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The EQCEA, Equestrian Corruption Exposal Agency, is an agency concerned with exposing the corruption in the corruption in the Equestrian government, and expose Celestia as a ruthless dictator. Octavia Melody, renowned Equestrian musician, ends as up the latest agent: Agent #59.

This is the journal of Octavia Melody's experiences.

(EDIT; March 15th, 2021: Added some extra warning tags to futureproof, have a few ideas for way later chapters that may or may not come to fruition)

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Nice story! Is there gonna be be a sequel? :trollestia: Who knew Celestia could be a suspect and Octavia a hero or diarist:duck:

Sorry for my late reply, haven't been very active lately, but I have started work on a second chapter already and should have it up within the next few days!

EDIT: Fixed a mistake (adjusted a 2 to a 3, referring to the members who got away after the incident)

The one thing I have issue with, is the fact that when they all jumped out a window to escape. It was a 5th floor window. From how it was described, vinyl should have been a ragdoll on the ground.

Good point that I actually quite forgot about. I suppose the fact that I mentioned bushes earlier could explain it? They landed in the bushes, and that broke their fall.

I didn't think that out originally, but I think that makes a bit of sense.

Although another thing that kinda irks me is the whole agency thing, an agency is an organization or entity working under a higher power, say a government or something. What is in this story is more like a resistance group.

Well, they are technically all working under Doctor Whooves; and he is referred to as "boss" moreso than Agent #1.

And, to be fair, there could be a higher power at play that hasn't been revealed or mentioned yet that could be revealed later on if I wanted :raritywink:

EDIT: Another thing is that they simply refer to themselves as an "agency", but that doesn't exactly mean they are one.

Fixed a few number mistakes after rereading the chapter for a future one.

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