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Pinkie Pie is only clever when she wants to~!*<^3


Scootaloo is still insecure about her mini wings and that she still can't fly yet. All the fillies her age can fly but she can't. Why? Rainbow Dash tries to comfort Scootaloo that it doesn't matter if she will never be able to fly, as long as she is awesome then that's that.
She takes Spike as an example that he couldn't fly before when he is meant to but soon after so many years, he got awesome wings! But will she ever get over the fact she can't fly? She does awesome moves on her scooter so there is nothing to worry about. Right?

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I can relate to Scootaloo's perspective in this story. You feel so bad for yourself until someone comforts you and shows you the true meaning of yourself. I am very proud of Scoots for being able to pull through. Rainbow Dash is always there to save the day.

Scootaloo smiled. ''There is no way I am missing out an awesome party that Pinkie Pie holds.'' Sweetie Belle cheerfully pushed her to the dance floor. ''Well then let's get this party started!'' The three candy corn fillies were showing off their wicked dance moves on the dance floor, having a crowd cheering the pegasus filly on and making it a dance battle between the three fillies. The crowd all started yelling the pegasus' name.

I just realized that they actually are the same colors as candy corn.

Unknowingly, a baby dragon was eavesdropping... I meant to say observing over the two pegasi behind two red balloons hovering above the ground. He was checking if everything was alright. He smiled at the sisterly love and thought of an idea to also make his friend happy. He stepped aside from the two red balloons for the two pegasi to see him. He ran towards the pegasus filly.

''WOW!'' the dragon exclaimed in shock. ''Scootaloo, you are amazing! How did you manage to overthrow Apple Bloom with those cool awesome dance moves of yours and your scooter tricks as well!''

Nice of spike to come in clutch.

To the author - What a sweet & wholesome fic!:heart:
love that you included scootloo's aunts in this.
also enjoyed spike accidently overhearing their conversation then immediately compliments on scoots dancing skills.
he's my favorite character in mlp😍

this message was written several hours ago on 2/16/21

aw, thank you :heart: and yes, Spike is also my favourite character and he suits Scootaloo very well :moustache:

no problem:twilightsmile:

you meant to say on having spike and scoots being pals not in the relationship kinda way...right?

p.s even though you like sparity (a ship i loath for oblivious reasons) mostly personal & just don't like said trope of 'the guy not getting his dream girl' doesn't mean i hate you as a person. i'm a very open minded guy!

yeah, they are only pals. :scootangel:

to be honest, i do like sparity but i have mixed feelings about them together because spike tries so hard to impress his dream girl and rarity just puts him down by making him into a pin cushion and taking out the trash. She takes advantage of his generosity tbh

Okay! just wanted some clarification on that:pinkiehappy:

yeah she does and 100% agree with ya.
always thought spike would've been with thorax because of their bond as friends but i'm glad he ended up with gabby the griffon!:)
interestingly...i had written a fic where spike confesses his love for rarity but rejects him while saying ''what will other ponies about me dating outside my species'' he yells at her then goes to sweet apple acres running into big mac in tears. they talk the dragon falls asleep on him. mac repeats the tale to his sister & twilight who's shocked by her friend's callousness.
the next day aj and twilight go to rarity's place aj hits rares in the face then bucks her door & leaves.

written on saturday of 2/20/21

omg that is such a good story plan. it makes me want to read ur fanfic and i love how u made applejack buck rarity in the face at the end. that is so funny :rainbowlaugh:

thank you:pinkiehappy::heart:

well at moment you can't because moving to a new laptop & removing some things off this old one (that's been giving hell over the last four years:flutterrage:) my fic is called Love between brothers [dusk shine x spike] the title's misleading on purposed!
don't know how deep you're into fandom of mlp or if you know the term r63? anyways dusk shine is the genderbent version of twilight sparkle but in the 3 stories i've written for him he's not a clone or copy of her. i can give ya more details in a PM...only if you're interested?

Ooh, sure. That would be great :raritystarry:

okay, cool! but can you send me a Pm as there's another person that i liked to reply back too.
Please don't misunderstand my words or think i'm being a jerk!

message written out several hours ago on 2/22/21

I realised that someone else have created this story before me - I didn't mean to copy - I am sorry - I just had an idea of this story.

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