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Jack Lindqvist

I'm an art lover, through and through. I've only watched seasons 1-8, so any discrepancies from canon can be explained by that.


Going up into the sky, reaching for the stars, going higher, and keeping going higher, and taking wing to that higher place, flying there, moving fast, feeling good, and walloping down against the currents, and why, doing all that, is feeling free. Something comes this way. I know it. I know I know the way around it. Keeping on doing all that, keeping going higher, and being free, means something, and what? It means believing in yourself, and that believing means something, something meaningful. It means being willing to push, and to be free is just that, the willingness to push, and that, I learned from this.

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Nicely done! Rumble and Thunderlane are some of my favorite ponies in the show

Hey I don't mean to be rude but from just reading the description I can tell that you're probably not a native English speaker, there are a lot of grammatical errors in the description, I highly recommend to get an editor.

I don't mean to be rude either, but I'm trying to write in the register of a child, and if you read my other stories, not all of them are perfectly grammatical. I'm not a stickler for grammar. Some of the most well-known stories on this site have intentional grammar errors in them. It's just a style. If you want to read a story that's meant to be grammatically correct, then read "Picnicking!" or "The Small of Life."

Anyway, respect to you, Artist. I like you. I'll keep writing stories. I'm open to suggestions.

You're welcome! This story also kinda has sort of a personal connection for me. or better said, my pony counterpart

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