilogy.

Possibly a tad heavy handed, but in the end it’s all sexy fun. Glad you enjoyed!

A sweet masterpiece to a good saga.

Thank you for a good story.

Hmm. I'd give this an okay story. Obvious that it's clop-centric, so you have that, but the amount of humiliation on Sunset's part is a tad excessive then what would normally be...sane. Also, I have high doubts that Twilight or Sunset would fail in their abilities to take Rainbow down, since Twilight created the damn thing (Though this is Twilight we are talking about, so she would often jump the gun on her abilities) {But this is Twilight, so I dunno about that} and Sunset was a pony herself, so this 'psionic magic' or stuff would make more sense for her to be more powerful.

But, than again, this isn't supposed to be fleshed out, it is just a clopfic. Overall, 7/10 on a standard story rating, but a 8 1/2 on a clopfic scale

To be fair, this isn’t Princess Twilight, so there is that. It also to be implied that Rainbow’s powers grew because she was actively using them. Sunset’s powers were certainly larger than average, but between the boost and the growth caused by indiscriminately getting cuttings of other peoples areas, Rainbow had an unfair advantage.
Beyond that, certainly more clop than story in this one. Glass you still apparently enjoyed it.

Well, there's that. Certainly the Princess would have more knowledge on magic than Sci-Twi, so it would stand that she has less power than her pony self, and the explanation of Sunset being overpowered is sound, though I still stand that the humiliation that was prominent for her is questionable on Rainbow Dash's part.

Actually, that would be a good sequel or epilogue for this story, where Princess Twilight comes to the human side, and either she breaks the spell or Dash dominates her as well.

These stories were weird as hell. I didn't expect a sexy, hive mind thing, but it sure was enjoyable!

Glad to hear it, it's been great fun writing the series

Her power grows, the whole town is basically under her control now! At this rate, nothing can stand in her way... Except maybe one.

Well, this is certainly better than most Hypnosis Hentai I've seen as the MC here(Rainbow Dash) is not doing this out of any malicious intent and actually cares for everyone. So that's a plus already for me.

Glad you enjoyed the series. It was certainly fun to write.

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